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Power Pack - Everything you need to open your business

How often have you felt envious of your boss? He or she walks in and out when they choose, they make all the money, while you work yourself to the bone for a quarter of his salary, if that?

The time to make the change is now. If you have entrepreneurship running through your veins and are just waiting for the opportunity to take charge of your life, be your own boss and determine your financial future, then Power Pack could help you!

Start your own business

Start your own business today and take advantage of instant cash flow and some high potential earnings. We want to help you develop your small business into a profitable one, where your hard work is rewarded. It’s easy to get started, but the growth will take some time.

Get finance approval faster

At Power Pack, you can expect to receive a complete turnkey, “no franchise fee” business if you are an entrepreneur looking to get started. Our offer to you includes everything needed to get the business off the ground and in no time.

Don’t go shopping for better services, because we truly are the best in the business. If you want to start your own signage company, you will get business finance approval from us.

We will help you start-up your business

At Power Pack, you are not obligated to pay any franchise or royalty fees.

However, a franchise sign company means providing you with equipment that could come with exorbitant costs for the use of their name and making it necessary to take out large business loans. Having that name could benefit you, but growing your own business through good quality products in our experience is the key.

Save money and advertise

When you avoid the franchise route, you’re saving heaps of money. With, those savings, you could advertise your business better.

You are also in a position to do as you choose decision wise with your business, whereas with franchises you are essentially hostage to their choices. You can develop at your own pace and in a way that suits your lifestyle.

No hidden costs

Don’t expect to come across any hidden costs either, we just offer a once-off investment to get your business trading. Our offer includes machinery required as well as the training your staff need in order to successfully get up and running.

With experience in the field since the year 1993, we understand what to provide and how to provide you with the blueprint for success!

PowerPack – Business loan

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Benefits of PowerPack

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Business loan calculator

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Power Pack offers sound advice when it comes to small business funding

Don’t even continue this journey without a solid business plan for your small business

This plan is the first impression you give any lending firm when you wish to apply for finance. Your financials, objectives, cash flow projections and staffing plan are all crucial for a lender to assess before even considering you for finance. This is always your first step, so take your time and do it right.

A rule in small business funding – reciprocity – there must be mutual benefit

Sure, the only thing you’re concerned with now is you and your business, but it’s thanks to the lender that you’ll be able to get started in the first place. In knowing that, it’s common practice to ensure that there’s something in it for the lender – naturally.

This usually needs to be depicted in the form of a percentage rate of return. Ensure that when you draw up your business plan, this return on investment clearly is clearly stated and be certain you’ve chosen the best online lender to suit both your needs.

Another important rule – be prepared to contribute financially

Do you have assets? Assets that lenders will view as plausible collateral? If so, make sure that you are contributing these so as to secure the small business funding you're in need of. There are a number of government-sponsored small business loans and grants that demand an applicant contribution, even at times a small percentage of the business.

Banks can be sticky when it comes to the risks involved with fund certain ventures. That’s why it’s vital that you prepare adequately for your application for finance. As soon as a bank sees risk, they tend to turn down small business loan requests. It’s best to ensure you have your personal credit history in order before applying, a sound business plan, experience in the field in which your business is and feasibility of the business you’re starting up or otherwise growing.

What capital do I need to start my small business?

An SME survives on cash flow. If you don’t’ have this simple yet crucial aspect in place, you will struggle. Ensure you have a healthy start-up capital and request enough funds to invest wisely. A contingency plan is a fundamental plan to have in the event of an unforeseen issue.

Small business funding

SME funding operators come in the hundreds, however, there are also the traditional lenders such as banks. This is a good thing to note since you most likely have your own bank account which you can invariably apply through.

Don’t expect it to be an easy option, it just means that they already have access to your details and financials, therefore making the process a bit quicker and smoother if you qualify. You could still be declined. Banks are beginning to go the conservative route through their processes of evaluation. This unfortunately isn’t great for those that just need a lucky break!

Understand what the funds are for in your small business   

Be prepared to provide detailed information regarding the use of each and every rand that you apply for. If it’s required for staff or marketing, assets, etc., just make sure you break down all the funds alongside each of the required operations for your business.   

How long do I have to repay my small business loan?

After you have elaborated the terms and desires that your small business will operate on and how everything is going to be put to use, you will need to convince the lender through your business plan that you are capable of repaying the business loan through the term of your newly profitable business!

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September 2017

I almost gave up after battling to access the funding I needed to get my business off the ground. But when I heard about PowerPack. I’m so grateful to PowerPack for giving me the business loan I ...

Sello T
— Polokwane —

May 2019

I was really impressed with PowerPack’s quick turnaround time.

Analine N
— Cape Town —

December 2018

The service I got from PowerPack was nothing short of outstanding! Fast, efficient and still very friendly.

Charmaine J
— Pietermaritzburg —

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