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At Onedebt we offer excellent financial services

At Onedebt we create real value to over-indebted consumers, by offering exemplary financial services all the while creating job opportunities for over 70 full time employees.

Our Management team comes with over twenty years’ experience in the financial industry, and along with our team of skilled debt counsellors, we pull together to fight for our debt, by taking control of their debt and turning it into a winning monthly formula through debt counselling and debt consolidation depending on your needs.

We have a hard working team

The opportunities that come along with Onedebt go beyond our services to clients, but it starts already at the point of creating job opportunities for employees.

Onedebt does this by establishing a working environment that facilitates personal growth and in that way, we have not only created a strong working team, we have created a family.

You need Onedebt if you: 

  • Are constantly receiving letters and phone calls from creditors
  • Are borrowing money day in and day out from various resources
  • Have a garnishee order against you
  • Have started using a credit card to purchase groceries or cover day to day costs

So, do you need Onedebt?

Debt Consolidation could be for you! Stop what you’re doing and let us add you to our number of thousands of customers that are satisfied with how we solved their financial problems and eradicated all the unnecessary debt in their lives!

We have a plan and it involves one affordable repayment structure that ensures legal protection while setting you on the path to debt free living!

Let One Debt simplify your monthly payments today

Are you having sleepless nights haunted by your debt issues? Is it affecting your mojo and daily mood? If that’s the case, you’re probably in need of some debt counselling and ready to undergo a debt review.

Start with the counselling – we have debt counsellors that you can call and speak to before you hit rock bottom. If you’re already struggling to pay your monthly bills each month, debt counselling is crucial. Continuing to try and manage your debt you own way will not get you out of the proverbial hole you have dug for yourself, so debt management is key!

Especially if you want to avoid running the risk of bad credit or losing assets etc. Being blacklisted is another issue and if you have a life and family to take care of, this is not an option. So get in touch with one of our counsellors right away before it’s too late!

Choose debt review to alleviate your financial burdens

When you make the choice to undergo a debt review, you’re choosing lower rates, less hassle, easier management and time to get back on track. One affordable repayment to a PDA is all you need concern yourself with and they do the rest!

We send money as per the agreed amounts to the creditors you owe money to. Not only will your debt counsellor alert all creditors and credit bureau as per the steps mentioned in our 10-step plan, he’ll also handle all your communications with your credit providers.

Being under debt review, means that you can afford your debt as well as your daily living. Sounds great doesn’t it? This is due to reduced rates upon consolidating your debt. Where you were one vulnerable to being blacklisted or sued by the people you owe money to, you are now protected legally.

Should your financial situation change, or you get a hold of your finances in such a way that you are able to be out of debt management, you can simply cancel the debt review and you’ll no longer be flagged!

One Debt – Consolidation loan

  • Loan Type Debt consolidation

Benefits of One Debt

  • Save on interest
  • Debt Consolidation Solutions

Follow our 10 step plan to become debt free

We have a ten-step debt consolidation plan that we offer our clients, and we’re proud to say it works like a charm! If you’re sinking, get on board, we’ll get you to shore the safe, legal and professional way!


One of our consultants will review your credit record and further define the process and costs involved with an online loan application form detailing a list of the documents we require.


Notification is sent out to your credit providers as well as the NCR of your approved application for debt review.

Step 3

A form 17.1 is then issued to advise your creditors of the debt review you are undergoing and we request a certificate of balance for your account.


Upon receiving all the necessary information, we issue your creditors a Form 17.2. This form validates the client’s debt situation and also lets creditors know via the NCR debt help website.


Each client is set up with a Payment Distribution Agency (PDA) who in turn distributes the payments accordingly to each creditor.


Onedebt will forward each creditor a proposal detailing the outline of the budget, which was agreed upon between you and your debt counsellor. It will also include the number of creditors and breakdown of the repayment plan and terms per credit provider.


Proposals can either be accepted or rejected, and in the case of rejection, Onedebt will go out of their way to obtain a consent order to be forwarded to the creditors. If any of the creditors still don’t accept, then the proposal gets submitted to high court for the magistrate to examine and make a call.


You’re now obligated to make all your monthly repayments as per the debt consolidation plan for the full term of the debt review. These payments are made to the Payment Distribution Agency (PDA.


An annual visit and meeting will be held between your debt counsellor from Onedebt and yourself to ensure that your financial situation hasn’t changed in any way.


The final step!! As soon as your debt is all paid off, we issue you with a Clearance Certificate as well as the creditors that you are essentially paying off. The NCR and credit bureaus receive this too, and within 5 days of all parties being informed, you will have a clear credit record! 

Okay great, so how do I apply?

Easy! If this sounds like an option for you, then the best way is to sign up with Onedebt today. Simply navigate through our website until you find the online contact form for applying to undergo debt review, and a helpful debt consultant will contact you the same day with all the information we require before continuing.

The application process is seamless and we’ll notify you when your application is approved and we’ll basically begin the ten-step program that leads to a life that is debt free! Contact us today for more information.

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March 2019

One Debt ensured that after paying all my credit plans, I was left with exactly that – one debt.

Yolanda M
— Soweto —

April 2019

If you looking for a good deal on your debt consolidation loan, try One Debt!

Carl J
— Vereeniging —

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