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American Express - For your personal, financial and travel needs

American Express or Amex as most clients prefer calling it, has been leading the financial industry since 1850 and it serves as one of 30 mechanisms of the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

The head offices are situated in the New York City at the Three World Financial Centre. Amex specializes in credit cards, charge cards, traveller’s cheque commercial and general corporate banking.

How it all began

We started American Express as an express mail business and clearly grew to greener pastures.

In the year 1903, the organization had an overall turnover of assets ranging to approximately $28 million, promptly falling behind the National City Bank of New York surrounded by fiscal institutes in the city.

Upward and forward

A glorious event took place when American Express stretched its reach internationally in the form of assembling associations with supplementary express businesses comprising of Wells Fargo – the auxiliary for the two previous corporations that amalgamated to from American Express, train track and steamship establishments.

The enterprise’s emblem, implemented in 1958 is a warrior or centurion, which appears on all the cards the business has created.

Heading in the right financial direction

It is without a doubt that American Express has maintained one mandate: to satisfy their clients with all their personal finance, general financial and travel needs.

To date, American Express has been classified as the 25th most prized trademark in the domain by Interbrand in the year 2016.

The year 2017 also ended in good graces with Fortune ranking American Express as the 17th most venerated corporation internationally.

We take the stress out of handling your finances

We as a progressive financial institution know how stressful handling your finances is.

Therefore, we thought we would shed off a bit of stress and offer you a range of credit cards that everybody can afford, maintain and upgrade.

Blue cash everyday card

The first advantage to take notice of owning the Blue Cash Everyday Card is that there are no annual fees. Secondary to that, you get $200 back after you have disbursed over $1000 acquisitions within the first 3 months of having opened the credit card. The cash back is expected in the arrangement of Reward Dollars that can be converted as a statement credit. You can easily apply for credit online with us. 

Amex everyday credit card

There are similarities between the Blue Cash Everyday Card and the Amex Everyday Credit Card. There is no annual fee incurred and you get rewards after spending $1000 on purchases. The only difference is that with the Amex Everyday Credit Card, you earn 15000 Affiliation Rewards Points.

Premier rewards gold card

All of the above three credit cards from the famous “Three Musketeers”. Although, they may have a significant amount of similarities, the slight differences they have are what make the cards unique. Again, another smile on a client’s face would be the fact that there are no annual fees incurred. Further to that, you get 50 000 Membership Rewards Points when you have spent $2000 on purchases within the first 3 months of your brand new credit card.

The Platinum card

This card offers you the best of everything. It is our duty at American Express to give you convenience at your fingertips. With the Platinum Card, you earn $15 acclaims in Uber trips on a monthly basis and a bonus of $20 in December. These are for all trips travelled within the United States.

There are Membership Rewards you get to travel and booking so you might have to be selective about where you book your holidays.

American Express – Credit card

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Benefits of American Express

  • Get rewards for using your credit card
  • Low-interest credit cards

American Express - Lending a helping hand

Corporate social responsibility is a principle that is not only practised at American Express, it is thoroughly emphasized.

A matter that is close to our hearts is the reconstruction of heritage sites. We believe that these are the places that need to be preserved as historical areas for the generations to come. After all, we are nothing without our history.

Each one, teach one

American Express is an institution that constantly seeking to better the lives of others. Initiatives such as feeding the poor, rebuilding homes, mentoring students and making monetary donations are just some of the many initiatives that American Express chooses to be an active participant.

Maintaining financial obligations

We know how boring it must be to read the fine print of the terms and conditions of every document you have to sign regarding your credit card. However, signing on the dotted line is not enough, as a client of American Express, you need to fully comprehend what it is exactly what you are signing for. You don’t know because you don’t read! Therefore, read everything before you authorize your name on it.

Always be on your best behaviour

There comes a time in a person’s life where everything just isn’t making sense. Although you might be going through a rough patch, never be late on your payments on payday advances, short-term loans and credit cards. This doesn’t only reflect negatively towards your credit score, it might also dent your profile for future financial prospects. In order to remain on our good books, maintain your periodic financial payments.

Protecting what is yours

Everybody has been a victim of online shopping. The thrill of getting that one dress you have been looking for is often better than having your first-morning cup of coffee. However, although we are not opposing online shopping, we are just asking our clients to be extra careful when making these payments.

Seeing that there are fraudulent activities everywhere, ensure that the website you are shopping from being safe, secure and registered. These are just some of the major precautions you have to take when it comes to your hard earned money.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

January 2019

As a frequent traveler, I find that American Express offers me the best deal for my situation. They know just how to organise my finances the way that I like it and offer me a range of benefits a...

Dave S
— Bloemfontein —

December 2018

Thanks to my credit card from American Express I am now able to better manage my finances from month to month. Having a credit card makes budgeting easier and managing my money simpler. It is als...

Manuel S
— Welkom —

April 2019

If you are the type of person who travels a lot, particularly in the US, then an American Express credit card is definitely the product that you have been looking for. To give you an idea of how ...

Nicholas P
— George —

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