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Reichmans Capital - A trustworthy specialist lender

ReichmansCapital has a highly regarded reputation with a strong brand. 

We pride ourselves on the approach we have (business approach to finance, a person's approach relationship and a long-term approach to staff retention) Management, who are notorious for our expertise, we work closely with a dedicated and committed team on a daily basis ensuring that all activities are met.

Trustworthy speedy services

In other words, we find ways to say yes to giving you a business loan where other banks find ways to say no, you can reply on ReichmansCapital when it comes to decision making, speedy services, and an approachable organisation when granting quick credit.

The benefits of applying with us

  • We offer worthwhile added sources of funding compared to traditional banks, we will enable your business the growth it deserves giving you the opportunity of growing assets.
  • We provide financial solutions personalised to benefit your business when it comes to competitive advantages the trust lies in the hands of our people.
  • Being a member of the Investec Group of Companies, we have the right to extend services and experts.  We are also a broad-based BEE concern.

ReichmansCapital offer the following credit facilities:

•    Lease
•    Rental
•    Instalment sale
•    Sale and lease backs using paid-up assets

Expert financing solutions

Should you be importing or exporting or in wholesale distribution, perhaps you are involved in manufacturing, trade finance, international or local is able to assist with the cash flow and business finance required to encourage the growth of your business.

Our philosophy is that of ReichmansCapital have no barriers or obstacles only that of performance and opportunities.

What does ReichmansCapital have to offer?

•    Letters of credit
•    Assurances for payment to local and abroad suppliers
•    Direct payments to local and overseas suppliers
•    Finance in local and foreign currencies
•    Forwarding, shipping and clearing facilities

Why access trade finance from ReichmansCapital?

  • The credit-worthiness of your business is improved when payments are guaranteed
  • You are able to negotiate early settlement discounts with your suppliers
  • Your business may prolong its expenditures to suit credit terms and trade cycles
  • You are able to streamline your administrative processes and procedures
  • We enable overheads to foreign sellers via our Geneva and New York offices, our link with a leading clearing agent allows the well-organized and cost-effective forwarding, shipping, clearing and warehousing of your merchandises.

Reichmans Capital – Business loan

  • Loan Type Business loans

Benefits of Reichmans Capital

  • Reliable financial services
  • Get a loan quickly
  • Apply online

Business loan calculator

The interest rate of a loan will vary based on your credit score and risk profile.
This loan calculator is for illustration purposes only.
The use of this quick loans calculator is subject to our terms of use.

Reichmans Capital - Specialised growth funding

We have facilities that are available over and above a typical commercial bank’s facilities, allowing your corporation to get the most out of trading opportunities

ReimansCapital is able to combine a Trade Finance facility with other funding to maximise the funding for your trade cycle.

Asset finance - overview

ReichmansCapital's is able and willing to assist your growing business by financing the capital for equipment with our business loans to increase your production capacity.

We give the backing for the following:

  • Equipment
  • Vehicles
  • Engineering
  • Plastics
  • Printing
  • Packaging,
  • Earthmoving, construction and logistics (forklifts and rigging equipment) industries.

ReichmansCapital offer the following credit facilities:

  • Lease
  • Rental
  • Instalment sale
  • Sale and leasebacks using paid-up assets

Why obtain asset and equipment finance from ReichmansCapital?

  • We have knowledge in and an understanding of the industries we finance
  • We fund new and used equipment
  • Our re-payment structures offer you elasticity to maximise your cash flow
  • We place strong dependence on the intrinsic value of equipment funded
  • Rental finance allows you to structure the short-term finance off-balance sheet
  • You can use pay-up assets as deposits/security of transactions
  • We will import goods on your behalf
  • We will provide interim payments while your equipment is being manufactured
  • We have close relationships with many equipment suppliers

Our Asset Finance bids a hedge against inflation at today’s price with tomorrow's money, free up your value of paid assets with our sale and leaseback facility.

Overview of debtor finance

Should your company be a growing business that is involved in manufacturing or wholesale distribution and has good quality clients RichmansCapital offers you the choice of a full factoring and confidential invoice discounting which is combined with financing and receivables administration; this allows the growth of your business. By doing this you are converting credit sales into cash sales.

We improve your collections by maintaining a detailed debtors ledger report on our system to monitor sales and receipts.

We offer a confidential invoice discounting, and the factoring relationship is confidential and will not be disclosed to your customers.

Why should you source Debtor Finance from ReichmansCapital?

Our debtor's financing provides an additional level of instant cash funding that is not offered by commercial banks, plus you pay less interest due to improved credit control and collection processes.  We minimise discount settlement demanded by debtors for early payment as this becomes very costly to your company. Guaranteed you will enjoy the improved debtor’s administration offered, with cost saving and reduced staff requirements.

ReichmansCapital is willing and able to offer your inventory and receivable finance packages which will maximise the capital available to your company.

Asset-based lending

ReichmansCapital is able to use a combination of our funding products:

  • Debtor finance,
  • Inventory finance
  • Asset-based finance

The above will make a line of working capital obtainable which is detached from your traditional bank facilities.

This permits you the growth level of trading in your business because it discharges the value in your assets and results in greater functioning efficiencies.

Tailor terms of re-payments will meet your working capital

Repayment terms are tailored to meet your working capital requirements or in the method of a medium-term online loan.

  • Specialised growth funding
  • In the events of you:-
  • Buying out a partner
  • Acquiring a competitor
  • Starting a new division
  • Funding a new contract or financing a project.

Our specialised growth funding: key use inventory, debtors, equipment, and property to offer you a feasible substitute for equity financing for particular projects. This form of facility normally takes the form of a medium loan which is repaid in a fixed monthly

This type of facility usually takes the form of a medium-term loan and is repaid in fixed monthly instalments.

Why acquire specialised growth funding from ReichmansCapital?

Our focus on your business, the industry you operate in, and the assets we financed, enable us at ReichmansCapital to offer this facility without demanding an equity stake in your business. In this way, we do not compromise your independence. We also allow customers to apply by quickly filling in our online loan application

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

April 2019

Dealing with Reichmans Capital is dealing with people who know and understand what they are doing. I have trusted Reichmans for my business loans for a few years now because no other lender has p...

Sunil G
— Durban —

November 2018

Thanks to Reichmans Capital who provided me with a business loan, I have managed to expand my business and more than double our turnover! I don’t think that this would’ve happened without your he...

Precious N
— Pretoria —

May 2019

Fast with no time wasted- this is how it was getting my business loan with Reichmans Capital.

Chantel C
— Kimberley —

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