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Debt Counseling SA - You can become financially independent

We have years of experience in the financial industry and we have helped countless South Africans become debt free.

Many South Africans feel helpless when it comes to debt. It can be very frustrating when you are no longer able to afford your monthly bills due to one too many personal loans or credit agreements. We are here to guide you and to offer you effective solutions to those debt problems.

Let us help you become debt free

When you sign up with us, we calculate all of your existing debt and restructure your payments into one affordable monthly instalment. We care about our customers and therefore continually strive to offer you a quality product. Our employees are passionate about helping you become debt free through debt consolidation and this is reflected in our efforts through your application.

Responsible and reliable debt relief

We work in line with the National Credit Act to allow our clients to apply for debt counselling and debt review. We will help you manage your debt through affordable repayment terms. We will also aid you in the event of any legal issues you may encounter. You can rely on us to give you a long-term solution for your debt.

Become financially independent

We will negotiate with your creditors on your behalf and supply you with a payment schedule as well as a restructured budget, which essentially means paying a smaller amount every month over a pre-agreed term. We will help you get out of debt and become financially independent and will be your long-term partner in consolidating your debt.

Let us protect you

We will use our extensive experience to give you the best service and our aim is to help you become debt free through debt counselling and remain debt free thereafter.

Debt counselling is the solution

Once you have applied for debt review, creditors can no longer attach any assets or take any legal action against you, pending an outcome by a debt counsellor determining whether or not you are over-indebted. If over-indebted, the consumer continues under Debt Review until the entire debt is settled.

You will not become blacklisted

There is no permanent record of you having been under review kept on any Consumer Credit Bureau Data Base, meaning that the process doesn’t have you blacklisted.  The repayment of your debt is done through one regular monthly payment, paid to a Payment Distribution Agency, who in turn handles the money aspect of the agreement.  

Debt counsellors will set aside a certain amount of income to cover your daily and monthly necessities, such as food, school fees, transport costs etc. You then make use of whatever money you have left over to pay your debts. You will never be expected to pay more money than you can reasonably afford.

Our application process

You can complete the online loan application form by visiting one of our branches, visiting our website or by email. After applying we will determine whether you qualify for debt consolidation through the debt counselling process. 

Debt Counselling SA – Debt counsellor

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Benefits of Debt Counselling SA

  • Expert debt counsellors
  • Consolidate your debt into one easy payment

Debt Counselling SA – we are the leaders in debt solutions!

We aim to maintain our transparency and reliability. Your information is handled with confidentiality and we guarantee that you will only receive the best services from our staff. 

A debt counsellor will explain the debt consolidation process to you and you can trust that they will be available for assistance throughout your term with us.

Applying for debt counselling

There are no restrictions, many anyone can apply for debt counselling. If you earn an income and you owe any amount of debt, you can apply for debt counselling. A qualified Debt Counsellor will determine whether you meet the requirements and are in fact over-indebted. Why not apply and see if you can be helped?

We will help you manage your finances better

We evaluate your situation through a quick assessment, and thereafter a debt counsellor will promptly contact you to discuss possible solutions. We will supply you with a new budget to help you manage your finances better, so make the choice to change your financial situation and contact us today. We will help you with the most effective solution to your debt problems!

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

March 2019

Only Debt Counselling SA was able to give me a credit offer that I couldn’t seem to refuse! It was an unbelievable loan deal.

Thomas G
— Springs —

February 2019

I am paying a considerate amount on my loan at Debt Counselling SA on the basis that they gave me a loan that suited my budget.

Michelle R
— Parys —

January 2019

If you looking for a registered financial provider that will always put your financial needs first, Debt Counselling SA should be top of your list.

Daniel K
— Vanderbijlpark —

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