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Investec - Leading business loan services

Investec specializes in wealth and asset management and we are renowned for being a leader in providing banking solutions as well as asset management.

We are constantly driven by our need to assist our customers in achieving their financial goals.

Unique profit generating solutions

We were established in 1974 and since then have been servicing clients with tailored and unique profit-generating solutions through three distinctive financial sectors.

These sectors include the management of assets, wealth and investment and specialized banking. Our clients have rated us highly in all aspects of finance, which lead to entrepreneurs seeking us out for their business dreams.

Investec is listed on both the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and the London Stock Exchange.

Investec believes in profit-generating solutions for a brighter future

Are you an entrepreneur with a passion for starting up businesses? Then Investec is the right place.

We take established entrepreneurs, business founders and those with high net worth, and we provide services that allow for the transaction of ideas through our networks. We are dedicated to offering you an unrivalled business finance service that will undoubtedly unlock a wealth that you weren’t aware of.

Leaders in the finance industry

We operate in South Africa, the UK and Australia as well as other countries around the globe.

Being accessible within with these major markets means that we are always there to assist you if you’re looking for an investment, needing to lend money in the form of a personal loan, or otherwise require finance management.

Investec is a focus-driven company and we aim to develop a financial plan that suits you the customer and looks after your financial future. Thanks to our level of practice and expertise, we have been proven highly effective with all our clients.

Innovative funding strategies

Vehicles or business? No matter the finance requirement, we have a solution for you!

Once you have decided on the type of business finance you require, how you need it, when you need it and what you need it for, you’ll have access to one of our experienced professionals that will assist you with your financial plan. To date, we have a few statistics that we are proud to boast about, one being that we have deployed a total of R13 billion in the capital.

Convert your dream into a commercial reality

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, you’re at the right place. Our tailored funding solutions start from about R20 million and with a team as dedicated as ours, you can expect service that will be highly responsive and will act with an international mindset throughout the process. Our relationships are built on trust and reliability. We work closely with our clients to secure the capital that your business requires.

Mutual bonding is beneficial

Investec believes in both parties seeing a mutual value through the process of financing. We see the gaps in the market and you have the business that we need in the entrepreneurial landscape!

We take pride in listening to your ideas and effectively partnering up to execute those in the best way possible that allows you to generate wealth as well as build on your current business platform. Through this mutuality, we see success in the long term.

It’s all about networking

We are no doubt the best in the business for financing your capital needs and this includes short-term finance. However, if there has ever been a day or a scenario where we are challenged by what we can provide your business, we definitely know a guy who knows a guy that can assist you from our large and established network.

Your business deserves to grow, and through our innovative funding strategies, it’ll do just that!

Our well-developed and expert team work tirelessly to ensure that your financial requirements are met. Be it car finance or business finance, you can expect to receive a unique solution that is flexible and meets your demands. With the repayment of the loan, you can expect to settle it quickly, meaning savings on interest and other fees.

Investec – Business loan

  • Loan Type Business loans
  • Interest Rate 710.25% p/a

Benefits of Investec

  • Tailored business finance solutions
  • A comprehensive range of property finance

Business loan calculator

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Investec - Together we can grow your business

When financial markets are a little unstable, it’s crucial that we understand all the ins and outs of financing and financial management in general.

Knowing who to trust and what products are best will make all the difference in how your business grows and how well your finances are managed.

Acquisition finance

To qualify for acquisition finance, you would need to be in a strong position financially. Ensuring a high net profit certainly is in your favour. Take your business to the next level, whether it’s for acquiring a new company, complying with BEE or going the route of a buyout or buy-in. Investec will help you take this step.

Expand with capital expenditure

If expanding your business is on the cards, then our team will dive in and assist! Whether it’s expanding your asset base of simply growing the operations department of the company, we have business loan solutions that will tally up with your goals.

Cash flow lending

We, at Investec, have an exemplary track record when it comes to our finance team. We are able to successfully support your business while being the funding partner of highly skilled management teams that have proven to generate sustainable cash flows. 

Tailored loans to match your business goals

We fund SME’s of all sizes. So, when it comes to the amount you can apply for, the sky is virtually the limit. Thinking of purchasing a car or two? Never mind that, we’ll loan you the funds to procure an entire fleet!  

Our interest rates are competitive in the market for business lending, which essentially saves you money on top of it. We offer rewards to those who go through McCarty, so grow those Investec rewards points now!

Investec aims to provide is the following

Just apply in-store or through our online loan application, which offers you, the customer, a secured loan option that can be processed within just 24 hours!

Requirements to process your application

Your most recent payslips are required, a healthy credit record is favourable and proof of identification. Make sure to also bring along your proof of residence in the form of a current utility bill.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

December 2018

Investec is a company that will actually listen to you. They don’t only focus on the profit margin, they also genuinely want to help- that’s really rare in my books.

Nigel S
— Johannesburg —

February 2019

Applying was very simple and did not take long to complete.

Sarah B
— Rustenburg —

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  • PO Box 785700, Sandton, 2146, South Africa

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