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  • Business loans up to R2,500,000
  • Low-interest starting from 25%

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Bridging Finance - Bridge your finances until you get paid

Bridging Finance started out as mortgage finance company specialising in mortgages in the 1960’s prior to that we were progressively mainstream by building societies, banks and firms of accountants and legal representatives.

Banks were subjected to restrictions in the 1960s and were only allowed to make funds available for the purchase of a home and a bit later home improvements were allowed.

Hence the only bridging was for folks moving home; they would have to exchange contracts for the first home and would need short-term funding to bridge the gap until advances were received.

How did we get started?

Specialist lenders would pick up the gap in the market, most of which was run from home.

Commercial approvals (part of Close Brother Group) were run from the home of a director. This division remained small for quite a number of years.

The housing act created the idea of assured shorthold ownership in 1988, which gave motivation to the buy-to-let marketplace, providing opportunities for bridging lender to advance funds on a temporary basis to folks renovating properties to ensure they are a proper condition for letting or perhaps buying good investment properties on auction.

Bridging finance is a money advance

  • Funds due to you from provident fund, property transactions or pension.
  • The change of property equity (worth) into quick cash.
  • The assistance of trade transaction usually by means of cash advance or assurance.
  • No win-no fee base for lawsuit finance

Let us help you get financing

Bridging Finance Service assists when there is a stretch between, when a transaction was signed and when payment will be made.

It can also be used in various situations, but most commonly used in the personal injury and or property dealings. You can apply for a loan online quickly and easily. 

Property bridging finance

Is a Financial Service that allows estate agent and sellers the right of entry to access funds earlier in the process.  The profits from a sale of a property or perhaps from a new or a further bond that becomes available to the seller, estate agent or owner, but first on registering of the transaction at the Deeds Office – this process will take anything between 30 to 90 day’s a process that can take anything from 30 to 90 days, on the odd occasion this may take longer.

But many folks need the monies sooner than this, to pay deposits on their next property purchase, and for remunerating of relocation costs and transfer duties on their new property or other expenses.

For these folks, bridging finance takes the place of a personal loan and is able to assist in taking the pressure off of buying and selling.

This is often the only way they can pay for the purchase of new property, by means of eliminating the waiting period of finances.

Who needs finance bridging?

Sellers have the advantage of bridging finance to allow them to pay arrear rates and transfer duties on the newly purchased properties, there are cases where they have other debt in the likes of consumer debt and or school fees that need to be paid.

In some cases, sellers are also buyers – bridge financing can be used for the same reasons. Bridge Financing is also able to assist agents licensees and principals should they need some fees on their commission and take the place of business loans in some cases.

Bridging Finance – Business loan

  • Loan Type Business loans
  • Interest Rate from 25%
  • Loan Amount up to R2,500,000

Benefits of Bridging Finance

  • Import bridging finance
  • Property equity lease finance
  • Unsecured business loans
  • Secured property finance

Business loan calculator

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Bridging Finance - We will help you stretch your money

In most cases, buyers will need to lay down security (deposit) for the next property.

Should they be in the waiting process from a current sale, they are able to access these funds through bridging or business finance. Buyers don’t always realise the significant costs associated with the buying of property, prior to the transfer of property by a conveyance can take place they buyers need to pay transfer duty but only where applicable.

Personal injury

Bridging finance is frequently used in personal injury claims that are pretty straightforward, insurance claims can take years before the insurance company makes a payment due. During this period there could be considered medical bills that need to be paid not to mention living expenses.

Often their salary is also compromised as a result of the accident, so bridging finance, in a situation like this, is a fast loan against the security of the claim acknowledged by the insurance company, which they can use to cover expenses while waiting for the insurance payout.

How can bridging finance help agents?

Bridging Finance is beneficial to estate agents in addition to being a useful tool for buyers and sellers.

Firstly, before the transfer is registered at the Deeds Office, Bridging finance companies could be of benefit in cases where licensees, principals and agents could have access to their commission and would qualify for short-term credit.

Secondly, many bridging finance companies offer agents, principals and licensees commissions on the loan if they refer a client to them, so it’s worthwhile finding out which reputable companies offer bridging finance and building a relationship with them.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

March 2017

Taking out a loan with Bridging Finance was a lot easier than I had expected.

Brenda M
— Cape Town —

September 2018

I had no trouble applying for a business loan thanks to how simple the application process was.

Susan C
— Cape Town —

February 2019

Overall a great experience. I didn’t feel like just another number but was treated like a person who needed assistance and they worked hard to give me that financial assistance.

Vinette T
— Johannesburg —

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