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SA 360 Loans - Effective bad credit loans

SA 360 Loans offers a wide range of loan products that are available via our website. Our service was first started when we identified a need. The need was that everyday ordinary people that needed quick loans where constantly being declined loans from banks or other traditional lenders.

The problem was either that they did not earn enough money or they had a low credit score. This posed a huge problem because these individuals often needed a loan even more because of these bad circumstances.

Making a big difference in the financial market

This process of discrimination seemed very unfair to us and we wanted to do something about it. That is why we started our business. Our aim is to help South African citizens have access to the personal loan that they require regardless of thier individual circumstances.

To help keep our loans as accessible as possible we offer very competitive interest rates with the most flexible loan payments terms that can be customised to suit your budget.

Let us find you what you are looking for

Applying is as simple as completing the application form with your personal details. Once we know what you are require for from your loan we will search high and low to find you what you are looking for. Our aim is to find you a bad credit personal loan that helps you out without leaving a giant hole in your pocket. We will find you the loan solution that you seek very quickly thanks to our team of highly professional staff and our amazing network of lenders.

We save you time and money

Our main priority is finding you the best deal on a bad credit personal loan that we can, that not only ticks all the boxes that you require but also that saves you money and helps you escape from a vicious cycle of debt and bad credit.

Time is money and we save you both, even if you are blacklisted or your credit score is shockingly low we have the financial solution.

How our system can help you get ahead in life 

Applying for one of our payday loans can help you quickly settle your debt or pay for an emergency expense when time is running out.

Our clever computer technologists have developed technology that not only keeps your personal information safe and secure but also that verifies your details and finds you the best deals as quickly as possible.

No more waiting around for an outcome on your application.

You make the final choice

We will find you your best options and then send those options to you.

You can then look through them and compare the different offers.

If you find one that you would like to proceed with let us know and we will sort out all the details and send you the official short-term loan contract.

Simply sign the contract and your cash will be paid into your bank account on the very same day.

SA 360 Loans – Personal bad credit loan

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Benefits of SA 360 Loans

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Personal bad credit loan calculator

The interest rate of a loan will vary based on your credit score and risk profile.
This loan calculator is for illustration purposes only.
The use of this quick loans calculator is subject to our terms of use.

SA 360 Loans - A unique loan finding service

Our loan finding service is different from traditional lenders because we specialise in helping those South Africans obtain bad credit personal loans that they may not get without our help. To sweeten the deal, even more, we offer a legal service package to our clients.

By completing one simple application form you will be able to apply to multiple lenders at the same time without negatively affecting your credit score. We will search for the best offer from our wide network of lenders and bring you the best options so that you can make an informed decision.

We offer different loan opportunities

No matter if you are looking for a small instant loan of only R1 000 to make it until your next payday or if you are looking to borrow a larger amount of up to R500 000 we will be able to find you what you are looking for.

If you want to purchase a new vehicle or require a home loan, we can assist you with all your loan needs both big and small. The loan repayments terms will depend on the amount of money that you borrow and your current financial circumstances.

Responsible lending practices

If you have a very good credit score and can qualify for a very large online loan amount,  it is nice to dream of how you can spend all that cash, but before your eyes fill with money signs you should remember that you will need to repay the loan with interest. It is very important that you only apply for as much money as you really need.

There is no point in getting yourself into debt and struggling to make payments on your loans to pay for an expensive holiday that you don’t really need. You should only apply for a loan if you need the money urgently and don’t have anywhere left to turn.

Once you have received your bad credit loan it important to pay it back as quickly as you can and if possible to never miss a payment. If you skip a payment you could be charged penalty fees and this could mean that your loan ends up costing you much more than you originally bargained.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

January 2019

SA 360 Loans will never give you a loan your budget can’t afford. They always ensure that you are given a credit plan that will prove to be reasonable on your budget.

Kgotatso T
— Lenasia —

October 2018

Thanks to the affordable credit plan I got at SA 360 Loans, I can still attend to my other expenses.

Caroline Z
— Cape Town —

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