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  • Credit life iinsurance
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  • Flexible loan terms

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Justmoney.co.za has all the finacial solutions you need

Money, money, money! We all desire it, we all attempt to save it, but so often we find ourselves in a position where we’re unable to climb out of the hole we’ve dug ourselves.

Justmoney.co.za comes in at this point and is your unbiased ultimate guide to money, and we're here to guide you in the right direction through the money maze that we have all come to experience!

We will assist you in the following ways

• Help you save money
• Make sure you’re getting the absolute best deals
• Educate you when it comes to different product options
• Discovery the best financial solutions to suit your lifestyle

If you’re unsure of the fee structure and charges on different accounts that you currently have, go ahead and use our handy comparison tool to compare! This tool will simply aid you in identifying which account type will suit you best.

Shop for deals

We all love to shop, and Justmoney.co.za caters to just that – shopping! Whether it be a home loan or insurance, we partner up with many providers to get you the most suitable product out there. If you’re unsure what to buy, consult the guides for more assistance.

Improve your financial health

Financial advice comes at a price – strange how that works, but of course, we’re all in business to make money and to make you money! That’s what Justmoney.co.za aims to do – make you money by making your money work for you.

With a range of tailor-made products including debt consolidation loans, we’ll help explain your rights as a consumer.

The best part – It’s free!

We don’t charge consumers to make use of Justmoney.co.za, and there is no obligation to register with us either. All our tools and guides are there for you to use. However, if you do choose to register with us, you’ll have access to additional product information.

So how do we make our money? We charge providers when you apply to them. A commission is generated on our side, but we can assure you that our unbiased approach always puts the consumer first! 

We have affordable debt solutions

Justmoney.co.za has partnered with Direct Axis in order to provide you with personal loans to give you that quick much needed cash.

Debt consolidation

There are major benefits to consolidating your debt and turning many small loans into one affordable one. Making just one repayment at the end of the month means simpler management of your finances and it also means saving on interest! When you consolidate your debt, you’re essentially paying off the accounts that were giving you a bad a credit score in order to turn it all around.

Debt counselling

This is a very closely managed debt repayment process and it comes with heaps of benefits. You’re looking at extended payment terms which always assists with affordability and your interest rates are drastically reduced. We also ensure that you hold onto your assets because as we all know, they’re the first things to go when you’re over-indebted. Legal protection is another bonus that you can expect when you go for debt counselling.

Money and banking

Compare the best offers right here at Justmoney.co.za. You are able to select the product you’ve identified as interesting to you and compare it with all the other alternatives available. We have current accounts, credit cards and savings accounts.


Plan for your retirement or purchase a unit trust with us. Investing is all you ever hear when it comes to your money, but how and where? At Justmoney.co.za, there are a few options for you to choose from, and we’ll gladly help you decide!

  • Unit trust – provider option
  • Unit trust – gold option
  • Retirement


If it’s something you can lose – we’ll insure it! From car insurance to funeral cover, we’ve got it all covered! Justmoney.co.za has a solution, so don’t delay in getting your loved ones and loved items secured with cover you can afford.

JustMoney – Consolidation loan

  • Loan Type Debt consolidation

Benefits of JustMoney

  • Get out of debt
  • Choose between flexible or fixed interest rate
  • Repair your credit score
  • Flexible loan terms
  • Credit life insurance

Debt review FAQ

We will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about debt review and debt administration.

Can I terminate the debt review process and apply for vehicle finance?

Rescinding your debt review is certainly an option if you go through the magistrate’s court that initially handled the court order for your review. To then purchase a vehicle, you’ll be required to prove that you are able to afford the finance repayments – this might not be right away.

Can applying for a consolidation loan affect your credit rating negatively?

The short answer is no. A consolidation loan is viewed the same way a personal or unsecured loan is viewed when applied for. There should therefore be no reason you will encounter a negative impact against your credit score. The only thing that might need to consider that a consolidation loan is a far larger loan than the debts you have, so the balance on that alone could potentially lower it slightly, but not purely based on the application of a consolidation loan.

Can one terminate the debt review process?

As per the National Credit Act, which came about in 2015, one is no longer able to terminate the debt review process. If you fail to pay your creditors, it can directly result in termination of your debt review, however this will just land you in a position where you still owe the original instalments to your credit providers and potentially even the shortfall for the period of being under debt review. Your debt counsellor will advise you best, so check with him first.

Are you able to apply for a short-term loan while still owing on a personal loan?

Indeed! One can certainly have more than one type of loan simultaneously. Make sure, however, that when you apply for the short-term loan, that you inquire about the monthly repayments on both loans to ensure that you can afford both. If this looks like it could be difficult to achieve every month, rather stay with the personal loan only until it has been repaid.

If you’re starting late when it comes to saving for your future, can you still invest in a retirement plan with nothing else in place?  

It’s never too late to start saving for you and your loved ones. A good start if you haven’t already, is to get set up with a retirement annuity (RA). This is great for your retirement savings if you aren’t able to join a pension or provident fund with an employer.

Whatever the question, we have the answer! Justmoney.co.za is ready to assist you in managing your money with the best solutions on offer and easy online loan applications. Call us now and get advice that you can trust and get your money in order today.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

December 2018

I couldn’t have asked for a better financial breakthrough with Just Money. Thank you so much for making my life easier.

Abraham V
— Johannesburg —

February 2019

Within one business day, I got the money I had applied for. Thank you for such a fast response.

Penelope H
— Lydenburg —

April 2019

Just Money has affordable interest rates, I was able to pay off all my loans with one single loan from Just Money.

Thabang C
— Carletonville —

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