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Debt Consolidation SA - Let us help you become debt free

At Debt Consolidation SA, we have been serving South African consumers with solutions on debt for years.

All our debt counsellors are registered and comply with the NCR or National Credit Regulator. There are several debt consolidation loan companies in our country, and even though we do not offer debt consolidation loans ourselves, we are fully equipped to assist you with debt review.

Are you over-indebted?

In a tough economic climate, statistics show that more and more people are signing up for debt consolidation due to struggling with over-indebtedness and facing more job losses than ever before. This, unfortunately, lands, many individuals in a position where they fall into a debt trap, requiring a debt consolidation loan.

Of these companies, each will come with different offers, and what we advise is that you make contact with all of them, in order to determine the offerings and the exact benefits that come with each product.

We will lower your monthly repayments

Over time, we have assisted many of our clients to lower their debt repayments. This gave them access to cash for their day to day living expenses that they wouldn’t otherwise have had. If you complete the enquiry form, one of our consultants will contact you to explain all of the above and also outline the entire debt review process.

We will negotiate on your behalf

The debt consolidation company that issues you with the loan, will lend you the funds required in order to settle all your outstanding debts with creditors.

This enables you to keep track of your finances and furthermore, they will assist you in negotiating the repayment rates and terms with your creditors.

Consolidation loan options

These personal loans work to consolidate all of your debt into one loan, so instead of paying a number of creditors, you now only pay one. Anyone can wake up one day and find themselves in a world of debt.

Without stringent financial management, you could land up being one of them. However, if you have unfortunately reached this point, and you, yourself aren’t sure how to solve it, be sure to contact us and we will assist you with a debt review.

A debt consolidation plan

Our best advice is that you peruse through all the companies and research as much as possible so that you end with an informed decision on the company you wish to apply with for your consolidation loan.

We are here to furnish you as much information as possible. A debt consolidation plan to feature the various companies that offer these loans in coming months, so make a concerted effort to check back for the latest updates on debt consolidation loans!

Debt Consolidation SA – Consolidation loan

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Benefits of Debt Consolidation SA

  • Lower interest rates
  • One affordable monthly payments

Debt Consolidation SA understands the needs of the over-indebted

It’s evident that more and more people are suffering from debt that they can no longer manage. That is why the numbers are increasing drastically where debt consolidation loans are concerned.

For those of you that were blindsided, don’t panic, just look at the consolidation options and you’ll be back on track in no time at all.

One instalment per month

By managing only one instalment per month, you are able to get your debt under control and have someone on your side to assist you in getting your finances in order again.

People seem to be landing in debt by applying for further credit like loans for bad credit  and payday loans to help with their current financial situation and this is causing them to sink even deeper into debt. You should never use credit to settle other debt.

The debt consolidation process

The process of debt consolidation might seem a tad complex, but once you sign up, you will learn that we have assisted many clients over the last few years and have successfully pulled them out of debt and got their life back on track.

There are also fees involved that we require to be paid once discussions have been held with the debt counsellor. Those debt counsellors are registered with the NCR or National Credit Regulator and that are here to assist you in solving your debt problem.

Are you interested in debt review?

Simply complete the enquiry form below and one of our consultants will contact you to explain the process involved. It’s short and simple and in no time, you can expect to hear from a consultant with who will give you advice on who to go through for your debt products and services!

Debt review

A crucial factor to consider while being under debt review is that you cannot and will not be harassed by creditors for outstanding money on your account, as you are officially protected by law under the National Credit Act.

Under debt review, a new and suitable monthly payment plan is drawn up for you, to ensure that you are able to afford your monthly expenses as well as a plan for repaying your outstanding debts.

We specialise in debt review and therefore will be able to assist you in applying for this option as well as a personal loan via an online loan application. Do contact us, however, to establish what all we will do for you in this regard.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

December 2018

Debt Consolidation Loans was exactly the kind of credit provider I needed to make my financial load a lot easier to carry.

Maleshoane K
— Katlehong —

January 2019

I wouldn’t have been able to change my financial life for good if it weren’t of the financial assistance I got from Debt Consolidation Loans.

Gregory C
— Boksburg —

March 2019

Thanks to Debt Consolidation, I finally get to save some money on the interest rates I am paying.

Heather R
— Pietersburg —

April 2019

Applying for a Debt Consolidation SA was easy and convenient. Their application system is also user-friendly which is a plus.

Matilda V
— Krugersdorp —

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