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About – Heritage Loans

At Heritage loans, we pride ourselves on being experts in the industry. Whether you are blacklisted or not, we do not discriminate, we will work with all South African citizens.

We accept all types of securities and we will provide you with instant approval if you have submitted your payday loan application.

We are a small lending company that operates online and in the office where we offer short term advances. A small market share belongs to us, but we still have a solid presence. You can expect a friendly and flexible service that accommodates you in the best way possible.

Simple and fast loans on offer

Our clients can fully rely on us when they need instant cash and don’t have the luxury of waiting for approval.

Our team of dedicated financial experts is always working to provide you with the most affordable and flexible solutions to suit your financial situation.

We have excellent customer service due to our valued responsiveness and the full dedication of our experts who are always ready to answer all your questions about finances and provide you with the right advice.

All you need to do is fill out our online loan application form to get started with the process!

Services – Heritage Loans

With us, you can get fast and easy secured short-term loans. Emergencies can occur at any time and that can leave you in dire need of extra funds that you don’t have access to.

With us, you can use our short-term loans to cover your emergency expenses, pay your overdue bills or even just treat your family with a holiday.

We are here to assist you

It does not matter what the circumstances are, we will always be here to assist you. We will advise you on the status of approval in just 15 minutes after submitting your bad credit loan application, with no credit checks or questions asked.

The only types of collateral that we accept include motorised vehicles, jewellery, electronics and valuable assets such as collectables and art pieces.

Secured loan options

The only negative element of secured personal loans is that should you fail to repay your debt, the lender will have the legal right to take over the asset that was placed as security.

In situations like these, you must evaluate your ability to repay the loan, especially if you have taken out a smaller amount of money to what the asset is worth.

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Summary of Services

  • ONLINE Cash Loans
  • LIFESTYLE Finance
  • CASH Emergencies
  • SHORT TERM Loans
  • PERSONAL Loans
  • BUSINESS Loans

Heritage loans - Loans tailored to your needs

There are many loans available on the market today that are tailored to suit your needs. At Heritage Loans we offer short-term loans, collateralized loans and personal cash loans for those rainy-day situations where things come up and you need access to funds urgently.

We also offer lifestyle, finance for those who require financing to suit their lifestyle needs. If you own a business and are looking to reinvest some money in it, then we have business loans on offer for this requirement.

Let us help you out of sticky situations

Imagine the scenario, your car breaks down and you need to repair it, but you don’t have any spare money available. If you find yourself in this situation, you would need to turn to a registered, micro finance provider that has an affordable loan product available.

Let Heritage short term loans assist you with our products that are offered in order to get you out of sticky situations like these.

We offer short term loans that are secured

If you want to apply for a loan with us, you need to provide security in order to obtain financing. The lender accepts all types of assets that are valuable, and because the loan is secured this means that the chances of you getting approved are almost 100%.

Due to the loan being backed by an asset, the risk is reduced to the lowest possible minimum for the lender. This means that there are no credit checks and similar investigations into the creditworthiness of the borrower. We will provide you with cash, even if you have bad credit in the form of a quick cash loan.

Our secured loans all have a much lower interest rate compared to unsecured loans and this due to the lower level of risk that the lender is taking.

Secured interest rate for as low as 3%

The interest rates all depend on factors such as your credibility as the borrower and the total amount that is being borrowed.

We allow our customers to borrow as much as the value of the asset, but if we give them a larger amount of money, it will make the loan far more expensive to repay.

In conclusion, Heritage Loan’s short-term loans are easily accessible and reasonably affordable to our clients!

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