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LegalWise - Legal solutions to debt problems

LegalWise was established in the late 1970’s. At the time, the founder Zak Crafford, a Legal Aid employee was complimented by a South African for his assistance on a case.

His token of thanks was an envelope carrying R10. The man offered to pay this R10 every month if he agreed to assist him with legal assistance for the rest of his life. This gesture highlighted a significant demand in society and spurred on the desire to offer legal protection to consumers countrywide.

You have rights

More than half of South Africa today struggle with debt problems. LegalWise aims to grant South Africans equal and affordable access to justice and legal aid. It gives consumers the chance to have access to a lawyer and experience first-hand the most basic rights they have according to the law.

We will help you manage your money better

In 2007 the National Credit Act published guidelines and consumer regulations. This made debt counselling a very popular approach to deal with debt. We will help you restructure your budget in order for you to manage your money better. Our main objective is to assist you in becoming debt free.

We will solve your debt problems

There are many of us that cannot live without credit. This is due to the tough economic climate of our country. The availability and use of this credit is sometimes not as great a thing as we deem it to be. This is due to us not understanding how to effectively manage a budget and a failure to do so, can sometimes lead to out of control spending, thus resulting in over-indebtedness. Should you find yourself to be over-indebted, you can apply for debt counselling in terms of the National Credit Act.

With us, you will have security and protection

At LegalWise, we offer you security knowing that your assets are safe and protected against harassment from creditors.

When you qualify for debt consolidation or debt review, you will sign an agreement with us. We will handle any legal issues that you have as a result of your debt. Another thing to note is that when you sign up with us you cannot become blacklisted.

Choose LegalWise for your debt counselling needs

Our registered debt counsellor communicates with you constantly and will deliver you with a positive response from your creditors when it comes to negotiating repayments, as opposed to you having done it yourself.

Once the online application is through for debt review, creditors cannot attach any of your assets or take any legal action against you until a decision is reached and finalised. We ensure your creditors adhere to the correct procedure as per the National Credit Act.

Payment distribution agency

The repayment of your debt commitments is made through a payment distribution agency (PDA) during the debt counselling process. This is an independent third party who monitors the repayments between yourself and the creditors.

The counsellor appointed to your file will advise you on future ways to manage your living expenses by tailoring a budget for you that suits your financial requirements. It will suit your income for necessities such as food, school fees, transport costs etc, and the balance of the money is then used to pay your debts.

LegalWise – Debt counsellor

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Benefits of LegalWise

  • DEBT Counselling
  • DEBT Review

LegalWise – with us you are guaranteed an effective debt solution

We aim to give you an excellent service with a positive outcome.

The process is simple and effective

In order to apply with us, you can contact one of our consultants and with an assessment, we can establish whether you qualify for debt counselling. You will have a debt counsellor assigned to you who will guide you through the process as well as assist you throughout your term with us. We will supply you with a restructured budget to help you manage your finances. The debt counsellor will inform your creditors of your debt review with a court order.

Settle your debt

We will help you settle your debt quickly. We will negotiate with your creditors in order to get better deals on your personal loan and credit repayments. You will benefit from your smaller payment amount, as this helps you in having some extra money at the end of the month.

Contact us today at LegalWise if you need help with your financial problems. With our network of legal representatives at your service, we will help you with any legal issues as a result of your debt. SMS Debt to 43039 and start your journey to financial freedom.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

December 2018

Legal Wise is my preferred credit provider of choice because they always ensure that I get a loan that suits my budget.

Frank B
— Vanderbijlpark —

January 2019

I was happy to find that there is a loan suited for every type of budget at Legal Wise.

Kamogelo B
— Carletonville —

March 2019

Applying for a loan at Legal Wise is easy, convenient and straight forward.

Rajesh C
— Johannesburg —

May 2019

Legal Wise is a financial services provider that always ensures that the customer gets ahead in terms of their finances.

Jeremy O
— Pretoria —

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