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About Cash Quick Auto Loans

Many people struggle to get a loan for various reasons, such as having a bad credit record or not having time to go through the administrative process.

The process of pawning a possession of your own, in return for cash, has been the saving grace for those who need money urgently.

Pawn your car and drive it

Cash Quick Auto Loans is the only company in South Africa that allows clients to pawn a car and still drive it. They are a well-established loan provider with over ten years of experience in auto loans. 

Quick turnaround process

Cash Quick Auto Loans provide the best deals and best prices. They also have a quick turnaround process where clients can expect almost immediate cash pay-outs. They can unlock their asset to cash in under one hour. Applying for a loan is also quick and can be done online in less than 5 minutes.

If a client prefers to visit the main office in Woodmead, you can apply for a loan with the help of an on-site consultant. The whole application is made with complete transparency to make sure clients understand every step of the process.

Pawning your car title

There is much confusion surrounding the concept of pawning a car but still being able to drive it. The most important thing to understand is that the vehicle needs to be owned by the person who wants to get a loan against that car. Once Cash Quick Auto Loans have spoken to the client and finalized the term, the client gives them the title of the vehicle to issue the loan.

They hold on to the car's title during the duration of the loan, not the car itself. The car title provides them with collateral until the client repays their loan, and once the total repayments are made, Cash Quick Auto Loans returns the vehicle to the client. A paid-off car can now help clients get access to cash without giving up the vehicle that is proudly theirs.

Cash Quick Auto Loans Services

The value of the vehicle determines the value of the loan.

So if a client has more than one vehicle (This includes a scooter, caravan, trailer, and boat),  they can decide which vehicle's worth matches the amount they need. Cash Quick Auto uses the provided paperwork and the vehicle’s current state to determine the loan’s value and see how much it can provide towards it.

The final step is to transfer the paperwork, which then concludes the deal.  The consultant pays the client their loan and only keeps the title of the car. Giving up the car title means that the client has indeed pawned their vehicle but can still drive it.

Although the process might seem confusing at first, it is worth considering when you require cash and still need your car. Pawning a car at Cash Quick Auto Loans is quick and easy, and ultimately convenient as clients can still drive their vehicle.

Repay the loan – Get the car title returned

The client receives the money loaned against their car and can still drive it during the entire term of the quick loan. Cash Quick Auto Loans want to truly help clients reach their goals by getting cash and keeping their means of transport.

They hold on to the title of the car for the term of the loan. Once the client repays the loan in full, Cash Quick Auto Loans will return the car's papers and title. Clients can also feel free to settle their loans before the discussed term ends.

The benefits of pawning your car

Of course, there are many benefits to pawning your car, but the main advantage of Cash Quick Auto Loans is that you can keep driving your vehicle. They are the only auto loan provider in SA that allows their clients to keep their cars. No more having to leave your prized asset as collateral or security.

Cash Quick Auto Loans – Car pawn

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Benefits of Cash Quick Auto Loans

  • Safe and secure loans
  • Complete paperwork in 5 minutes
  • Unlock asset to cash in only 1 hour

The only SA company that lets you loan against your car – and still drive it.

The whole process is made easy by Cash Quick Auto Loans, thanks to their online inquiry process.

Clients provide their details and car details on the application; whereafter consultants will see if they can help and then get back to the client. The Cash Quick Auto Loans consultants are there to ensure the clients get the help they need without getting into more debt. It is thus necessary to provide them with proof of earnings and bank statements to make an informed decision.

Clients also need to provide their vehicle papers and driver’s license to ensure that the car pawn side of the loan is up to date. For your identification purposes, they will only ask for ID and proof of residence.

Determining the value of your pawn car loan

The condition of the car and the validity of the paperwork determine the value of the loan. Providing the correct paperwork from the get-go will help ensure an approved application. If a client offers a car with high value, the loan total will be higher, but there needs to be enough proof that the client can repay the loan.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

July 2019

Fantastic service from the consultants at Cash Quick loans! I would highly recommend using them for Pawning your vehicle.

A Ferreira
— Bryanston —

April 2020

The most efficient and hands-on experience of pawning a vehicle! I did not think It is possible to pawn my car and still drive it.

C Brown
— Morningside —

June 2020

The quick turnaround time of Cash Quick loans truly surprised me. Within a day, I had access to my cash loan. I'm a pleased customer and would without a doubt recommend them!

L September
— Roodepoort —

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