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Let Urgent Cash Loans help you find the perfect student loan

Within a blink of an eye, your high school years are over, and you’re in a position where you need to think about what’s next?

Some would prefer to go to university, while others don’t have the same academic ability. Fortunately, no matter which one you are, there are plenty institutions of higher learning that fulfil the requirement.

Make use of the university financial aid office

It is a far better idea to first apply for an award or bursary that you might be eligible for rather than take out a personal loan or interest bearing finance product. You can get information on what is available from the university, especially for those who are excellent in academics or on the sports field at the financial aid office at the university you have applied to.

Once you have found out if you are eligible for such financial support, ensure that you apply for it before the closing date. Most applications for bursaries and awards have to be submitted towards the last quarter of the year. You should also inquire from the financial aid office about the financial support available and unique to that university.

Student loans

Student loans are usually granted year by year. For each year the borrower must repay the interest on the loan monthly, and the loan amount can be repaid as soon as the student has finished with his or her studies.

The period in which the loan amount must be repaid cannot extend beyond the time it took to complete the studies. There are aspects that can affect the repayment time, such as fluctuation in interest rates or the borrower who might be paying more than they need to each month.

Affordable student loans with Urgent Cash Loans

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) is funded by the DHET and provides financial support to students who are academically able to study at a public institution of higher learning but lack the finances to pay for their studies and other related costs.

Student loans from NSFAS range from R2 000 to R30 000, with a portion of the loan that can be converted to a bursary. Depending on your academic progress, the portion of the loan that is converted into a bursary does not need to be repaid.

External bursaries

There are many South African companies and provincial government department award bursaries that are available to promote students. A major list full of bursaries is available to hopeful students in the Bursary Register which is published each year.

This registrar indicates what bursaries are available to students around the country.

The terms of these bursaries vary greatly, with the mining and engineering companies usually requiring the candidate to work at the company to pay them back once they have completed their degree.

Are you an outstanding student?

The National Research Foundation is one of the science councils of the Department of Science and Technology.

What they do is offer bursaries to students that are outstanding in their fields of study and you can discover more about NRF bursaries from the financial aid office of your university should you wish to.

Urgent Cash Loans – Student loan

  • Loan Type Student loans
  • Interest Rate from 12%
  • Loan Amount up to R30,000
  • Repayment 12 months to 4 years

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Urgent Cash Loans - We have many student loan options

If you are employed, you can certainly pay for your own studies, especially if you are not studying full-time. Doing this requires a lot of discipline to make sure that you have your priorities in the right place, and are able to not let your studies or work interfere with each other.

You can get your studies funded through Eduloan

Eduloan is no newcomer to the business of education finance. Eduloan has existed since 1996 and has helped more than 750 000 students with loans worth more than R4 billion.

Apply to Eduloan

To apply, you will need to determine the interest rates are on their loans and there is no limit to the amount you can borrow either! They offer their clients with low monthly interest rates and don’t require any upfront deposits, as well as being fully transparent with no hidden fees.

The monthly instalments of your loan are at a fixed amount, and anyone can apply for a loan on your behalf. The documents needed are as few as four documents which once you’ve submitted, can expect a response within 48 to 72 hours. The loan amount will be paid directly to the institution of higher education where you have been accepted.

Documents you require

Anyone can open a student loan on behalf of a student, which will cover the student fees and stationery. The borrower must provide proof of income, a valid copy of their ID and valid banking details. If the borrower is married, they might require a marriage certificate, if divorced, they will ask for a divorce settlement.

If you are applying for a loan at a bank where you don’t have an active account, you might be required to provide three months bank statements. If the borrower is self-employed, the bank will usually require six months bank statements. The borrower might also be asked to provide the bank with a proof of residence.

Special packages on offer

There are many banks that offer specially designed student accounts that will suit the needs of the students. You are often able to have the student loan included in one of these special student package deals.

While all the banks will include your laptop or tablet, with ABSA, students can obtain a special PC package. ABSA has teamed with many significant role players in the computer industry to offer students a choice of hardware solutions to suit their academic and personal needs.

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I applied for credit through the Urgent Cash Loans website in the morning and I got feedback on the very same day.

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I am so happy Urgent Cash Loans assisted me; I really needed an urgent student loan.

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