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Mettle Merchant Finance - we will help your business grow

It’s become common knowledge in the SME industry that 8 out of 10 businesses end up closing their doors in the first couple of years of operation.

It’s a shocking statistic and the root cause behind this is problems in the cash flow department. The businesses that do make it out alive, make it on the skin of their teeth in the early stages and take quite some time before they can feel comfort cash wise.

Short-term business loan

When problems like this are faced, a healthy option to traditional business financing is to take out a short-term loan. Where, you ask? Why at Mettle Merchant Finance of course!

We inject capital into your business as soon as you need it! Don’t stress over budgets and cash flow, that’s our department, we tailor your package to suit the business’ needs and won’t ask for any collateral either.

Our company is actually a joint venture between Combined Finance Holdings and Mettle, which is a subsidiary of JSE-listed company Tradehold Ltd.

Structured finance options

This partnership emerged when both companies shared in the compassion for struggling small businesses that required assistance with their working capital. The reason for the struggle, we identified, was due to the way banks had structured the business finance options that were available to these SME’s. They simply could not provide them with what they needed to sustain themselves.

Tradehold is a property and a finance company that came to acquire Mettle, the Cape Town-based financier in 2014. It wasn’t long after that we realised the demand in South Africa for SME’s to obtain simple and flexible quick loan solutions to keep their businesses afloat in troubling times.

Finance for small businesses

Mettle Merchant Finance provides short-term finance to small businesses.

We will ensure that SME’s in South Africa have access to the credit solutions they require in order to boost their working capital. Furthermore, we don’t ask for any security in order to qualify for this business loan. We simply wish to unlock your full business potential.

Why take out a business loan?

For something as mere as unexpected expenses, we can assist you. There are many other reasons you might benefit from this type of instant loan and it ranges from tax payments to revamp and increasing stock to simply improving your cash flow!

In understanding the urgency of the loan, we have made the process as simple and quick as possible. This allows you to focus solely on the management of your business. It will take you minutes to apply and just days to receive the money.

It’s simple!

Apply for credit by filling out the online loan application form and expect communication to discuss the way forward regarding your loan.

Then submit your requested documents so that we can ascertain the eligibility of your business to process the loan. Lastly, we will approve the loan and you’re your signature of the loan agreement, we can transfer the funds are in your account within 5 days!

No security needed

We don’t require any fixed security and we offer comes with flexible repayment options. Affordability is what we’re out to see in a business that applies to us.

While we do make use of less stringent criteria to qualify, we do just aim to assist our clients if it makes business sense. 

Mettle Merchant Finance – Business loan

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Benefits of Mettle Merchant Finance

  • Reliable business finance
  • Competitive interest rates

Business loan calculator

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Mettle Merchant Finance understands the problems their clients face

Trying to organise a quick overdraft and only been met with frustration?

If your business is at wit's end with cash demands that you can no longer keep up with, then it’s time to consider a business loan. You don’t need the pressure from suppliers while having to deal with the concerns of how to resolve the issues. Should your business need finance between R50 000 and R1.5 million, we will assess your business and attempt and help you.

Innovative credit facility

Generally, business and personal loans from banks come with all these rigid terms and ultimately you walk out after all the time wasted, no better than when you walked in. They are often tedious and complex avenue to explore for loans or finance.

Our short-term business loans will unlock working capital for your business after an investigation. Our new and innovated credit facility can benefit your business as it has others. Our credit service lets you choose your repayment structure for the term, hence it’s far easier to rely on us for loan approval.

Flexible credit services

First things first, before even approaching the loan topic, typically banks call for a security of sorts, but with Mettle Merchant Finance we’ll cater to these loans with no fixed security needed! We offer flexible credit services such as these and guarantee that we will surpass your expectations.

Businesses that have made use of our finance facilities have gained the confidence of how to budget by knowing exactly how much they need to have available each month.

Apply now!

So, if your business is running out of stock, or your working capital is virtually non-existent, and you’re sweating just thinking about the bonuses you need to pay at the end of the month, then make use of our online loan offering and let us help you face those cash flow challenges!

If you apply now, you can expect to receive a personalised and flexible alternative to traditional business financing. Let us help you realise your business’ potential.

The cash you require can be for a large expense or not, but it can still swiftly bring your business to a halt. For further information on Mettle Merchant Finance can help you with a quick and simple working capital injection through a business loan, call us now, or simply apply on our website, it really is that simple!

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

October 2018

Getting my business loan was quick and uncomplicated.

Shahan R
— Johannesburg —

March 2019

Mettle Merchant Finance is the lender I trust whenever I need to take out a business loan. They always listen to my needs then find the perfect solution.

Lucy E
— Bloemfontein —

May 2019

I just had to give praise to the MMF staff members, particularly the customer consultants. Thank you for working tirelessly to get me the business loan I needed so quickly. Your professionalism r...

Shawn K
— East London —

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