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  • Repayment up to 60 months

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Zero Debt is a professional debt relief company

Zero Debt is a leading and professional debt relief company with years of experience, offering solutions to South Africans in order to live a life that’s debt free!

No matter how much debt you have, we’re here to help! With our renowned track record when it comes to getting clients back on their feet financially, we’re certain to do the same for you.

We go the extra mile for you

We aim to provide our clients with the best service with a highly committed team that strives to go the extra mile with each and every case.

Consolidating your debt with interest rates that you wouldn’t believe and all at a repayment rate that you can afford, is just one of the many great services and experiences that you’ll encounter at Zero Debt.

We support responsible lending

We are NCR accredited and compliant with the National Credit Act, which all contributes to how efficiently, we can offer specialised services to our clients. Protecting your assets from repossession by SA credit providers is just one of the ways that we can help you.

We are with you every step of the way

At Zero Debt we like to pay careful attention to the clients we deal with, as everyone is different. Our debt consultants are a highly skilled bunch, and they’re constantly negotiating the best rates and deal for you.

Don’t fret over the idea of getting started either, we have a simple process from calling in and receiving an obligation free consultation, right through the repayments and creditor contracts until you’re free of financial burden! And the best part is we’ll hold your hand every step of the way.

In summary, if you’re over-indebted, blacklisted, struggling with general debt like personal loans and credit card balances, or even just have a poor credit record that you’d like to get back on track, Zero Debt has a solution for you. 

We can reduce your payments by 50%

We will help you get repayment amount you can afford, you’re able to access better cash flow at the end of every month, thus getting you through the day to day costs comfortably!

Zero Debt debt consolidation process can help reduce your payments by up to 50% and we have client testimonials to validate it.

Debt counselling

Don’t feel ashamed if you find yourself in a position where you’re falling behind payments and feeling overwhelmed with debt. Even when your phone is ringing non-stop due to late and short payments, you do not need to panic, we’re here to assist, and we’ll be protecting you and your assets! Debt counselling will set you on the path to financial freedom and our skilled team of consultants will give you a free, no-obligation debt assessment as soon as you’re ready.

Our expert debt counsellors are waiting for your call. They’ll need you to complete our free debt assessment form and once completed, we’ll be able to determine your current debt position. As soon as the assessment is deemed complete, we’ll propose a consolidated, reduced monthly debt repayment amount, which you can agree upon affording and the contracts set up with the creditors will ensure that your assets stay right where they are!

Debt review

Just when you feel you’ve hit rock bottom, Zero Debt offers you a second chance at a debt review. From the time you complete your debt review application, we will take over all the debt you have been struggling with and handle the creditors by setting up repayments to them as per our debt consolidation agreement.

Even if your assets are about to be repossessed we can put a halt on that immediately! The difference between debt reviews and consolidation loans is that if you completely over-indebted, you wouldn’t qualify for a loan or credit card with anyone. However, you can still protect yourself from losing your assets and go under debt review. We’ll set you on a debt rehabilitation course by consolidating your debt, thus reducing your monthly debt repayments until you reach your financial goal of being debt free.

Zero Debt – Consolidation loan

  • Loan Type Debt consolidation
  • Repayment 60 months

Benefits of Zero Debt

  • One affordable payment per month
  • Reduced interest rates
  • Assets are protected

Debt Zero - We are the leaders in the debt counselling industry

So why not sleep better tonight and take the first step with a leading debt solutions provider!

While this might sound a bit presumptuous, we don’t mean to be, but when your financial future is at stake, would you not feel safer dealing with one of South Africa’s leaders in the industry?

We are one of the top debt counselling companies

Zero Debt is very proud of their most recent achievement, where we ranked as one of the top five National Debt Counselling firms in 2016 at the Annual Debt Review Awards ceremony. To achieve this award after only 6 years in the debt solutions industry is a massive feat! This means a great deal to us, as the criteria to be considered for this award means having over 5000 clients and with two or more counsellors operating nationally.

Well over 2500 registered debt counsellors go through an online review system where counsellors are evaluated in accordance with stringent benchmarks that need to be met. This review sets counsellors up to provide the best service possible when dealing with potential clients. The criteria that need to be met are based on the following components of the company:

  • Collection ratio
  • Client retention
  • Quality of Proposals
  • Adherence to deadlines
  • Resolution of Queries
  • Communication
  • Staff Knowledge
  • Consumer Education
  • Court action
  • Number of Clearance certificates issued

We will protect you against your creditors

The pros of applying for debt review is that your credit providers aren’t permitted to issue any summons once a debt review process is in swing, they therefore have an obligated to act in good faith and participate in the debt review process. To apply for a loan or review you can visit our website or contact us by phone or in our offices. 

As previously stated, we are recognized by the Annual Debt Review Committee as being a trusted provider for debt solutions. This recognition is what leaves our clients also trusting in us when they close their eyes at night, knowing that their debt is in good hands.

With us, you will get exceptional service

You’re our number one priority from the time you become a client and we’ll stop nowhere short of providing you with the exceptional debt consolidation service you deserve while going through this stressful time. It’s a simple process and will be at your side every step of the way.

So don’t wait any longer! Fill in our short call back form and one of our registered debt counsellors will call you right away! 

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

January 2020

With Zero Debt I was able to become debt-free

Debbie F
— Pretoria —

October 2020

The application process is quick and easy.

Werner D
— Cape Town —

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