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Focus on Finance - They have financing for anyone

At Focus on Finance, they assist you in obtaining vehicle finance, whether you're unemployed, employed, retired, or have your own business.

Their online website has all the necessary information and advice readily available for you to make the ideal decision regarding vehicle finance. The main objective of their online platform is to educate all South Africans on the options available to them when it comes to personal finance.

They'll keep you informed

Their information-based platform will help you decide on the finance options on offer. If you're blacklisted or have a bad credit score, you're still welcome to apply for a car loan and they can even help you fund the startup of a small business. Their expert team can advise you on managing your debt correctly and assist you in achieving an improved credit score.

Their team is passionate about finance

Their webpage offers great advantages for you, as it's bundled with information that'll be of benefit to you financially.

They understand that life can come with its hardships, but with them, you can apply for a loan no matter the financial situation you’re currently in. Their consultants can even advise you on how to manage your debt better, and with a structured repayment plan, you could be on your way to financial freedom.

Car loan options

They have various vehicle loan options for you to choose from. They also offer fixed and variable interest rates. Their team is passionate about finance and they'll help you in any way to achieve your financial goals. At Focus on Finance, they'll treat every application individually and they'll treat you with respect and professionalism.

They offer vehicle financing, bad credit loans, debt management, and loans.

Focus on Finance – Vehicle finance

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Benefits of Focus on Finance

  • A user-friendly website
  • Debt management and counselling 
  • Vehicle finance for blacklisted clients

Vehicle finance calculator

The interest rate of a loan will vary based on your credit score and risk profile.
This vehicle finance calculator is for illustration purposes only.
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Focus on Finance – Get cash fast

At Focus on Finance, they'll help you get the cash you need for your new car quickly!

They're not an online lender, rather they'll put you in contact with reputable lenders that can offer you great services. They offer you a wide variety of information in order for you to make the best choice regarding your car, and they only use the best-rated lenders in order to give you peace of mind when applying for a loan. Their lenders will have the best deals in the market available for you to choose from. You can compare lenders, loan amounts, repayment schedules, and interest rates.

Free credit checks

They furnish you with links to obtain free credit checks and their consultants are there for you if you have any questions. With your free credit check, you can learn how to improve your credit score and at Focus on Finance, you can be sure that your needs come first.

You can contact them directly with your questions and a helpful, friendly consultant will be ready to take your call.

The best advice in the industry

With Focus on Finance, you can be sure to get the latest and best information regarding car finance. They believe that it's very important for you to educate yourself in all financial aspects. Their expert consultants are eager to help you improve your credit score, and they have extensive insight into the financial markets and can help you better manage your debt.

If you're blacklisted or have bad credit as mentioned before, then the services of Focus on Finance will be very beneficial to you, whereas other finance houses might not be. They'll connect you to reputable lenders who offer loans for people with bad credit or loans for bad credit. Their informative website will offer you insights into the financial industry in order to assist you in educating yourself to achieve financial freedom.

Get on the road to success

You can use services like Experian and Mytransunion to get a free credit score check. These credit checks will help them get you the best deal on loans from car loans to short-term loans with the most competitive interest rates. Their well-trained staff will guide you through the process of applying and give you continuous support for the term of your loan.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

February 2019

I was amazed at how easy it was to compare lenders side by side so that I could easily find the best deal. I spoke to Brett that helped me through the entire process and kept me informed every s...

Dean W
— Mossel Bay —

November 2018

After breaking down on the side of the road for the millionth time! I knew it was finally time to buy a new car. I applied for a vehicle loan from your website and was amazed at how easy the proc...

Candy S
— Cape Town —

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