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Imperial Bank - Effective banking solutions

Imperial Bank is a commercial bank in the Republic of South Africa; we are a controlled financial organisation that is licensed locally by the Reserve bank of South Africa being the National Banking Regulator.

We were recognised in 1996 by Imperial Holdings Limited, but in 2001, the Nedbank Group attained 50.1% controlling interest in the bank.

Imperial Holdings retained 49.9% shareholding. In August 2009, Nedbank Group acquired the 49.9% that they had not yet owned and this made them the sole owner of the bank.

Innovative online platform

Through Technology and innovative online platforms, Imperial bank offers our customers a new way of banking, making life easier.

It has been a bit difficult for smaller financial concerns to establish and overseeing suitable accounts and to offer one platform developer and online banking solutions to customers.

Easy to use account interface

It’s daunting when you think about technology and the large expenses that are incurred and thus only intended for big corporate concerns with enrolling in a worldwide clearing platform. 

It was at this point that Imperial was born, offering medium, corporate companies, and financial institutes an easy to understand electronic platform for account interface.

A single platform for all of your financial needs

We offer our customer’s one single platform which enables them to view account details, to exchange assets also to check correspondence and credit cards safely with customer administrations.

What can online banking do for you?

  1. Pay your bills while travelling or away from home
  2. Transfer funds to the office after hours
  3. View your mortgage balance and be in control of your expenses

Our customers can be more in control of their online banking and financial responsibilities in real time, our online platform provided are effective and easy. Basic reporting is offered via our online platform for audit purposes through safe and secure solutions.

Interaction with bank guarantees and correspondence as well as an exchange of any message types is in unity with the regulations of ISO/TC 68 (Telex, Swift, etc.).

Private banking

Our customers can be assured of the fact that their banking is kept private because the confidentiality of our customers is vital.

The particular needs of each and every customer are identified and we quantify their risk exposure and advice in view of that.

This product has been created for customers who expect superior service, excellence as well as the very best value personal loan and account products from Imperial Bank.

Imperial Bank – Banking product

  • Loan Type Banking

Benefits of Imperial Bank

  • Retail banking
  • Corporate banking

Investing opportunities with Imperial Bank

We are aware that investing prospects may run a risk in today’s volatile markets.

By holding a portfolio of assets in the diverse portfolio could decrease the risks that are involved and assist with an independent approach whilst selecting funds.

It acknowledges the fact that not one investment house achieves well in all markets or asset types, so it is necessary to select a manager established on strengths.

Corporate banking

Support the victory of your business by capitalising the funds in the most profitable projects and dealing platforms

Our brokerage services are, explicitly intended for:

  • VIP customer assistance
  • Central credit Institutes
  • Monetary authorities 
  • International financial institutions

 By managing the following

  • Assets
  • Funds
  • Confidential papers
  • Valuable stones
  • Foreign exchange and
  • Gold reserves

If our customers are looking for security, liquidity or return investments we will give our full support. We also allow for online credit applications in addition to a range of flexible services designed with you in mind.

We have the capacity to redeem tradable instruments at low cost to our customers; we have a quick response as well as flexibility according to our customer needs.

For safety, the credit institute has built a substantial capital reserve and giving a lot of attention on investment strategy, merging diversification benefits with intensive business loan credit and market risk analysis.

Imperial offers a reasonable return on the funds deposited by the banks; credit Institutes, and universal organizations.

Basis swaps

  • Options on interest rate swaps
  • Caps and floors
  • Credit derivatives
  • Credit default swaps

Debit cards

A debit card is similar to that of a credit card except with a debit card the money for your purchases gets deducted directly from your bank account when performing a transaction. A debit card is also referred to as a plastic card or check card; it’s a plastic card that is used instead of cash. In selected cases, the main account number is allocated completely for the use of the Internet and there is no physical card. In some cases, cards may carry a stored value of which payment can be made whilst most cards will relay a message to the cardholder’s bank account to withdraw the funds from a payer's selected bank account.

The debit card has become so common in many countries, that their volume has surpassed or entirely substituted cheques and some cases, cash transactions and has generally been country specific resulting in a number of dissimilar systems around the world, which were frequently unsuited, subsequently in the mid-2000s, a number of enterprises have allowed debit cards dispensed in one country to be used in other countries and permitted their use for internet and phone purchases.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

August 2018

One of the reasons why I am still a loyal Imperial Bank customer is because of the exceptional customer service.

Leanne M
— Durban —

March 2019

The fact that I can do so much of my banking online really makes things easier for me.

Tori G
— Boksburg —

May 2019

Investing through Imperial Bank was the best decision I made. Thanks to them, I’ve been able to grow my money a lot more than I had expected.

Anthony L
— Polokwane —

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