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Debt Therapy is your trusted debt counseling partner

Debt Therapy has a reputation that landed the title as one of the top 5 debt counselling firms in South Africa for 3 consecutive years.

This is no easy feat when you consider how many players there are in the debt consolidation game, but we don’t take this title for granted and continue striving to be the best option for individuals suffering from debt problems in their daily lives.

We comply with NCA

Since the inception of the National Credit Act, we were the first company to offer debt counselling to consumers and businesses in the country. That said, we have the expertise and experience to take your problems and turn them into solutions without breaking a sweat!

With a personalised service where no call centres are necessary, you’ll feel right at home with your very own dedicated account manager from start to end of the process.

Our team will work hard for you

We have a hard-working team here at Debt Therapy that each plays a vital role in the process of your debt consolidation. Our departments comprise of an IT team, Accounts, Sales, Admin and a Legal team.

And having mandates with over 90% of the credit providers to engage in negotiations, it’s no wonder clients keep referring us to others in need!

We promise you confidentiality

We offer free advice and consultations and can ensure a seamless process from start to finish when you apply for debt therapy. We also take confidentiality very seriously and can assure you that you and your debt problems are in excellent hands. Our testimonials are a testament to this.

If you have any questions or need any help, get in touch with us or fill in our online form and an experienced agent will contact you!

You can become debt free

We have the solution to alleviate debt and it was introduced by the National Credit Act.

It’s not only the simplest and most effective way to rid yourself of debt, but it’s also the cheapest! You can be rid of your debt in no time while still living with day to day expenses when you go through debt counselling.

Debt counselling process

All your current accounts, expenses and monthly repayments are assessed. After a full review, the amounts are all consolidated into one monthly repayment that you can afford, while still having access to money for your daily necessities. This figure not only suits your wallet, but it keeps your creditors happy as well. New terms are negotiated and you benefit from the best interest rates in the business! We don’t mean to blow our own horn, but Debt Therapy has been known to reduce interest rates right down to 0%!

These are the benefits

  • Legal protection from creditors
  • Monthly repayments you can afford
  • Quicker, easier debt free process
  • Access to instant cash in your wallet
  • Ability to become credit worthy once again

Debt Consolidation services

Have you been blacklisted? Are you struggling with your monthly debts? Tried everything and still no joy with loan approval? Then it’s time to have a look into consolidating your debt. Contact Debt Therapy now for a free consultation and we’ll get you on track right away!

Debt consolidation loans

If you are an individual with good credit history and have never been blacklisted, then applying for a debt consolidation loan is a more suitable option for you. Here we’ll take all your credit accounts and consolidate them into one personal cash loan account.

Debt Therapy – Consolidation loan

  • Loan Type Debt consolidation

Benefits of Debt Therapy

  • Debt review
  • Financial advice
  • Debt counselling

Use our 5 step debt management plan to become debt free

If you’re ready to take the leap, the first bit of advice is to make sure you choose the best debt counsellor for you and then follow through on this effective 5-step debt management plan!

Choosing the correct counsellor

  • Ensure they are official – i.e. Are they registered with the National Credit Regulator?
  • Inquire about their term in the debt consolidation business – check company registration number if you’re after validation.
  • Find out how big they staff compliment is – a number less than ten might indicate that they’re not as established or well connected as other firms might be
  • Ask whether they have a legal department or access to lawyers. With the amount of potential legal work on any given contract, this information is vital
  • Ensure you are dealing with a counsellor directly and not through a third-party site or person
  • Are you being fed all the facts? Ask questions if you feel unsure, query fees and terms and debt reviews, and everything in fact that you deem important to making your decision
  • Research whether they’re reputable. A handy site is the Hello Peter website, you can enter any company and you’ll have honest reviews from individuals who have encountered their services.

The 5-step debt management plan

STEP 1 – Complete an online application

Go through and complete our online loan application form and in no time your phone will be ringing and it’ll be a trusty Debt Therapy Agent at your service! Make sure you have all the necessary information handy, i.e. a list of your income and expenses.

Step 2 – Get protection against legal orders

Immediately get started on your new reduced consolidated repayment. Your debt counsellor assesses your monthly budget and works out a figure that is drastically reduced, thus helping your wallet and leaving room to survive normal day to day costs of living.

Step 3 - Start the payment plan

Continue paying your newly revised repayment. Note that this is a temporary plan and you should not default on any future payments. Ensure that your creditors are aware of your efforts and commitment to repaying the debt completely.

Step 4 – Finalise the repayment plan

Continue paying as discussed in step 3. The final repayment is a negotiated figure with your creditors and will be disclosed to you once agreed upon.

Step 5 – Debt repayment plan converts to a court order

If you feel close to the beginning of the end of financial strain, that’s because you are! The court order will be issued, is the final stage before the taste of financial freedom. A specialised Legal Consultant will present the payment plan on your behalf.

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