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Bidvest Bank - Quality banking products

With our specialising strategy combined with sensible lending values, we are proud to announce that we were upgraded by Moody’s Financial Services, improving Bidvest’s rating from A1 to Aa2 increased by two notches.

Bidvest is a leading second-tier bank; we are a subordinate to Bidvest Group Limited.

Our approach to historical forex- and fleet focused customer base is one of personal and business banking.

Business banking

We offer investment products such as Loan Accounts and Bank accounts for your business.

Bidvest will assist you to manage your business as efficiently as possible; we have a range of banking products designed for your business to use at any given opportunity of your business lifecycle, this would include bank accounts, Investment products, loans, and advances.

Expert advice

Our consultants are trained to give you the expert advice according to the particular needs of your business.

Personal banking for individuals

Should you be looking for a saving or fixed deposit account or even perhaps wanting to invest some money ashore or get a business loan, we offer a personal deposit or investment product, at highly reasonable interest rates plus you have saving period options.

We have local market experts

We also have local market experts with an abundance of knowledge in the foreign exchange industry. Our consultants are a dedicated team and will assist with any question or queries you may have.

Call account

Why not earn interest while having instant access to your cash. We also offer perosnal cash loans.

Notice account

We have a 41 day Investment period

Fixed deposit account

We offer great interest rates for investments that are fixed ranging from a period of 1 to 12 months

Customer foreign currency account

Streamline your foreign exchange transactions

Corporate payment card solution

For your daily staff-related expenses, we offer an easy payment (includes pre-funding) solutions.

Loans and advances

Our business loans are economical with rates designed to suit the essentials of your business.

Business forex

Your prime choice in Corporate Foreign Exchanged as well as Foreign travel and trade currency solutions offered.

Bidvest Bank – Banking product

  • Loan Type Banking

Benefits of Bidvest Bank

  • Foreign Exchange
  • Banking Services
  • Savings and Investments

Bidvest bank - We get it done

With our longstanding legacy in foreign exchange services, Bidvest Bank would be the best choice for your business’s forex requirements, in other words, your go- to bank.

Businesses that are in the importing and exporting industry that require international payments our Bidvest Global Payments Online platform allows business clients to pay and receive their payments online.

GPO platform

To facilitate seamless payments Bidvest offers a GPO platform, which enables you to be linked to a Bidvest Business Bank Account thus giving Business Bank access to reasonable exchange rates, you can also upload trade documentation online. We also offer short term loans and a range of other lending options for individuals and businesses.

You can rest assured that you will have peace of mind with our Forex Management not only for you but also for your employees’ foreign exchange for international business travel.

Benefits include:

1.            You are able to exchange currency with great ease

2.            Allowances for travel and subsistence management

3.            Financial observance


Bidvest caters for whatever suits your needs, be it to invest your money or keeping it in a safe place we will find an account that will suit your banking needs best

If you prefer to take your money even further we offer a Bidvest foreign Currency Account and this allows you to invest offshore whilst the Notice Account is an investment account that will allow you more flexibility. Our investors have a choice of short-term fixed deposit accounts from as little as one month the flexible Call Account is more flexible though and is for unlimited investment periods


Bidvest will protect your cash should you have the need to move it ashore, it is suitable and flexible with our bank's network of branches.

The best of all is, is that you don’t even need a bank account or credit card. Fill in one simple application to apply for a MoneyGram transfer and submit the required documents, it will take 10 minutes for your money to be where it’s needed.

Use your Bidvest account to send or receive money through the branch network, there is need to carry your MoneyGram transfer around in cash.

Vehicle operating lease

Bidvest offers a vehicle leasing platform, the purpose of this is so that you attain a vehicle for your business on a fairly short-term base, this is also known as the Operating Rental which offers the same benefit as that of a Full Maintenance leasing, your costs are pre-determined and fixed. You don’t need to worry about taking the risks of ownership and having that capital outlay.

The Full Maintenance Leasing option does not cover the costs of maintenance, repairs but there is an option of the Bolt-On maintenance plan

Protect yourself from fraud

Once you have wired cash it is impossible to be returned in other words wiring money is effectively like sending cash

Use common sense and follow these tips. Identify and make absolutely sure that the money you are wiring is someone you know. Don’t think that this will never happen to you.

If you have been scammed:

Go to your local police station and report the incident immediately. For any further information on how you can protect yourself from fraud, visit the MoneyGram website

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

April 2019

Applying for a bank account was no trouble at all. All I had to do was go online, fill in the application form and send it. That easy and I didn’t have to leave my house to do it.

Fikile N
— Rustenburg —

February 2019

I’m so grateful to Bidvest Bank for how they’ve assisted me with growing my business. It’s because of their expertise that we’ve managed to keep getting bigger and better over the years.

Robi P
— Worcester —

November 2018

Bidvest Bank’s investment rates are very competitive and their investment options are very flexible to any customers’ needs.

Desmond D
— Durban —

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  • PO Box 185, Johannesburg, 2000, South Africa

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