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Policy Trader - Get cash for your policies

Policy Trader is a service provider to Independent Financial Advisors and other related networks.

For a quick and accurate policy evaluation, we provide our customers with quick online access to some of South Africa’s largest insurance providers. We have a long-standing relationship with Life Offices and Independent Financial Advisors.

You will get instant assistance

We can provide you with instant assistance should you need money urgently and we can find ways to cash in your policy if it is older than five years.

Some of our clients’ policies have gained so much value, that they are like mini gold mines, but unfortunately, they do not have any access to them. When our customers really need instant cash, they get restricted when getting compensation.

Free services for our clients

We offer free services to all our clients and are kept informed by a free monetary counsellor, working the largest banks in South Africa such as ABSA.

By offering our clients a monetary payout which requires no reimbursements or any added charges like int he case of long or short-term loans, we are constantly ensuring that our clients get what they qualify for.

We are experts at what we do

We strive to provide an administration that is highly competitive in the market. Policy trader does this in order to guarantee that our clients receive a superb driven administration, that addresses all their issues. All our administrations are straightforward and processed online.

We will do all the talking for you and process your cash through our innovative technology, with speed and quality driven services.

We have a unique service

Our mark is made in the financial industry by providing our clients with services that are unique in the market.

We understand that when you really desperately need money, you need it immediately. That is why we provide our clients quick and secure services to obtain a personal loan as soon as possible.

Why should you choose us as your financial partner?

The web is full of lenders who are providing payday cash loans as well as personal loans at different rates. When you have a policy that might be worth a decent amount of money, you can find yourself restricted when you choose to cash out due to the regulations of that policy. But, we can help you with that.

Get your cash immediately

If you need money that is owed to you, you no longer need to wait until the maturity date of your policy. The money that you contributed over the years can come in handy if you happen to land in a financial crisis. We offer our clients the choices, the funds and speedy services.

We have all the essential skills

With regards to your policies, we are able to cash in your policies and provide you with the money that you have earned, due to our partner leverage in the financial industry.

That is why we provide efficient administration and fast services to those whose hands are tied. We assist to process the buyouts of various policy arrangements, such as long-term policies, provident funds and more.

If you are unsure whether your policy qualifies, you can call us and we will provide you with a free and no obligation evaluation of the policy that you choose to cash in. You can expect feedback on what your policy is worth should you choose to make use of our services.

Policy Trader – Short-term loan

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Benefits of Policy Trader

  • Policies for cash
  • Quick and easy application

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Policy Trader - We have a unique approach to finance

Our main game is to offer an exchange of your policies for cash, but also offer personal and short-term loans for other lump sum cash requirement.

Policy trader exchanges your policies for cash

We exchange your policies for cash and are here to help you if you have any policy restrictions. As security, we provide our clients with cash against their policies.

When in desperate need of a short-term loan, we give them access to the funds through viable policies that are over a certain age of maturity. We are aware how unforgiving life can be and how it comes with hurdles along the path of your financial road, especially when we are restricted and sometimes have no resources when funds are most needed.

We are a trusted financial partner.

Everyone needs a trusted partner who can help you to access money when you need it. We provide a service which is easy to use and that will allow you to obtain the money that you have paid for your policies.

Swopping your policies is as easy as it gets! All you have to do is follow our easy to use application process online, and we will aid you in getting back on your feet with better cash flow.

How does the process work?

You will need to complete our online loan application, and we will calculate your policy in regard to the maturity and cash amount.

  • We will determine whether your policy falls in line with the qualifications of payout.
  • You will be obligated to sign a consent form that allows us to take over your policy.
  • You will receive an offer from us to sell your policy to us, in order to get your cash back.
  • Once you have received an offer, it is valid for only 7 days.

If you are happy with the amount we are offering you, you can sign the documents and send them back to us for processing. The document will be amended if required, and then the final version will be sent to our offices to start with the payout process.

Once the documents are received, the transfer of your cash will be processed within 48 hours, to ensure that you receive the funds in your bank account as soon as possible.

How to reach us

You can find us at Unit 223, The Quays, Park Lane, Grand Central, Century City, Cape Town, Western Cape, 7441, South Africa. Please see our contact details below:

Phone: 021 551 8222
Fax: 086 538 4995
Email: [email protected]

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

September 2018

I am not so clued up in finances and their in’s and out’s which is why I prefer a professional to handle everything for me. When I needed to make some changes to my insurance policy I sought help...

Thabo B
— Carletonville —

July 2018

Policy Trader is one of the first of their kind and offers a totally unique service. Making the correct decision for your finances can be daunting – at least that is how it felt for me - which is...

Susan M
— Randfontein —

June 2018

When you find yourself in a tough financial position you often do not have the time to hesitate nor the time to wait for money to land into your account. This is why I will highly recommend Polic...

Betty M
— Roodepoort —

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