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Just Loans - Loans to suit every budget

Just Loans are a credit service provider that specializes in individual and consolidation advances for all South Africans. It will be a great relief to know that Just Loans now also do short-term credits for debarred people and people with bad credit.

Having been in the industry for a number of 10 years, Just Loans have been a reliable credit provider for a number of hopeful clients. We as Just Loans are aware that having a bad credit often closes all future prospects of getting credit from financial providers such as a South African bank, we assist when banks don’t want to help.

Credit service provider

The online loan application has to go through a series of tests before being granted an approval. The loan application is completed by one of Just Loans financial registered association that will do their best to ensure that your loan gets a go ahead.

However, it is important to remember that credit agents can only do so much to help clients with their loan applications. They can’t necessarily force your application to go through.

Essentially, Just Loans is only a credit service provider and the credit checks are not done by Just Loans.

Terms and conditions

Everything is normally documented in the fine print of the terms and conditions.

Having said that, every client needs to ensure that they read and understand all the terms and conditions before they apply for a short-term advance. Should you not be in full agreement with the terms and conditions, don’t apply for the loan.

We can give you a financial lift

Just Loans understand that everybody will go through dark paths and as a result of such gloomy events, you might have no one to turn to.

Therefore, short-term loans are offered to clients that may need a little financial lift.

Cash loan

Every client that needs a loan is in some form of financial crisis. The severity of the need is usually known by the client, however; Just Loans do every bit of help to ensure that payday loans are granted to customers.

Blacklisted loans

When you have been blacklisted, you never think you will qualify for a loan let alone have a credit provider consider you for one. Well, it is good to know that Just Loans is not your ordinary type of credit advances. In addition to that, any client is welcome to apply for a loan at Just Loans, blacklisted or not.

Loans for people with bad credit

Having bad credit doesn’t necessarily deem you blacklisted. Instead, this just means you are taking a bit longer to fulfil your monthly debts and it may lead to the blacklist phase if you continue skipping your debts. Nonetheless, we have put all that aside and still open our doors at Just Loans for people with bad credit by providing them with bad credit loans.

The reason we do that is that we understand that sometimes things don’t go your way and essentially, we are people who believe in second chances. After all, we are human too and we know that some things are beyond your control.

Just Loans – Short-term loan

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Benefits of Just Loans

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Short-term loan calculator

The interest rate of a loan will vary based on your credit score and risk profile.
This loan calculator is for illustration purposes only.
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Just Loans - Affordable loan options

There is normally a standardized structure that is followed regarding applying for a loan. What clients see as a nerve-wracking stage is often the first stage for the credit service provider.

It is a nervous stage for our clients because at this stage they feel like their fate lies in our hands and essentially, it does. We have to come bearing good or bad news and the outcome on the personal loan will be known in a maximum of 2 hours.

Personal details

Just Loans will ask you questions that may appear slightly boring to the client, but this is a protocol that has to be done so that we know the type of people we are dealing with. If we don’t ask any confidential information, it will make issues very difficult for us and as a result, we may not have sufficient information to grant you a loan.

Salary and deductions

Seeing that we are one of the few credit providers that offer loans to blacklisted people and people with bad credit, this portion is very important for us. We have to know how much you earn so that we will have a better understanding if you can afford a bad credit or blacklisted loan.

This is an important issue that most clients don’t take into consideration. There could be valid and sensible reasons as to why you are applying for a loan, but you might not necessarily afford it with the amount of money you earn and the monthly expenses you incur.

Check if you qualify

The only way to find out if you qualify for an instant cash loan or not is to apply for one. This application can be done via an online loan application form method. After you have filled in an application form, you will have to give the agents a reasonable amount of time to process the documentation and start the loan process.

We do everything we can to ensure that all our clients get their short-term loans approved. However, some applications are rejected given substantial evidence and there’s nothing we can do about such cases. Should yours be among those that got rejected, don’t feel discouraged. Instead, fix what needs to be rectified and retry whenever you are ready.


Customer Reviews & Testimonials

April 2019

Just Loans is not like other lenders; they specialize in providing individual consultation services. This means that they do not believe in ‘cookie cutter’ loans. When I was collaborating with th...

Britney C
— Empangeni —

December 2018

Even with my poor credit record I was able to get the chance to take a financial breather with Just Loans. They do not discriminate against individuals based on credit score but rather consider e...

Angela H
— Pinetown —

May 2019

Thanks for the convenient application process! It was so nice to be able to sit down with my tablet and fill in an online form than scurry around the bank bouncing from employee to employee with ...

Dale N
— Newcastle —

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