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Debt Busters - We believe in life after debt

Debt Busters is currently SA’s largest debt management company and still the most trusted debt company in the business! One thing we can say for sure is that we’re firm believers in life after debt!

We form part of Intelligent Debt Management Group (IDM), and they strive to offer highly solicited advice to consumers who are struggling with debt and require solutions that can put these issues behind them.

The benefits of joining us!

  • A simple paperless process that is unique to Debt Busters
  • No other company offers an online client portal (smartcents.co.za) for clients to have access to their personal debt profile and documents, but we do!
  • Our number of registered debt counsellors supersede any other company of debt counsellors in South Africa
  • Across our staff compliment, we cover and speak eleven official languages and are all graduates from esteemed universities
  • We have over 350 employees on our payroll whom service thousands of clients per month
  • Speed and efficiency is part and parcel of our debt consolidation and counselling service
  • With us, you have access to the broadest solution offerings on the market in one place
  • You can complete an online loan application or contact form to get started

Take control of your life by using our reliable and helpful debt counselling services today!

Here are a few numbers:

  • 60000 – the number of clients whose lives we have changed from debt to debt free living!
  • R450 million – the amount of savings we have saved our clients from spending due to drastic cost-cutting of interest rates and charges
  • 7 – the percentage that we get your interest rates down to after we’ve taken over your debt
  • R1.3 million – the amount we have saved our clients due to previous reckless lending
  • 524 – the number of assets that we’ve stopped from being repossessed

Debt Busters believes in giving consumers a second chance, and the results and relief that consumers feel when they pursue debt reviews and come out winning is exactly what drives us!

We wil help you choose the best solution

We have a number of solutions, and you might want to read more in depth in order to make a decision, but here is a brief overview:

Debt counselling

Our debt counsellors take our clients through the process of a debt review in order to reach financial stability one month at a time at a repayment they can easily afford. This process assists clients that are struggling with debt and we aim to rid them of their debt in 60 months!

Debt management

This solution also aids the consumers with debt problems, however, the debt is still at a place where the consumer can regain control of it without being declared as over-indebted. Debt Busters will arrange for a structured repayment by means of a strict monthly budget and debt management plan.  Not only will we guide you out of debt, we’ll show you how to maintain a good budget for your income and expenses that you can take away with you.

Debt consolidation

Consolidating your debt means simplifying multiple debt repayments into one affordable repayment as well as even saving the consumer money at the end of the day by having access to massive reductions in interest rates.

Debt remedy

This service is available to clients who have incurred a bad credit record at the credit bureau. We strive to reduce client’s debt, clear their credit records and remove any open judgments on the consumer's record. Clients are then free to take on credit knowing that they are free of judgment against their name.

Debt settlement

For those who receive a lump sum of money and hope to settle any accrued debt, a debt settlement is for you. We negotiate with our credit providers to get the best discount on settlement for you with your credit card debt, loans and clothing accounts. Choosing this route will save you around 25% if you use us.

Credit monitoring

If you’re after a unique financial service to suit your requirements, Kudough is the company we use that offers a range that will help you reach financial prosperity. From the outset, you will experience access to information, financial education, guidance and expert advice.

DebtBusters – Consolidation loan

  • Loan Type Debt consolidation

Benefits of DebtBusters

  • Get a loan with a bad credit history
  • Become debt-free with our service

Debt Busters will help you become debt free

Ask yourself, how did I get to this point? Remember, you’re not alone, this is a position that the best of us can find ourselves in, debt does not discriminate.

With Debt Busters we will ensure that you get back to the place you once were where you were in control of your finances – the less debt you have the more manageable it becomes. Being debt free isn’t just a change in finances, it’s a change in attitude!

Our goal is to get you debt free, and to keep you debt free!

This is how we will help you become debt free

  1. We will design a budget to manage and stick to that we will review on a monthly basis
  2. Don’t default on any monthly repayment to any of your creditors, whether it be skipping a month or making a late payment on a personal loan
  3. Only purchase on credit if you’re able to afford the monthly repayments until the repayment term is complete.
  4. Make sure you always have at least three months’ worth of expenses in cash put away to compensate for any unforeseen circumstance that would leave you without an income.
  5. We will split your savings into categories that cover your needs, for example, college, vehicles, retirement and major purchases.
  6. We will teach you how to negotiate.
  7. Help you become familiar with interest rates and charges on credit
  8. Shop the sales! Why pay more for something if you know you can get it for less. Look out for things you buy regularly and buy them when the prices are down
  9. Don’t set unreasonable goals when it comes to your budget and your financial status, cut down on spending
  10. Know your net worth and stay on track of your financing

The goal of consolidating debts is to have a positive net worth value at all times and regardless of what it is, it needs to keep improving as time goes by!

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

December 2018

Debt Busters has the best loan offers. I would recommend this credit provider to anybody that is looking for a loan bargain.

Gift M
— Pietersburg —

March 2019

Without the help of Debt Busters, I would still be stuck in debt. Thank you so much for helping me out.

Nadine N
— Durban —

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