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Bond Busters is the leaders in debt solutions

Bond Busters is so much more than just your average mortgage broker, we are leaders in South Africa's independent mortgage brokers. 

Going through the process of applying for a home loan can seem like a daunting and tedious process, let alone re-mortgaging. But at Bond Busters we aim to eradicate all those negative experiences by identifying the most suitable option for the homeowner needs.

We will save you money

We have a team of dedicated staff and our motto is quite simple and direct – we aim to help save you money! A home is a family’s biggest asset and as we know, that means it’s the largest expense, so instead of concerning yourself over financial issues in the near future, take advantage of your loan and get your costs down!

We offer you debt relief assistance

Bond Busters is also proud to form part of the Intelligent Debt Management Group (IDM). They offer an integrated financial consultation to any consumers that require debt relief assistance and facilitate this process between lenders by means of intelligent solutions and affordable debt consolidation options.

We offer a range of services, and each area of focus will alleviate the burden you might be faced with:

Bond Busters

This is our domestic department, which aids individuals in consolidating their debt by retrieving equity from their homes.

Debt Busters

This is our debt counselling and management department for consumers who maybe haven’t yet completely been debilitated from their debt, but rather need help in the struggle with the debt they have.

Insurance Busters

This department offers short-term insurance as well as life insurance to consumers and is regulated by the Financial Services Board. 

You can become debt free

We have the loan options to help you deal with your debt effectively.

We aim to help you become debt free and the first step is to speak to one of our consultants about the debt solutions we offer.

Debt consolidation loan option

You can now use your loan to consolidate your debt by means of debt displacement. Meaning you can move the debt from a number of other accounts into just one account, which assists you in saving on interest rates and cash flow. We have secured and unsecured loan options. An unsecured consolidation loan simply means that there is no security in the form of an asset on the loan like your property. An example of a secured consolidation loan is your house. This means that your home acts as security on the loan when you use it as finance.  

Our debt solution

This is a non-lending solution that assists in getting you back in control of your financial situation. Even if it seems like a somewhat sacrificing solution, for now, it still means that later the outcome is far greater!

Understanding the debt management plan

This is a process where Bond Busters assists the client to regain full financial control and experience debt relief in its entirety. For a hassle-free consultation, don’t sit around any longer, just pick up the phone and get in touch with one of our agents and we’ll put you on the right path to financial freedom.

Debt review

As opposed to the debt management plan, debt review is for clients that are in way over their heads with debt and are struggling to meet their obligations whether as a result of personal loans or credit card debts. This managed solution will assist in rescheduling debt repayments to all creditors that the consumer has accounts with, thus keeping creditors happy as well as bringing you into a much better financial position. You can contact one of our agents for a free consultation!

Bond Busters – Consolidation loan

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Benefits of Bond Busters

  • Get advice on remortgaging
  • Effective debt solutions
  • High-quality services from expert consultants

At Bond Busters we can help you consolidate your debt

There is a number of reasons why you should consolidate your debts, and we have listed them below just in case you’re unsure of a few things and need some additional convincing!

These are the benefits of consolidating your debt

Firstly, you save on interest, in a big way! Your current mortgage is certainly the lowest interest rate you’ll be paying when it comes to all your expenses and accounts.

Secondly, you’ll save on monthly account fees, because right now you are most likely paying an account fee for each account and by consolidating all your debt into the mortgage account, you’ll only be in for one!

Another contributing reason to consolidate your debt into your mortgage is avoiding all the admin you were currently spending time and effort on. With only one repayment per month, there’s less hassle when it comes to managing your expenses.

We can help you improve your credit score

If you have been struggling with debt, you have more than likely been missing payments, or perhaps short paying on your accounts. By managing only one payment per month, you are certainly in a better position to ensure that you meet your repayment with no issues at all!

Thus, bringing your record into a much better standing! If you’re ready to make the big move and get on track financially, you’ll need to ask one of our consultants to explain the different options and the pros and cons that come with them! You can also make an online loan application in respect to consolidating you bedt into your mortgage to make things simple, quick and easy. 

One thing to note is that you will be liable for the bond registration cost when you move your bond from the lender you are currently with to another lender. This cost comprises the attorney’s registration fee as well as any petty cash and deed’s office fees. Bond Busters has an agreement with attorneys that the registration fee is at 40%.

In closing, the bonus to all of this is that people have been known to sort out a remortgaging situation in two weeks! We have a consultant that will give you a guideline, so go ahead and apply now!

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

February 2019

Bond Busters has such professional consultants. Everything was explained to me to the best of my understanding.

Brian K
— Sasolburg —

April 2019

Applying for a Bond Busters loan was fast, convenient and easy. I completed the loan within 10 minutes.

Pamela H
— Benoni —

May 2019

If you are looking for a credit provider that meets his customers halfway in terms of affordable loan applications, Bond Busters is your best shot.

Victoria T
— Sebokeng —

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