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Debt Guard can help you become debt free

Established in 2016, Debt Guard works to provide the best solutions to all your debt problems while ensuring your interests are well looked after during the process.

We have a team of people ready to assess all solutions possible for our clients from counselling to debt consolidation, and continue to succeed in this industry by dedicating all our best efforts while doing so!

Let us help you choose the best service

It’s not easy when you’re drowning in debt and feel as though you have nowhere to turn, and that’s why we feel choosing any one of our services will bring about that peace of mind and assist you in regaining control of your financial situation.

Debt Guard is here to assist you in getting your life back on track by rehabilitating your financial position from one of turmoil to one that you can be proud of again.

Let us help you regain control over your family and life once more, let’s eradicate all debt stresses and burdens from your daily life and regain confidence in your finances.

We comply with the NCA

Not only do we have qualified specialists in the National Credit Act Bureau, but we also pride ourselves in offering premium results when it comes to our debt review applications.

If you feel as though you have debt problems that you can’t get out of, you are wrong, we have a solution for any problem you might be facing and apart from that we’re also willing to listen to the issues you have and offer expert financial advice where needed. With qualified debt counsellors and legal practitioners, you’ll find all the answers and guidance you need.

We are the number one choice for debt relief

At Debt Guard we offer a 5-step process from debt to debt relief! Have a look below at what you can expect when you sign up with Debt Guard.

We have a 5 step plan to help you become debt free via debt counselling - keep in mind that a debt consolidation loan is also a viable option for some:

Step 1 Application process

An individual such as yourself will apply for a debt review with all the required documentation that usually goes hand in hand with such applications, namely income and expenditure, a certified copy of your ID, payslip and of course your account information.

Step 2 Notifying the creditors

After 5 days of signature on the online loan application completed in step 1, your appointed debt counsellor will inform all your creditors of your application.

Step 3  Feedback from creditors

Creditors at this point verify the accounts by way of a certificate of balance (COB) which they issue to the debt counsellor. Once the debt counsellor has been through all the content of said COB’s, he submits a form to the creditor notifying them that the debt review application has been accepted.

Step 4 Restructuring the creditor proposal

The debt counsellor is in a position now to conduct an affordability assessment, which assists in determining the amount affordable for the consumer to repay the South African creditors.

Step 5 Legal protection

A court order ensues, and a binding agreement is signed off by the court, and all that remains is an annual review between counsellor and consumer to ensure that all protocols are being followed.

Debt Guard – Consolidation loan

  • Loan Type Debt consolidation

Benefits of Debt Guard

  • Financial planning
  • Reliable debt consolidation loans

Debt Guard will help you get control over your finances

But how do I know I even qualify for a debt review with Debt Guard?

It’s quite simple, once you’ve appointed a debt counsellor, he needs to ascertain the level of debt you have is at a point that constitutes undergoing a debt review. He’ll do so by means of reviewing your monthly income vs expenses, but leave it to him, he’ll tell you after one consultation!

Will I still be able to access other forms of credit?

Unfortunately not, due to the NCR being informed of your debt review, all major credit bureaus will not be permitted to lend you any further credit to prevent you from incurring any new debt. This includes personal loans and credit cards or any other form of credit.

Are my credit agreements with the creditors lawful?

Your debt counsellor assesses the agreements himself to ensure that there is nothing unlawful about them. He’ll examine all the details and the fine print and protects you from any potential reckless lending that might lead you to further indebtedness.

You’ll receive a statement monthly stating all the payments that have been made so far to your creditors. In the case of debt consolidation loans, a different process will apply to you. 

Apply today

Call us or alternatively fill in our online “return call request” form and someone will be in touch with you in no time at all! SMS “HELP” to our text line at 34877 and an agent will contact you!

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

May 2019

Thanks to Debt Guard, I know have a reasonable credit plan that I can actually afford to pay.

Freddie M
— Vanderbijlpark —

December 2018

I was impressed to see there are still consultants that go out of their way to assist their customers.

Zelda M
— Middleburg —

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