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We are the leaders in the loan finding industry

In a world where consumers expect everything on demand, obtaining a loan at Find a Loan SA has never been easier!

We are the leaders in personal loans and what better way to apply for a cash loan that the simplest and quickest process out there.

You’ll find us nationwide and are proud to say that we are also South Africa’s leading bad credit loan provider.

We have partnerships with reputable lenders

Assisting citizens of South Africa with personal loans over the years has opened up many opportunities for successful partnerships with other nationally recognized lenders throughout the country.

Which means we’re able to specialise in tailor-made solutions for individuals with bad credit.

Loans up to R200, 000

Do you have debt? Do you require a bad credit loan of up to R200,000? Well then, no matter the financial situation, we’re able to assist you with finding the right loan for you! Judgements against your name? Don’t worry, we’ve got it covered!

When we said it was quick, we weren’t kidding either… From the comfort of your own home, all you need to do is complete our simple online loan application which won’t take you more than a few minutes and will have your phone ringing within the hour with a response.

So, if you’re 18 years or older and take home an income of R1500 or more per month, then apply now! 

We have one of the fastest loan turnaround times

We offer consolidation loans in one of the fastest turnaround times available in the industry.

The cost of living is going up, while incomes remain down. Most individuals are struggling to catch up due to that and are finding themselves with bad credit records or under debt review.

Our loans are affordable

Consolidating your debt into one small and easy payment, is cheaper, easier to manage and gets you back on track with your finances. Your interest rates are better upon consolidating and you even end up with cash at the end of the month!

Apply online

With words like recession, and phrases like economic crisis, it’s no wonder people are queuing up for loans! But in today’s technology era, we have found a way around the queues and you can now apply for a loan online. You can now avoid the drive and time of going into a lending institution and just apply over the internet.

Not only is this a more convenient way of applying for a fast loan, but its simple user-friendly interface has you just clicking a few tick boxes and drop-down selections before an outcome is given. Online applications have gained serious traction and that is definitely the way forward.

Bad credit loans

This is a popular choice due to the advantages that come along with it.  The primary benefit of a bad credit loan or “payday loan” is that it offers cash on demand. Mostly when we need a lot of cash is because we’re in trouble, which almost always means it’s urgent!There’s an age criterion and you need to have a steady monthly income.

Find-A-Loan-SA – Consolidation loan

  • Loan Type Debt consolidation

Benefits of Find-A-Loan-SA

  • Compare debt consolidation loans
  • Quick and easy applications
  • Get the best deals 

Find a Loan SA will help you out of the debt trap

Here’s why choosing Find a Loan SA is the best decision you’ll make!

  • If you’re after financial independence, you’ve come to the right place! We are constantly striving to bring you the best solutions in the quickest and simplest way to suit your needs. With speedy turnaround times on our loan applications, thanks to our convenient online application process, you’ll feel ready to take on the world with your new-found road to financial independence!
  • Once you’ve applied through us, your loan application goes through a delicate process or choosing the best lender for you. As professionals in this game, we ensure that the panel of lenders we submit your application through to, will result in the most ideal loan solution that you and your budget can afford.
  • Low interest rates are a given and with a variety of loan types on offer, we can certainly match your needs, regardless of the financial burden you have come to know as a part of your life.  
  • Our reputation precedes us as we have established an esteemed footprint in the country after having helped thousands of clients monthly around SA. If you don’t believe us, just take a look at our online testimonials and see for yourself!

Our loan procedure

Apart from being a seamless process from start to finish, there are a few things that you need to take into account on your side if you’re trying to minimize your debt problems by applying for a long or short term loan.

Information will be required of course, and you can expect a request for contact details for an emergency contact, banking details of your account, a company payslip and employer details in the form of address of business and contact information. If you have all this information, you meet the required criteria for an online loan application, then you’re A for Away!

You can have the loan amount within 24 hours

Expect a turnaround time of anything up to 24 hours before you have cash in hand! Now if that’s not fast, then I don’t know what is. Not only is that a timeframe to get your fancies tickled, how about a timeframe of at least one hour from time of application to a response on the outcome! With us achieving high success rates overall, you’ll be rid of your debts in no time, finding a Loan in South Africa has never been easier.

With regards to the repayment terms, you’re looking at between 7 to 72 months and if you’re concerned about the interest rates charged on the debt consolidation loans, don’t be. They range from a minimum of 22.3% to a maximum interest rate of 28%.

With nothing to lose and everything to gain, what are you waiting for? View our contact page should you want to get in touch or fill in our online application right now! Debt today, gone tomorrow!

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