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PicotiFin - Expert financial providers

At PicotiFin we use our expertise to assist and provide services to our clients throughout South Africa.

We have served as financial service providers in this country for more than a decade and have leading experience in the lending industry.

Our quick and easy process

An online loan application that we offer has streamlined the granting process into a much faster and more efficient process.

We have eliminated all the guessing and uncertainty and our clients are informed as to whether they have been approved on the same day they submit their personal loan application.

What that also translates to is funds are transferred to them right away!

Our consultants are transparent and dedicated.

At Picotifin you’ll have unlimited access to all credit products, student loans and services through our online platform. Being a part of the industry for more than 12 years now means we are growing stronger by the day.

That is why we are confident in our transparency and our dedication to you as our client. Offering transparency earns trust with our clients and it ensures they always receive the best solution to their financial situation.

Quick and easy loan solutions

As a South African Credit provider, we ensure that we help you out of your financial troubles and we do it easily and as quickly as possible so as to avoid any hassles.

We have a solution for all your cash emergencies

Understanding our clients is the reason why we offer fast personal loans that are ideal for assisting them when there is a cash emergency.

All our clients need to do to apply for a loan with us, is to complete and submit an application form, and we will contact you to start the loan process.

Once you have been approved for the loan, the funds will be transferred into your bank account right away.

Loan fees and interest rates

The interest rate that we offer with our student loans is similar to student loans that are offered on competitor’s credit products that belong to the short-term loan group.

We also provide credit to those who are blacklisted, however, they can expect to pay a much higher interest rate than those individuals who have a good credit rating.

Before you apply for a loan, you need to consider all the fees when deciding on the affordability of the loan that is being offered to you.

PicotiFin – Student loan

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Benefits of PicotiFin

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Student loan calculator

The interest rate of a loan will vary based on your credit score and risk profile.
This loan calculator is for illustration purposes only.
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PicotiFin - We specialise in a wide range of loan options

Picotifin is proud to offer a wide range of services and loan offerings to our clients. We specialise in certain online loans and ensure that when you apply for a loan through us, that you are getting the best offering possible that pertains to the specific needs you have.

Personal loans and personal long-term loans are common and we offer this type of loan suit the needs of funds availability. However, if you are looking at specifically your studies as an example, we have tailored loans to match those needs in the form of a student loan, university grant and education finance. Just read up on each one specifically to see which one would suit your best or alternatively call in and get the answers to all your questions. Our consultants are there to assist you!

Our student loans for university students

When you attend university, you are required to cover your cost of living, as well as pay for your textbooks, study equipment, and all other necessary items that you require. All of this is needed during a period where you don’t even earn a stable income. If you find that this sounds like your situation, then a sponsor such as a parent or a guardian, can take out a student loan on your behalf in order to assist you financially during this period.

You can contribute to your studies

All of our student loans fall into the group of short-term loans. These loans we offer are all unsecured so that the client isn’t obligated to have any collateral in place. The amount that can be borrowed will all depend on the income of the sponsor and his or her credit history.

The loan should be enough to cover a large part of your tuition fees or your daily expenses like your food and transport to university. With this loan, the clients themselves need to decide how they want to spend the money, and students should be responsible with that money, and it will be needed in such a way that it will contribute to their studies.

Use this loan to cover a great part of your student expenses

Once you have successfully taken out a loan with us, the repayment of it typically begins one month after the date of approval. The monthly instalments include a large amount of the principal amount plus the interest.

Our clients can expect a maximum loan term of up to three years and the longer the loan term is, the smaller the monthly instalments will be. Bear in mind, however, that in this way you are looking at paying far more interest.

Our student loans are highly beneficial when it comes to covering a large portion of the student’s expenses. PicotiFin offers student loans that are repayable over a maximum loan term of three years, making it flexible and affordable to most South Africans who wish to go to university to obtain a tertiary education. 

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

April 2019

PicotiFin offers some of the best student loans offers in South Africa!

Mandla M
— Carolina —

May 2019

I was given a response within hours after applying for the PicotiFin student loan. Thank you for such speedy feedback.

Alicia E
— Witbank —

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