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About – Lime 24

Lime24 was formed by a team of individuals that had comparable ideas as well as all-embracing understanding in their fields of I.T Finance and Marketing.

We are an online service owned by Lime South Africa (Pty) Ltd and registered in the Republic of South Africa.  We abide and work in agreement with the ruling of the National credit act (NCA)

What do I need to apply?

In order to apply for a payday loan with Lime 24 customers do need to log onto our website, be a South African and be in possession of a South African Identity document / ID card, a cell phone holding a South African cell number as well as an active bank account in the name of the customer applying for a loan.

Lime 24’s approved loans will be transferred to customer’s active bank account only in the Republic of South Africa.

It will take all of a few minutes to review and for the funds to be transferred into our customer’s bank account due to our fully automated business process.

Five-star service

We have a 5-minute plan tailored for the benefit of our customers it only takes 3 minutes for registration, 1 whole minute to process your quick loan application and all of another 1 minute,  for the funds to be transferred into your bank account.

So all in all your loans only takes 5 minutes from start to finish, it really doesn’t get any better than that now, does it?

Bonus point the 5 minute time period applies to new customers only, Our existing customer only has to wait one minute!

Services – Lime 24

Our payment system meets the international payment requirement such as a Visa and MasterCard, plus your user data is secure and encrypted by using up-to-date equipment, so no worries that your personal information will be leaked out, our security is of the highest standard.

Lime24 loans SA

We are all in need of a payday cash loan at some point in our lives, are you in that predicament right now? Not to worry Lime Loans 24 is here to support you as we do with all our fellow South Africans.

We understand that having no money in the bank can be rather stressful, we also understand that working in an office is not so easy by visiting your nearest local bank or loan company, this certainly can’t be done in an hour’s lunch.

So why not apply for an instant loan from Lime Loans 24 its easy, you can do it from the comfort of your own home,  all you need to do is visit our website (www.limeloans24.co.za) create a profile ensuring that all your information is correct, we will assign a tariff rate for and this will be based on your credit rating as well as other information that will be required.

Apply for that online loan it only takes 5 minutes. Should you qualify the funds will be paid directly into your bank account. No stress, no fuss!

Sort Term Loans also known as payday loans

At Lime Loans 24 we offer an online service 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Our short-term loans have a maximum repayment period of 65 days being registered with (NCR) National Credit Regulator you can rest assured that we are a responsible lending practice.

There is no reason at all why you should go without cash when you desperately need the money. Apply online today.

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Summary of Services

  • PAYDAY Loans

Lime 24 - Fast payday loans

For first time users, we off between R300 and R1, 200 this amount in all likelihood could be increased to as much as R5000 should you continue to the service and more importantly make repayments on your agreed periods.

Transparent conditions

We do not charge any extra fees should you want to pay your loan back before the said date, should you want to check your costs all you need do is go to your profile all costs are observable for you to review, another bonus point is that you get to stipulate your own personal loan conditions via our website.

Loyalty programme

We are always grateful for the support of our customer, so we have put together new tariff rates that means better conditions and assistance for any future loans you may want to apply for.

Preferred payment method

We offer our customers the opportunity to choose which method would be easier and more convenient for them, you could choose a fast loan payment into your PayPal or perhaps you would prefer the money being paid straight into your bank account. No hassle we are here to provide you with the best service possible.

Our easy processes

Your basic information is sufficient enough to enable you to apply for that much-needed loan, we do not believe in pages upon pages of questions, its time consuming as well as tiresome so you can apply via our online loan application.

We certainly are cheaper

Dear committed customers, use your money for 5 days absolutely free of charge you are also entitled to have unlimited times  Plus a zero present commission policy, should you have the need to pay early. We aim to satisfy our customers every need.

Reduce interest and increase your tariff

Everything depends on your tariff, you allocated interest rate and determined loan amount is influenced entirely by your tariff. If you would like to improve your tariff rate is to use one basic step. Go to our web and use our service, it’s that simple.

We are confident that LimeLoans24 exceeds your expectations when it comes to payday loans and more!

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