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Business Funding SA

  • Angel investments
  • Business loans up to R15,000,000
  • Crowd funding
  • Apply online
  • Repayment up to 13 years

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Business Funding SA - Reliable funding for your business

At Business Funding South Africa, you will find some of the most innovative professionals when it comes to finance and business!

Our managers boast a level of expertise that can offer fully comprehensive solutions to any and all of our clients.  

Extensive knowledge and expertise

You can find our offices and representatives located around the country in Gauteng - Johannesburg and Cape Town.

A little bit of background behind the founding member of this firm - Hein Rautenbach boasts an impressive portfolio of global business contacts and this is due to his innate networking skills!

Hein’s success can be attributed to the knowledge and expertise he has gained through the years of dedication to the world of business funding.

Insurance aside, Hein has dealt with and being the frontman of many large and significant transactions and successfully too. Figures that rank from a few hundred thousand South African Rands to millions of US Dollars have been in the workings of Mr Rautenbach himself.

Tailor-made finance solutions

Our company is also striving to attain the best opportunities out there. Opportunities where we can develop and better serve our clients. Whatever your goals are, we take them seriously and ensure that we develop quick loan solutions that bring those goals to fruition.

Our core focus is to bridge the gap between funding and small businesses in the SME market that is not receiving what they need from larger lending institutions.

At Business Funding SA, we also make it our priority to service all types of businesses when it comes to funding. We do not discriminate.  

We have flexible loan terms

Business Funding South Africa is proud to say that we are the leading provider of when it comes to financial services for all established, corporate and private customers.

We offer short term loans

When you need an amount that isn’t significant enough to take out a large sum over a long period, but rather just to assist with an unforeseen expense than a short-term loan is the best option. The funding option basically suits a short period of time. It’s certainly the smart option if you only need to repay the loan up to a period of 12 months.

Does this sound like it’s right for you? If so, contact us to discuss the way forward in terms of who, how, where and what! We even have a loan form for your convenience if talking isn’t your thing.

Examples of the short-term funding include anything from a trade, stock and imports, to a contract, project and pre-debt funding. You can also expect to receive services such as bridging capital and invoice discounting when you deal with Business Funding SA.

Need something more than short term? Try our medium-term lending

You can apply for this online as well via our online form, or simply call us should you prefer. Examples of medium-term lending include funding for cash flow, post debt reviews, securities and projects funding. Just consult with us to choose the best avenue for your business.

For the longer term, we have long-term loans

Our long-term business loan and financing solutions range from a period of 5 years to 13 years. This period all depends on what is allowed based on your financial situation. With this type of funding, one can acquire commercial property, equities and any business-related commodities that require terms exceeding the typical 60-month period.

Business Funding SA – Business loan

  • Loan Type Business loans
  • Loan Amount up to R15,000,000
  • Repayment 30 days to 13 years

Benefits of Business Funding SA

  • Crowd funding
  • Affordable business funding
  • Angel investments

Business loan calculator

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Business Funding SA - We are here to help you fund your business

Business Funding SA takes a look at Property Funding


Business Funding SA is here to assist you with your real estate financing. This may be news to you, but that’s exactly why we’re here, to show you the ways this is possible!

Auction stop

Is your house about to go to auction? We can help you. We’ll stop this process in its tracks and avoid the misfortune of being left empty-handed. We have a form you need to complete and a motivational letter that you’ll have to submit, but we will not let you lose your house.

Bond payment arrears

Have you missed a number of payments? Or short paying on your bond? We’ll assist you before you reach the point of potential liquidation or property going to auction with a personal loan. Call us, we’ll sort the debt out.

Sell your property, then rent it back

Don’t want to lose your house, but have no option but to sell? We’ll buy it from you! Yip, that’s right and we don’t want to live in it, so we let you stay there and subsequently pay rent for it. When the finances are in your favour again, you can speak to us about repurchasing your property.

Get an advance on your property

We can assist you over a short-term period until your pension fund is paid out to you. Have you sold your property and just need the advance against the purchase price? Then give us a call!


Short on cash for your business or need a business loan for expansion?

Has there been a little hiccup in the cash flow of your business? Or perhaps you’re starting a new one and need access to capital. Whatever it is, give us a shout because you're a un-bonded or nearly un-bonded property will benefit you in ways you had no idea it could. Unsure what we’re referring to, that’s fine, just call us or fill in our online form and wait for the good news!  

Do you have a desire to own your own commercial property?

Let us arrange the finance for this property, whether you currently occupy it or wish to! Your business deserves it, either way, so let us help you make that happen.  

Don’t delay, apply today!

If any home loan or bond is required for a commercial property, we are here to assist you. Call us or complete the online loan application form and a consultant will contact you. Service excellence means everything to us, so we hope that you will give us the opportunity to prove it!

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

July 2017

The online application was a breeze to get through.

Sibongile C
— Johannesburg —

April 2018

Business Funding SA caters to my needs when I need it. Whether I need a short-term loan or need something for a longer period of time, I know I can count on them to get me exactly what I’m lookin...

Mathew K
— Stellenbosch —

March 2019

I think of Business Funding SA as one of my partners since I started my business because they have always been there for me whenever I needed financial assistance. I love working with them.

Brian M
— Cape Town —

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