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Finance Quotes - Quick and easy loans

Finance quotes were developed to help individuals that require some extra money in a big hurry.

Apply in only a few minutes online and we will find you a loan that means your specific requirements at the lowest cost to you.

Use your personal details to complete the application form and we will send you all the log or short-term loan quotes that meet your requirements.

You can then easily compare options side by side and determine which suits your needs best.

Finding you a financial solution in an instant  

Remember when applying for a loan meant taking the day off work and going to see a consultant in person? You would need to sit in long queues for hours on end and then present your case.

The consultant would then deliberate, this could sometimes take days or even weeks and leave you stressed out and wondering if your loan application will be accepted or rejected.

Luckily those days are over and it now only takes a few minutes to apply for an instant loan online from the comfort of your home or office, the answer is almost immediate so that eliminates the waiting game and there is no paperwork to complete.

Receive your cash once your loan is approved

Once you have decided which payday loan option to proceed with simply sign the loan agreement and the cash will be paid directly to your nominated bank account.

Applying for a loan is easy

Our website is full of extras to help make applying for a loan as easy as possible.

The clever online calculators help determine the type of loan you need to apply for, help you figure out the amount that you need to borrow and help you realise how long you will need in order to repay the instant cash loan.

There are also easy to follow links that offer expert advice and will help answer any questions that you may have regarding your finances.

Click compare and congratulate yourself

Complete one simple application form and we will do the rest for you. Once we know your needs we will source you the best options and send them to you.

Have a look at the quotes and compare them, then decide which option will save you the most money.

Once you have chosen sign the loan agreement and we will deposit your money, it really is as easy as that.

There is nothing to lose when applying for a loan, as applying is 100% free and there is no obligation to accept any of the quotes that you are sent.

Knowledge gives you the power

Before you apply for a loan it is important to check your credit score and make sure that your credit report is correct and up to date. Knowing your credit score will put you in a position of power and determine if you need to apply for a bad credit loan or not.

Finance Quotes – Instant loan

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Instant loan calculator

The interest rate of a loan will vary based on your credit score and risk profile.
This loan calculator is for illustration purposes only.
The use of this quick loans calculator is subject to our terms of use.

Finance Quotes - A responsible loan provider

When you want to purchase a vehicle you do a lot of research before you enter the dealership ready to buy the car. Applying for a loan should be no different. You should know exactly what you require from your loan and the different options that are available.

Make sure that you compare not only the cost of the initial loan but all the other fees and charges as well. A personal loan could have a very attractive interest rate but the other charges may be inflated to compensate for that fact.

By using a loan comparison service you can easily compare quotes from multiple lenders at the same time so that you can find the best deal to suit your budget and your individual requirements.

Clarify your loan needs 

When you know what you require from your loan you will have a better chance of finding a loan solution that ticks all the boxes that you need it too. If you require a loan to purchase property there are many different home loan solutions, if you are looking for a personal loan there are many different options available in each category.

The main question when it comes to applying for any type of loan is how much can you afford to borrow and how long will it take you to repay that amount. There are many different loan types including secured and unsecured loans, personal loans, business loans and payday or instant loans.

Responsible loan providers

We don’t want you getting in over your head and applying for a loan that you can’t afford to repay. To protect all parties involved we will only lend you money if it is in your best interest and doing so will not cause you additional financial strain.

Knowing your credit score will help you apply for a quick cash loan in the correct category and if you see that you have a very low credit score you can decide to rather not apply for a loan until you have improved your credit score.

Once you have improved your credit score you can re-apply and you will be able to benefit from much lower interest rates and more favourable loan terms.

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February 2019

Finance Quote ensured that I get my money on the very same day I applied for credit.

Kgalalelo M
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November 2018

If you looking for a convenient way of applying for credit, Finance Quotes is your best shot.

Bennett C
— Richards Bay —

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