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SA 360 Loans - Competitive loan options

SA loans 360 is a loan finding service that searches for the best loan to meet your needs. We stand out from our competitors by providing the best customer service, the most favourable interest rates and the quickest service.

We provide a legal assistance package that brings you expert legal advice when you need it most.

We specialize in finding loans for those people who have very bad credit and may have been turned down by other lending services.

If your bank won’t give you a loan and you have exhausted all other options, then a loan finding service could be your last hope.

Quick cash for an emergency

When you need quick cash in a hurry, we are here to help you or specialized technology will match you with the lender that best suits your needs to get that cash into your hand as quickly as possible.

Your credit score can be affected when you apply for loans and your loan application is declined. We apply to the lenders that we know will be able to assist you and specialize in bad credit loans. This way your credit score is not adversely affected. 

Our legal service package

Our legal service package includes paralegal advice, accident and injury advice. Professional advice when it comes to personal claims, road accident claims, criminal claims, negligence claims and liability claims.

We find you the best interest rates 

Our service has a great relationship with the lenders that assist you for this reason we are able to offer you the lowest interest rates on personal loans.

We negotiate a favourable repayment structure that will suit your needs, even if you are blacklisted. 

Convenient and easy loan application

Simply fill in our online application form.  It will only take you a few minutes after that we will do the running around for you. You sit back and we will match you with the loan provider that will best suit your needs and offer you a loan that you can truly afford.

This service is very convenient as everything can be done online. Once you have chosen the short-term loan that you want, we will get in contact with them for you and have the money paid directly into your bank account.

Supportive credit programs

To assist clients that have bad credit there are a number of supportive credit programs specifically designed for them. Some of these programs are supported by government agencies and offer financing to lower income households. Loans for bad credit can be obtained for making home improvements or repairs or for starting their own small business.

Peer-to-peer lenders      

Clients that have bad credit can also think of the peer-to-peer lending option. This method involves lending money from a private person directly. There are no specific lending criteria to meet so there is little chance that your online loan application will be declined.

This method can be dangerous as a private individual does not have to comply with the National Credit Act and can ask for any repayment amount or repayment schedule that you will need to agree to.

Ask your family

If you have family or friends in the position to be able to loan you the money you need this could be a good option. It might be embarrassing asking your family for money, but it can often save you money.

Your family will be more likely to charge you a lower interest rate or in some cases no interest rate, and allow you to get back on your feet financially before you need to start paying them back.

SA 360 Loans – Bad credit loan

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Benefits of SA 360 Loans

  • BAD CREDIT Loans

Bad credit loan calculator

The interest rate of a loan will vary based on your credit score and risk profile.
This loan calculator is for illustration purposes only.
The use of this quick loans calculator is subject to our terms of use.

SA 360 Loans - We will help you with your debt

Once the loan has been agreed it must be put into writing immediately and treated as a legal contract.

To protect yourself and the lender, everything should be put in writing. A detailed repayment schedule should be agreed upon that will make both of you happy.

Using collateral to apply for a bad credit loan 

Another option to obtain a personal loan for bad credit score is to use one of the assets that you won as collateral against the loan. You could list your house if you own your own property or you could list your car if you have made sufficient payments on it.

By using your car as collateral, you will be able to get a better interest rate and you can negotiate better repayment terms. You will also have a much better chance of having your loan application approved. 

Is it risky?

These types of long and short term loans can be very risky because you are in danger of losing your collateral should you miss payments or default on the loan.

The fact that you already have bad credit and that is why you had to list your property as collateral means that if something goes wrong, you could lose everything and have no other lifeline to bail you out.

There are many different options of instant loans for people that have bad credit. You should consider how much you really need the loan before you take it and make sure that you can afford the repayment terms. 

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

May 2018

Great service and I will be back for another loan that I know. I recommend them if you are looking for a good company to loan from.

Kylie M
— Port Elizabeth —

October 2018

I applied for my loan at the branch where I was assisted with the best service from all the people there.

Lee-Anne W
— Cape Town —

January 2019

Great service and you know they care about you when the company goes above and beyond and that is what they do for you.

Tanya S
— Pretoria —

May 2019

Simple and easy application that doesn’t take up your whole day the best part is that you get your information within half an hour to an hour and you will know if you qualify for the loan.

Sharni A
— East London —

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