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Logical Debt Solutions - Debt relief you can trust

At Logical Debt Solutions, we offer debt relief solutions to all South African citizens that struggle with debt.

The founder member has expert experience in the financial services sector and has been practising debt management for over 6 years. With that experience, he has helped hundreds of financially stressed individuals with workable debt solutions like debt consolidation loans, and seen them walk away debt free!

High-quality services

It is our belief that offering debt solutions are personal, and therefore we take pride in our qualified and NCR registered debt consultants. We have a support team that strives to offer the highest level of debt counselling service throughout the South African industry of debt management.

We have excellent relationships with many credit providers in the industry, therefore enabling the debt solving process to be far quicker and easier, ensuring a high success rate overall.

Our vision

To help and guide all South Africans currently struggling with debt, in the direction of leading a debt-free life!

Our values

  • Integrity and Honesty
  • Excellency
  • Courtesy and Commitment
  • Confidentiality
  • Trustworthy

We have the debt solutions for you

At Logical Debt Solutions, we offer only the best solutions and deliver them with the utmost care.

Debt counselling

The primary objective of the process of debt counselling it to improve our clients’ financial well being. We are a registered debt counselling company and we fully comply with the National Credit Act’s rules and regulations.

Reducing your monthly instalments means more cash flow available for you and your loved ones, and the immediate feeling of much needed financial relief.

Debt management

This entails the management of your debt after signing with us. All your debt is taken care of by us on your behalf. We put an end to threatening calls from your credit providers and assist in negotiating a lower payment amount.

This enables you to have a decent repayment plan, ultimately resulting in you becoming debt-free within a period of 60 months. We correspond with you continuously, illustrating how we are managing your debt portfolio, thus putting your mind at ease throughout the process.

Debt consolidation

We take your debts and reduce them into one affordable repayment. Over-indebted individuals, as well as blacklisted or bad credit individuals, can also apply for this a consolidation loan through us.

We help you to draw up a new and improved financial budget that can easily enable you to have a sustainable lifestyle all the while repaying your credit providers!

Logical Debt Solutions – Consolidation loan

  • Loan Type Debt consolidation
  • Repayment 36 months to 60 months

Benefits of Logical Debt Solutions

  • Reduce your debts into one
  • Affordable debt consolidation

Logical Debt Solutions - Follow our 7 step plan to become debt free

If you’re like most individuals, you probably use up more credit over the holiday season. This might be to pay for gifts, food or even little getaways.

This type of increased credit in the form of short term loans and credit cards can see families undergo some severe strain if they already have debt that they struggle with during the rest of the year. Making poor choices at this time of year can lead to a poor credit rating or credit score. However, there are things consumers can do to ensure that the overall cost of credit is kept to a minimum. Here are seven small, easy steps you can take to reduce the cost of holiday season credit.

7 Tips on reducing credit costs

1. Opt for a short repayment period

Longer terms might mean lower monthly instalments, but due to the interest charged, you end up paying more in the long run. Opt for the shortest term that you can afford to repay and it will save you money.

2. Determine how much interest you will pay

A low-interest rate doesn’t always mean you’re getting the best deal. Consider all the factors involved and calculate the interest charged over the credit term. Weigh the interest charged over a shorter term with that of a lower interest rate charged over a longer term and make a decision based on that.

3. Pay more than the minimum amount due

It’s so easy to just meet the minimum on your credit each month, however, it can also lead you to spend more money that you really shouldn’t be as a result. Try paying even a little more than you have to, every bit extra will make a difference. You’ll pay the interest off quickly and bring down the capital balance if you do this.

4. Don’t skip payments

If you think you can’t afford to meet a payment for a particular month, contact your credit provider and make a payment arrangement. If you skip a payment, it will be recorded at the credit bureaus, and this could potentially impact your credit profile in a negative way. You could also be left being charged higher interest rates for any future credit applications.

5. Pay on time

Always ensure you pay your instalment on or before the date it is due. Create a stop order to help you with this, then you don’t have to remember to pay your instalments at all!

6.Reduce unnecessary credit limits

High credit limits encourage spending. It’s psychological and it happens. Review all your credit card limits, including retail accounts, and if the credit is too high, reduce it now.

7. Budget

This is the money plan for your holiday season. Calculate all that you will need to spend money on this season, and once you have planned that out, you will at least know how much you need which ultimately means you can start saving to reach that figure.

Are you too deep in a debt trap? If you have done all that you can and still find you are struggling, it’s probably time to consult a professional. Debt counsellors around the country won’t charge you anything to sit down and talk about your finances, and if things are really bad they will advise you on the best way forward be it debt consolidation or debt counselling.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

May 2019

I am so grateful to Logical Debt Solutions for helping me; I now have a loan that actually is feasible to pay.

Melanie M
— Port Edward —

April 2019

After applying for a loan with Logical Debt Solutions, my application was replied to on the same business day.

Gary M
— Cape Town —

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