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GS Debt Counsellors - We help over-indebted South Africans

GS Debt Counsellors has a vision… and that vision is to provide a service to over-indebted South Africans that assist them in meeting their monthly obligations to credit providers while retaining their most valuable assets.

All during the streamlines process of a debt review and to help rehabilitate our clients and further educate them on how to live a debt-free lifestyle as soon as the debt is behind them.

You are our top priority

At GS Debt Counsellors we ensure that all your debt problems are taken care of so that you and your family can live your life with peace of mind that your debt troubles are over. You’ll also be protected from the constant harassment and threats by credit providers!

We firmly believe that not only will you eradicate all your undesired debt, but you can avoid the debt trap and save yourself from finding yourself back in the same situation again.

We will restructure all your debts into one affordable monthly payment by placing you under debt review and negotiating more affordable repayments with your creditors.

We have an experienced team ready to help you

We have years of experience in the financial industry. With us, you will have experienced employees helping you with your debt counselling. We are registered with the National Credit Regulating board. A debt counsellor will be appointed to you and will act as the mediator between you and your creditors. You can expect to receive a service that is delivered with passion, and our main aim is to help our clients become debt free.

Exceptional debt solutions

Feeling overwhelmed with debt? Can’t sleep at night? Let us restructure your finances and give you a better budget to work with.

Confidentiality guaranteed

Privacy is important, and we understand that when it comes to your finances, this is non-negotiable. That is why we ensure that all your financials and the processes you undergo with us are handled with extreme discretion. We guarantee you that none of your information will be disclosed to anyone, we will protect your personal information at all times.

Debt consolidation is the solution

At GS Debt Counsellors, we do not lend money such as in the case of consolidation loans  nor do we provide an instant fix that will clear your debt. We provide a long-term solution, which will ensure that you stay out of debt as well as offer you an affordable single monthly instalment on your consolidated debt.

We calculate your debt and negotiate a better payment structure over an extended term, one that suits your affordability needs. We aim to build a long-term and successful relationship with you as we help you become debt free.

You can always rely on GS Debt Counsellors

We work in line with the National Credit Act to allow our clients to apply for debt counselling and debt review. We will help you manage your debt through affordable repayment terms and furthermore will protect you from creditors that are on your back for payment.

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Benefits of GS Debt Counsellors

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GS Debt Counsellors – we offer you effective debt solutions

Many South Africans suffer from debt figures that are unsustainable to regular living.

We are here to offer you an effective solution to help you rid yourself of that debt so that you can return to the lifestyle you once had.

Apply now and begin your journey to becoming debt free

With us, it is so simple to apply for debt relief. Fill in our application form and allow us to access a list of all your creditors and credit cards. We will assess your financial situation and structure a plan for you to move forward. Once your term has been completed and you have no more debt, you will be reinstated with the credit bureau and you will receive a certificate of clearance to give to your creditors.

We offer you a value-added service

One of the largest benefits when dealing with us is the level of professionalism and expert service that we come with. Out of South Africa’s 11 official languages, we are able to assist you in 9! We will produce a settlement that is positively geared towards your outstanding debt. We will customise your payments to be affordable for you, and at all times guarantee that your online application will be processed confidentially.

We have the debt solutions for you

Once you have qualified for a debt review, our debt counsellors take in upon themselves to submit a proposed arrangement that sees your debt converted into one reduced payment amount in order to consolidate your debt. This amount is far less than the amount you have come to know as a difficult set of payments each month. With you, we will sign a contract that states terms and conditions until you settle all your debt and are cleared from the credit listing. As for legal matters, we will deal with those on your behalf.

Follow these easy steps to become financially independent

Step 1:

Contact us for your first assessment. Please make sure that you include all of your supporting documentation. The information you send us will help us calculate whether or not you qualify for a debt review. Thereafter, we will contact you to discuss your payment plan and the terms regarding being under debt review.

Step 2:

We will verify and assess all of your personal information and create a proposal for you. The proposal will include a repayment amount that covers all of your outstanding debt at a reduced fee which we will negotiate with your creditors.

Step 3:

We will contact all of your creditors and let them know that you are under debt review. We will negotiate lower repayment terms with each creditor before we finalise your contract. They will be given a legal document and this will keep you clear of harassment from creditors every month.

Step 4:

We will supply you with a new budget and payment plan. Each monthly payment amount will be distributed amongst all of your creditors at a reduced payment term. We will use a debit order to collect the money every month on the same day until your debt has been paid in full.

At GS Debt Counsellors we aim to build a long-term relationship with our customers and we have effective debt counselling solutions to help you become debt free. Apply with us today!

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

December 2018

If you looking for an affordable debt review credit provider, GS Debt Counsellors is your go-to advance institution.

Nicole K
— Port Shepstone —

May 2019

I applied for credit in the morning and got feedback on the very same day.

Frank X
— Pietersburg —

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