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  • Pawn my car up to R2,000,000
  • No credit checks
  • Immediate offers

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About Pawncars4cash

Assets have significant benefits when paid off because you can then start borrowing money against them.

The larger the asset, the larger amount of cash it can unlock. Pawn cars for cash have many ways for clients to turn their investments into cash quickly, safely, and with ease. Clients get their needed money instantly using their car as collateral. If the loan amount exceeds a certain minimum, you even qualify for a free rental car to use for the loan period. When a client wishes to pawn and sell an asset, they can also do so with the help of experienced sales consultants.

A Nationwide service provider

Their experienced, professional consultants assist any client needing a loan from R5000 up to R2 million. Pawn cars for cash now operate nationwide and have offices in 4 major cities:  Johannesburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, and Durban. If you are looking for someone to help you pawn your car and still possibly drive it, do not hesitate to contact Pawn Cars for cash today.

Enquire about pawning your asset

The first step of the process is made easy by the Pawn cars for cash' online inquiry method. Please provide them with details of the vehicle and the amount of money you want to borrow it against on the simple online platform, or for instant assistance, do not hesitate to call. An offer will be made by Pawn cars for cash after gathering all the needed information. If the client is satisfied with the proposal, they next must take their vehicle to one of the Pawn cars for cash branches to be valued. In some cases, the pawnbroker can also go to the client.

Professional evaluators

Evaluators at Pawn cars for cash have over 50 years of combined experience in the motor trade industry, and they guarantee that clients will get the best and most accurate value for their car. When everyone agrees upon the vehicle's worth, the last step is to fill out the specific needed documents to finalize the paperwork to pawn the car.

Pawncars4cash Services

One thing that Pawn cars for cash take great pride in is their same-day cash availability system.

Once completing the vehicle's evaluation and the paperwork is in order, Clients should walk away with cash on the same day.  Pawn cars for cash hold on to the asset until the loaned amount is paid back in full.

Get a free rental car

If a client requests a quick loan of R30 000 or more, they can pawn their car and still drive a free rental car provided by Pawn cars for cash. The client keeps the rental vehicle until the total of the loan is paid. Convenience is vital at Pawn cars for cash, and they understand that people need transport.

Pawn and sell your asset

Some clients wish to sell their vehicle instead of using it as collateral. Pawn cars for cash now have a pawn and sell option, where a client gets cash upfront for their vehicle through their pawn agreement. Consultants then boost sales of the vehicle /asset for 30 days to sell the vehicle for the desired amount. Cedar motors which run the sales will return the settlement for the car to Pawn cars for cash, once sold. The client will receive the money for the deal as soon as the payment comes through. Pawn cars for cash only deduct the money borrowed upfront and 10 % commission for Cedar Motors.

Benefits of pawning /selling your vehicle

  • Custom deals - Each customer works with a pawnbroker to together create the perfect deal. The deal is customised to fit the needs of the client.
  • Same day pay-out - Clients don't need to wait days for their money to come through. They can expect same-day cash pay-outs as Pawn cars for cash take pride in their quick, convenient service. They also understand that clients have urgent needs when opting for an easy online loan, so that is what they aim to provide.
  • No credit checks - Because a client provides a vehicle as collateral, no credit check is needed. As long as clients provide proof of income that they can cover the loan, they can apply.
  • Zero hidden costs - Clients are entirely informed about all costs and can trust that there are no hidden surprises. The process is done with complete transparency by trained professionals

Pawncars4cash – Car pawn

  • Loan Type Pawn my car
  • Loan Amount up to R2,000,000

Benefits of Pawncars4cash

  • Car deals are customized
  • Your privacy is valued
  • Cash payout is same day

Flexible and personalised deals

The most important thing any client will need is a vehicle that is paid in full and owned by the client.

The car determines the value of the loan, but no need to worry, Pawn cars for cash will help you determine that value. Clients need to make sure upon applying that all documents related to the vehicle are up to date. Because Pawn cars for cash do not require a credit check, they need payslips or proof of income and bank statements to show that you can afford the loan repayment. Other documents required are an ID document, a driver’s license, and proof of residence.

Pawn and sell requirements

If a client wishes to pawn a car for cash, they also need to prove ownership of the asset and provide the service booklet. Personal identification will also be required.

Vehicles you can pawn for cash

Pawn cars for cash accept many different assets for pawning, including vehicles, boats, trucks, trailers, earth moving equipment, company cars, and even bikes. The vehicle with the highest likelihood of approval is code 2 or 3 vehicles, and certain rebuilds are also welcome! They are willing to work with many vehicles, including bakkies, 4x4, sedans, hatchbacks, SUVs, and MPV. Contact Pawn cars for cash to find out what they have to offer and how they can help you receive instant cash.                           

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

June 2020

I highly recommend selling your car through Pawn cars for cash. They sold my car for much more than I expected them to and all in 2 weeks. My sales consultant guided me through everything in a hi...

Williams T
— Johannesburg —

August 2019

Pawn cars for cash gave me the best deal for my vehicle, allowing me to borrow more than I expected to be able to. I managed to settle my debt with them early, and within hours, I had my car back...

Conradie M
— Cape Town —

September 2019

I found working with Pawn cars for cash extraordinarily convenient and stress-free. They made sure I felt comfortable and informed throughout the whole process.

Lucas P
— Durban —

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