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Setsebi Advances - Loans you can trust

Setsebi Advances might be new in the industry compared to some of the other competing online lenders, but we have excellent quality and services that have allowed us to become a worthy competitor in South Africa.

We come with a strong skill set

There are no hidden costs, as we are upfront regarding all the fees that you will be receiving once you have applied for a loan with us.

We are transparent with our clients and ensure as well that you find no hidden clauses in your online loan application that could cause any unpleasant issues later down the line. This is our assurance to you.

Our clients receive professional and friendly services

We at Setsebi Advances ensure that we offer our clients reliable and professional short-term loan services and our team of friendly financial consultants are here to assist you during the entire process.

As for our loan offers, we have a variety on offer, that could help bring financial relief in all sorts of financial emergencies. We specialised in Road Accident Fund claims that brings with it, finance for our clients.

With our professional and efficient staff at Setsebi Advances, our clients are guaranteed to be satisfied and will certainly experience financial relief!

Our loan applications are processed within 48 hours

We offer our professional services in all aspects of our organization.

We have a dedicated team of financial experts who will ensure you get the personal loan you need at a very good interest rate. Our consultants will be with you every step of the way during the process.

We offer fast short-term loans

The process our clients go through to apply for a loan is generally quick and easy. We have ensured that the application is simple and complete, thus saving our clients precious time. Upon receiving your loan application, we assess it and process it within 48 hours.

We have allowed the amount that you are able to borrow from us under the short-term loan category to remain quite low in order to simplify the repayments for our clients.

If you’re looking to borrow a larger amount of cash, then you can consider applying for a long-term personal loan that has a repayment term of 36 months or more.

Short-term loans and short-term debt

One of the main benefits of payday loans in South Africa is that they are repaid over a short time period. Short-term loans can be repaid over a time period of no longer than 12 months, but they are usually repaid in shorter periods such as 3 months or less.

Setsebi Advances – Short-term loan

  • Loan Type Short-term loans
  • Repayment 3 months to 12 months

Benefits of Setsebi Advances

  • SHORT-TERM Loans

Short-term loan calculator

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You can rely on Setsebi Advance for a cash boost

Due to all the benefits that short-term loans come with, this has resulted in them becoming very popular in South Africa, with thousands of people that rely on them for a short term financial boost.

If you need money for an emergency, but don’t want to end up in long term debt, then our short-term loans at Setsebi Advance will be the ideal option for avoiding any long-term debt.

You will receive more advantages when applying for a short-term loan, that you wouldn’t easily see in other types of personal loans available in the market.

We can offer you a short-term business loan to assist your business

If you are in need of urgent cash for your business and the end of the month is still a while to go, then a business loan might just be the thing for you! It’ll help you see your business through to the end of the month.

Should you have a business that is growing and you are considering expanding it, you will need additional capital before doing so. You could potentially sell your future income and get your hands on the much-needed cash today.

All you need to do explain your situation to us in order for one of our financial experts to provide you with the best advice to help relieve your situation.

We use invoice factoring

Invoice factoring is the use of the inherent value of customer invoices that need to still be paid and sold at a discount value to us, in order to get instant cash into your bank account immediately. Our customers need to be trustworthy and have a proven track record of how and when they paid their invoices. We realize each situation is unique, that is why we pride ourselves in getting a solution that is best for you.

We are the best lender in South Africa when a fast cash loan is what you’re after! We ensure that we provide our clients with excellent customer services, and assist them when they are in need of financial advice, always putting them first! 

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

February 2019

While Setsebi is a new name in the lending game they are by no means falling short of the competition. They offer excellent services and products that I am willing to say place them a cut above t...

John P
— East London —

December 2018

Setsebi is a fully transparent lender that I will recommend to anyone. They explained all costs, fees and implications of their loan before I could even ask a question. Thank you for being so tho...

Jess S
— Butterworth —

December 2018

With an online application not only do you save yourself a trip to the bank but you can expect a response from them within a maximum of 48 hours! Traditional financial institutions often make you...

Carmynn C
— King William’s Town —

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