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BondPro - The leader in debt consolidation through bonds

There’s a leader in the debt consolidation sector for bonds, and it’s BondPro!

We are specialists in the industry and aim to ensure specialised service as a result.

We ensure a positive outcome

At BondPro we understand that the circumstances consistent with debt where your home loan is concerned can be tricky and somewhat daunting to work through. Especially when one is not able to access the equity of your property during this troublesome time.

With issues such as massive debts and escalated interest rates, it’s a time where you need someone in your corner to hold your hand through the process and ensure a positive outcome, and we are that someone!

Effective debt solutions

Taking into account the level debt you might have accrued through your home loan and the simple fact that everyone’s situation is different, we take care to treat every client with the type of offer and care that they require. That is why we pride ourselves in offering the most effective debt consolidation solutions to South Africans in this situation.

Effective debt solutions

BondPro offers state of the art debt consolidation solutions and convenient home loan extensions to all homeowners in South Africa that have been rejected by lending companies and major institutions.

Imagine owning a luxury mansion and at the same time, you’re struggling to cover monthly expenses? This situation is exactly why we are in business, we want to help you manage your debt and we’re going to use a home loan to do it!

Professional and competitive debt solutions

Looking for the key to unlock your property equity? Well, look no further, because we have the solution for you. By offering you a solution that is both professional and competitive, you will not only gain the opportunity to repay all of your existing debt such as personal loans and credit card debts, but you will be doing so at a better interest rate and with payment terms you can afford!

We do business with integrity

Two things at BondPro that we like to boast about is our integrity when it comes to doing business with our clients and partners, and the excellence in how we carry out our service.  Don’t just take our word for it, or the words of others who have successfully used a debt consolidation loan, get on board and take advantage it for yourself! We are waiting for your call.

BondPro – Consolidation loan

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Benefits of BondPro

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Put BondPro’s Debt solutions skills to the test!

Is your debt worsening month to month? Has your income started to fall behind when looking at your expenses?

Answering yes to either or both of the above calls for intervention. BondPro’s online debt consolidation review will guide you in choosing the best product to rid you of your debt.

Why choose us?

Firstly, it’s important to mention that we are a small firm and therefore operate completely online and require customers to make an online loan application should they want to go for this option. Being small doesn’t mean we don’t come packed with experience! In fact, despite our size, we’re able to serve customers from all over South Africa directly.

The service our clients receive is always professional yet friendly, that way you’ll feel right at home, even though we ensure that every box is checked when it comes to the rules and regulations that are required. BondPro’s team work tirelessly to provide the ultimate solution to your problem and we won’t stop until we find the right one for you.

A team of experts

Our debt consolidation programs are specific to suit the needs you have as a client and we design it to cater to your affordability as well as falling in line with a newly proposed budget. BondPro’s team of experts is waiting to serve you the best way that they can, by ridding you of your debt and ensuring a favourable outcome for all!

Are the online debt consolidation loans successful?

Upon analysing your financial situation, we take your debt and focus on the structure of it, as well as taking into account your gross, net and disposable income. We then contact a number of microlenders to easily identify a consolidation loan that comes with the best offering in terms of interest rate and monthly payment.

Not only do we attempt to minimise the additional cost associated with consolidation, we ensure you that the service is comprehensive and structured around a high level of expertise at all times.

BondPro offers secured online consolidation loans.

What this translates to is having collateral in the event that funds are required. Collateral typically comes in the form of a property or a vehicle which you have equity in or have paid off completely. The placement of collateral automatically qualifies you for a lower interest rate from any SA lender or creditor. If you have bad credit, these loan types will also work for you.

One of the risks that you run and that you should always bear in mind that you could lose your property if you happen to default on the loan.

As soon as the loan is granted BondPro will repay all of your existing debt. Don’t get excited as this doesn’t mean that you can make use of the cash for other purposes unless of course, you have specified for more. While this solution is extremely attractive, be sure to read up on the risks involved and be sure to go into it with a disciplined mindset! If you do all that, you’re sure to come out debt free and stress free!

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

April 2019

Bond Pro was such a financial lifesaver. My budget was in real crisis and Bond Pro helped me get my life back on track.

Dumisani N
— Northern Cape —

November 2018

I am so grateful to the agent that helped me from Bond Pro. I now have a loan I can pay on a monthly basis and quite affordable so.

Nelisiwe M
— Vereeniging —

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