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Cashflow Capital - Affordable financing for your business

Our company was established in 2014 by a group of excitable entrepreneurs that saw a gap in the market for individuals who were struggling to obtain funding for businesses by the more traditional lenders in the game of financing.

Through hands-on experience, we went about identifying the parameters of the industry where South Africa’s economy was struggling with business funding and subsequently providing solutions for them.

We will meet your requirements

It was the SME sector that struggled the most, and yet they were the ones who had the potential to do something great with their finance.

Therefore, it quickly became our mission to develop a product suitable to meet the standards and requirements of these small to medium businesses so that they might thrive.

We serve the business sector

At Cash Flow Capital, we aim to have products that we believe serve the industry in a fresh and distinguishable way. One shouldn’t be confused with how we do business with clients since we strive to stand out among others in the industry.

Albeit a small team that works for Cash Flow Capital, we pack a big punch with our endearing culture that constantly drives our daily efforts to meet the entrepreneurial desires of each member.

We offer a different dynamic to the industry of instant cash advances and loans.

You can find us Pretoria, Durban and Cape Town, as well as online through our easily accessible application system. No matter where you are in the country, Cash Flow Capital will assist you and your business finance needs.

To date, we have funded over R200 million towards developing businesses.

Innovative financing solutions

Cash Flow Capital is known as Africa’s most innovative lender in the business sector.

We are currently growing at a phenomenal rate and your business too can grow with us if you choose us for your finance needs!

Innovative products and financing

Our innovative product will go as far as financing all small and medium enterprises with the funds they need to grow their business and thrive. Common reasons why businesses might choose to apply for one of our business loans for their business include, among others, expansion as demands grow, purchasing of stock, revamps and other common uses.

Business cash advance

Essentially, we offer businesses quick cash advances, and unlike traditional lenders, we fund based on the turnover amount rather than you're worth in assets. This advance is personalised to merchants with a daily turnover. 

Cash Flow Capital then procures a fixed percentage of your future turnover for cash, today. All costs are presented up front, thus avoiding any hidden costs and repayment is flexible and manageable to suit the business.

Quick and painless processes

Through us, you can expect to have access to that necessary finance within as little as 48 hours from time of application. It’s simple and you can complete the loan application online, therefore no paperwork is required. What a pleasure!

Your application status is decided within hours of your submission. We also guarantee 85% approval rate for qualifying merchants.

Simply apply through our website and submit the required documentation online. Sit back and relax as we come to a decision. Once it’s made, you receive correspondence, which is within mere hours of submitting the application.

The next step is receiving the funds! As soon as the application has been approved, funds are transferred to your account and done so within 48 hours.

Cashflow Capital – Business loan

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Benefits of Cashflow Capital

  • Fast loan response
  • Reliable business finance 
  • Competitive interest rates

Business loan calculator

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Cash Flow Capital has successfully grown and develops SME’s in South Africa

Starting a business isn’t as easy as it looks. Neither is growing a business that might be struggling.

We have found that there are many issues that hinder startups and growth and one of the biggest ones that businesses face, is a lack of acces to short-term credit.

Affordable rates

We saw this problem and decided to grab it by the proverbial horns and solve it in such a way that we actually upset the business loan apple cart by turning things a little upside down.

We decided that we would take those who were declined the services they deserve and offer them a service that would make their lives easier and allow them to repay us at a rate they can afford.

Since the date that the decision was made to help SME’s around South Africa, we have funded millions to the retail, restaurant, health and beauty sector and successfully too! Thousands of businesses across South Africa have gained capital through us.

We are continuously keeping an eye out for individuals that are as passionate as we are about growing businesses and want to help us help others. Through like-minded team spirits, we can achieve this in the financial industry.

Partner with us

We take our partnerships seriously and choose to partner with accountants, business brokers, consultants and other client-facing institutions that effectively develop our service levels.

Requirements to apply

We need a completed online application form, along with 3 months' bank statements. You’ll also need to furnish us with the most recent financials of your company and upload the lease agreement. 

We have helped thousands of businesses develop countrywide

For many businesses, Cash Flow Capital was the first step of many to get their businesses established. Simply read our reviews from these business loans and see for yourself how much we can help you too.

Simply contact any of our branches to discuss financing for amounts greater than R1 million. Funding amounts and terms are all dependent on your business profile.

For a more detailed and accurate quotation, simply go through our online application procedure. We offer a sliding scale online, where you can quickly preselect the loan amount and term you wish to repay.

Ask yourself these 3 simple questions to see if you qualify for funds through Cash Flow Capital

  • Do I have an existing business?
  • Has my business been operational for longer than 6 months?
  • Does my turnover exceed R 200 000 per month?

If you answered yes to all 3 questions, then call us now!

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

April 2019

If your business is an SME like mine, I would highly recommend Cashflow Capital for your financial needs. They are professional, knowledgeable and take the time to know you and your business so t...

Mark W
— Durban —

January 2019

The online application made things easier and the turnaround time was also really fast- I had the funds in a day and a half.

Isabelle S
— Pretoria —

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