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  • Debt consolidation up to R120,000
  • Online approval
  • Blacklisted loans

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EC Finance - We have a hands on approach

At EC Finance, we aim to be the number one choice when it comes to financial loan service providers. We’re currently serving in the debt relief industry for seven years.

One of the key factors that set us apart is that our company is owner run, which means that there is always a passionate and invested “hands-on” approach when it comes to how we handle our business with clients.

We affiliate with reliable credit providers

Our affiliation with a vast amount of SA credit providers simply means that we are able to provide credit to South Africans through online platforms at flexible offers for terms that consumers would be thrilled about which in some cases is up to 60 months! These offers range from R 1000 to R 120 000 for the medium-income sector and all our service providers are registered credit providers, regulated by the National Credit Act 34 of 2005.

We have affordable loans

Ensuring our clients get affordable consolidation loans that suit their needs and in a professional and well-serviced way is something we strive to achieve in our everyday business. Our clients come first, and making them a priority is why our clients leave happy and most importantly debt free!

EC Finance’s mission:

To be the top financial loan service provider in South Africa, that financially struggling consumers with poor credit records can depend on, to lead them to the path of total debt relief and financial freedom! 

Our online application is easy and convenient

Applying with us has never been simpler and not only can you do this online from the comfort of your own home, but you will have access to your money on the same day you apply! Sounds too good to be true, but in this instance, it’s not, provided you have all the necessary documentation and meet the criteria for a loan application, you can apply today and start feeling relief today!  

You can become debt free

We supply all South Africans with a personal loan service and we strive to help you become debt free.

We keep hearing how clients are being turned away from large lending institutions like South African banks when they are struggling with debt. If this sounds familiar to you and you’re still in dire need of assistance, then EC Finance is the company for you!

Do you qualify for a loan

There are a number of ways to see whether you actually qualify for a debt consolidation loan with us and one of them is a loan calculator. You’ll be able to navigate to this handy tool on our website where you’ll be able to get a rough estimate on what figures you can expect to receive as a loan amount.

Once you’re comfortable that it will assist you to get a loan from us, we’ll be going through the process and figures a lot more in detail to meet your exact needs.

Apply today!

Don’t look any further if you’re ready for loan assistance! Our flexible and comprehensive loan product range will have you eager to get on board. All it takes is a few minutes to complete a quick loan application, and we’ll be tailoring a suitable package for you.

How long does it take?

Glad you asked. We’ll be able to give you feedback in the form of a simple “approved” or “rejected” response within 6 hours of your onlne loan application. And if approved, is the feedback you receive, you can expect a payout the very same day!

Same day payouts

You’ve applied for your personal cash loan, and it got approved, and now all that’s left is the payout. This could potentially be paid directly into your account the very same day. On a weekday between 08:00 and 15:00 you could even have access to your money in a few hours!

If, however, you apply after 15:00 on a weekday, you will have money in your bank by 08:00 the following morning. On weekends or public holidays, you can expect your loan money the very next business day. 

EC Finance – Consolidation loan

  • Loan Type Debt consolidation
  • Loan Amount up to R120,000

Benefits of EC Finance

  • Loans from R1000 to R120 000
  • Easy online approval
  • 90% approval rate

AT EC Finance we are the leaders in the financial industry

As a client, you will always be encouraged to settle your debt as soon as possible. Not only will you be able to compare any interest accrued during stages of the loan, you’ll also be able to do so with the total cost of credit on the agreed rate and at any time. This will give you an idea of how much you could save if you settle early.

Flexibility is our priority to clients

  • As a client of EC Finance, you will always be in control of the go-ahead on the loan amount. No one at our company will attempt to offer more than the amount you require, even if you qualify for more.
  • We ensure that you are lending responsibly, based on the thorough credit checks we’ll conduct before loaning you any money.
  • Honesty is our number one policy and we assure you that we deliver on all our promises!

We are transparent in our services

  • Don’t have sleepless nights on all the hidden costs that might pop up after you’ve signed on the dotted line. We ensure that all our clients are fully aware of the fees and costs up front. Once these have been discussed and signed off, there are no additional charges that you need to fear about.
  • We have a fixed interest rate, you won’t need to worry about us changing our interest rates during the term of the debt consolidation loan.


  • The credit bureaus used by our chosen service providers guard against any potential fraud and always make the ideal decisions when it comes to the loan amount and the circumstance of the consumer.
  • Should your application be rejected by EC Finance, we will still go out of our way to educate you with as much information as possible as to why this rejection occurred and even offer sound financial advice on how to go about getting prepared for your next attempt at a loan application.
  • We are aware that circumstances can change, and when they do and you return to apply with us, we won’t refer to any data from the initial application, it is seen with fresh eyes and a brand-new review is conducted.

We always play fair

  • You’ll always be presented with a clear warning regarding the nature of credit and of course the potential consequences that one could face due to late or non-payments on a long or short-term loan.
  • If anything in your financial situation worsens, as one of our clients, you will be treated fairly and respectfully.
  • A loan term extension will always be done only upon you agreeing or allowing this to occur during the loan term. We will not do anything without your permission.

We encourage complaints and suggestions if you have any as we definitely aim to eradicate any issues or assist where necessary as soon as possible

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