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About National Debt Advisors

NDA the solution to saving your financial well being

NCA stated that more than 10 million South Africans have bad credit due to non–payment, and arrears piling up. Falling behind on debt whether credit cards, loans, etc. will affect your credit score negatively. A poor credit score makes it hard to get financial assistance in the future.

The debt solution

People often make the mistake of taking applying for more credit to pay off another. By doing that you just add more debt and in the case of cash flow problems you will be stuck with new debt that will also head into arrears.

Sad to say that anything could happen with the loss of income, for example, a spouse loses his or her job and all the financial stress falls onto one person. At which point, credit providers threaten to take action to claim on personal possessions or take the borrower to court. A very sad and life interrupting scenario. A scenario that could come to a reality. Luckily we have a solution to help you!

National Debt Advisors Services

Due to the country’s overflow of people who are over-indebted and blacklisted due to financial stress.

The National Credit Act instated debt counselling in 2007 in South Africa. Helping thousands of consumers apply for debt counselling or debt relief. The acts also help consumers who are spending or owing more than they earn.

Look no further

NDA will do just that and more. An award-winning company at your fingertips with professional service with only their clients in mind. With more than 400 professionally trained consultants they can personally assist with each over-indebted client’s individual needs.

Imagine a company that assists you with your debt with only a phone call, from anywhere in South Africa in the comfort of your home or office. Imagine a company that cares about its client's financial well-being and will assist from start to finish.

National Debt Advisors – Consolidation loan

  • Loan Type Debt consolidation

Benefits of National Debt Advisors

  • Protect your assets against repossession
  • Reduce monthly payment by 50%
  • Help for blacklisted clients

There is no shame in applying for debt counselling - trust us to help you

Blacklisted clients are also welcome. We will help you to protect your personal belongings and credit profile.

Whether they need assistance in:

NDA proud partners with major Creditors in South Africa;

  • Capitec Bank
  • Absa
  • Capfin
  • FNB
  • Mr. Price
  • Nedbank
  • SA Home loans
  • Standard Bank

Don’t delay any longer

Instead of waiting and adding another day to your already stressful situation, contact NDA today. Our professional consultants will assist you and help you take the necessary steps to go forward. Six easy steps.

Step One: Fill in the small form at the bottom of the page and one of the consultants will phone you on the same day during working hours. The consultant will explain all the steps to you. Everything will be done telephonically or by email. Which makes it very convenient for you.

Step Two: The consultant will ask you about your financial situation; monthly expenses, income, etc. If the consultant finds you spend more than you earn they will tell you that you are over-indebted. In this case, you qualify for debt counselling.

Step Three: Your consultant will then make contact with all your credit providers and the credit bureaus and inform them that you are entering debt review with NDA. Now your credit providers cannot take legal action against you for 60 working days which is a big relief and you can take a breath.

Step Four: Your consultant will now contact all your credit providers and ask them for your credit certificate. Now they can work out all your debt and create a reasonable payment amount that suits your budget.

Step Five: NDA will represent the new amounts to your credit providers to negotiate a new payment plan with lower instalments and interest rates. With their representation, they will show that you will be able to afford the new amount and will be able to keep up with the repayment plan.

Step Six: NDA has professional Attorneys and one of them will apply at the magistrate's court with your case and represent your new manageable repayment plan. The agreement will be legally binding. NDA will apply on your behalf so you don’t have to. Neither do you have to be in court?

NDA can save you up to 50% on your monthly debt instalments!

It can’t be easier than that by following these easy steps you will have financial relief and know your assets as well as your credit. Your score is protected. Most importantly you’ll have peace of mind that you can repay your debt without breaking your bank.

There is no shame in applying for debt counselling - trust us to help you. Apply online by filling in the small contact-me form and one of our consultants will phone you back. During working hours.  Everything can be finalised offer by phone or email.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

September 2020

My husband and I were really falling behind on our Debt and were receiving calls from attorneys daily. NDA assisted and as soon as we took the first step we could breathe again

Andrea R
— Pretoria —

October 2020

Professional, helpful, and really caring. Thank you, NDA you have given me financial freedom

Simon N
— Durban —

November 2020

I never believed ads and how simple it was to apply for debt counselling. But NDA kept true to their word and I am happy I trusted them with my finances

Brendon L
— Nelspruit —

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