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At Blue Oak Systems we have unique debt solutions

We’re the company that designed and built South Africa’s first automated software to unlock hidden wealth in a consumer’s debt portfolio! And we’re proud of it too!

What makes Blue Oak unique among the rest, is our ability to use innovative technology and systems alike, which leads to the design of a system that reviews a consumer’s financial position. We provide sustainable solutions that unlock hidden wealth in your debt portfolio. Partnering with leading industry stakeholders has lead us to this achievement.

Benefits of our innovative technology

Automation allows objectivity when reviewing a consumer’s portfolio, and this info is directly sourced from credit bureaus in order to identify the best fitting selection of creditors. That said, we have our core focus sectors of the process, namely:

  • Values are driven
  • Consumer awareness and financial education
  • Promoting of responsible lending
  • Empowering consumers to control their own personal debt portfolio
  • Innovative technology that unlocks value across all stakeholders

We provide a full analysis

Unparalleled in the industry, we have a system that will provide a full analysis of a consumer’s debt portfolio and actually unlock the maximum savings possible – thus discovering hidden wealth.

Whether or not the request is for a spec build for financial institutions, our vendor system or even our consumer Reset product, Blue Oak has brought innovation and technology to all consumers of debt and the debt consolidation industry on a whole. 

Use our system to review your debt

Having an automated system to check in real time whether or not there are savings in the debt portfolio, has proved to be highly beneficial to consumers.

Review your debt in your own time

Until Blue Oak designed this system, individuals had to complete applications and make contact with debt counsellors just to view information which they should in theory already be privy to. But now one can avoid the negative emotions that go along with that process by simply reviewing it on their own. At Blue Oak, we understand our clients, and that’s why we came up with a way to avoid the embarrassment and have access to your debt information on your own time.

Blue Oak is unique in so many ways

  • Our system is fully automated
  • We are the only ones that offer a private interface from start to finish
  • A secure no mess, no fuss registration process
  • No need to divulge any personal circumstances or financial information to anyone
  • We offer a live system with credit bureaus to provide analytical reporting
  • Solutions are derived from using these facilities, which in turn unlock additional savings

To the vendors

You’ll find a user-friendly real-time interface that provides detailed analytics of a client’s debt portfolio

To the consumers

You’ll be operating from the privacy of your own home, obtaining a full analysis of your debt and possible debt consolidation loan solutions in just seconds! 

Blue Oak Systems – Consolidation loan

  • Loan Type Debt consolidation

Benefits of Blue Oak Systems

  • Debt reset
  • Online financial services
  • Erase your debt

At Blue Oak Systems we offer you a RESET on your debt

For a quick analysis of your debt portfolio, RESET’s online financial product will identify the absolute best solution from a variety of esteemed creditors. RESET will consolidate all your debts into one loan, freeing up cash flow and allowing you to save monthly in places you didn’t even know were possible! It sounds that good because it is that good. Regardless of the financial position you’re in now or the number of personal loans or credit cards you have, RESET will help anyone who wants to repair their financial position.

Should you find yourself trying to improve your lifestyle, or to merely feel some financial freedom, RESET is for you! IF you’re sitting at home now, resting after a long hard day and looking for an answer to alleviate some of the burdensome troubles you’re faced with financially, then visit our website and hit the RESET button on your financial life and let’s start over!

Making the best calculations

When the time comes time to consolidate your debt, one can often miscalculate. You might be advised by a counsellor to settle your accounts which don’t always lead to the level of savings you require.

Let’s work with the following example: We had a RESET client at one stage with a total of R130, 000 unsecured debt. He managed to double his monthly savings by opting to settle just R56, 000 on the amount as opposed to the entire amount. RESET software consists of algorithms that make the right calculations for you!

The beauty of RESET is that not only does it illustrate how much you can save, it also advises which creditor you unlocked the biggest saving with. Blue Oak’s system also determines the cost of the new debt, taking into consideration factors such as bank fees, interest rates and additional admin charges.

We make life easier

What could be easier than starting over? Hitting the RESET button has never felt easier with a secure online process that will guide you to an online loan application and assist you in all ways!

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