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  • Credit life iinsurance
  • Repair your credit score
  • Flexible loan terms

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Justmoney.co.za has all the finacial solutions you need

Being indebted is becoming more and more frequent in the financial hardships that South Africans are facing.

You don't need to suffer in silence when you can get a debt consolidation loan from JustMoney. Many people are not aware that they can sort their finances out this way. It's just a case of finding the right company, a company that has your best financial interest at heart.

You will be pleased to hear that your debt could soon be a thing of the past with the passionate and energetic team at JustMoney.

Why you should choose JustMoney

The answer to that question is simple, they know the business inside out. They have more than 15 years of experience in the finance industry. The mission they are striving to achieve is to assist South Africans in a responsible financial way as they want to help people become financially free.

If you need to save, insure your assets, obtain credit, or rehabilitate your financial health with a debt consolidation loan, JustMoney has the tools and the know-how to make things happen.

The JustMoney promise

By giving its customers the assurance that they keep the promises they make, you can rest assured that the help you need is within reach with JustMoney on your side.

JustMoney is in the business to bring relief, and change, and to keep the promises they make. They strive for outstanding customer satisfaction and deliver on that promise daily.

They can help you with the necessary funding you need as well as expert advice. JustMoney has a mission of giving people the opportunities they deserve to better their finances.

They have affordable debt solutions

What sets them apart from others in the business is the wide range of financial services they have to offer. To have access to many different options in one place is convenient.

Time is a valuable commodity in life today. This is something that JustMoney had in mind when they were established. They wanted to save you money as well as time.

All of its services have been made available online which means that you have the luxury of obtaining the debt consolidation loan you need at a time that suits you best.

The most convenient Debt consolidation loan 

Being overly indebted has become part of the daily lives of many South Africans. With the rising cost of food and fuel, to name just a few, it has become difficult to maintain good financial health.

By obtaining a debt consolidation loan from JustMoney you can turn your money troubles around and become debt-free in no time. JustMoney can negotiate a better monthly repayment when all of your combined debt is placed into one instalment monthly.

A free credit report for a clear picture

With this service from JustMoney, you can get a crystal clear picture of your financial situation in record time. This service is offered for free as a tool to understand your money better.

You can find out what financial products you qualify for as well as check your total debt balance. There are many benefits to having free access to your credit score.

With a clear picture of your current financial situation, you can make more informed choices on how to improve and maintain your financial health.

JustMoney – Consolidation loan

  • Loan Type Debt consolidation

Benefits of JustMoney

  • Get out of debt
  • Choose between flexible or fixed interest rate
  • Repair your credit score
  • Flexible loan terms
  • Credit life insurance

Debt review FAQ

With an online debt consolidation loan from JustMoney, your financial problems can become a thing of the past. You can start enjoying relief immediately and work towards better financial health.

Some documents that may be required: 

  • You will need a comprehensive report on all your current financial expenses. This includes a 3 months bank statement and any other accounts you may have.
  • You will need to verify your current address with any recent mail registered to you.
  • Verification of your income through the latest 3 months' payslips.
  • Lastly, you will need to have a copy of your South African ID document.

The process of getting a debt consolidation loan is easy and fuss-free. You can be on the road to good financial health sooner than you think.

The application process explained

Step one:

You can go to the JustMoney website and apply directly from there. Under the products tab, you can click on the option for debt consolidation. You will be directed to the preliminary application page.

Step two:

After you have completed the form you may apply. A friendly consultant will be in contact with you shortly to guide you through the entire process.

Step three:

Once you are satisfied with the solution that JustMoney has offered you, you can accept and sign the necessary documentation to seal the deal. You are now on your journey to financial freedom.

JustMoney makes life easier

Too many South Africans are suffering from unbearable debt. With everything increasing it is becoming more and more difficult to maintain a healthy financial life.

You can become a part of the family at JustMoney and let them guide you towards a happy financial state. They have been changing the lives of many South Africans for more than 15 years and they can do the same for you.

  • Free access to your credit score for life.
  • Many useful tips and tools to help you manage your money better.
  • They help you monitor your credit health responsibly.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

December 2018

I couldn’t have asked for a better financial breakthrough with Just Money. Thank you so much for making my life easier.

Abraham V
— Johannesburg —

February 2019

Within one business day, I got the money I had applied for. Thank you for such a fast response.

Penelope H
— Lydenburg —

April 2019

Just Money has affordable interest rates, I was able to pay off all my loans with one single loan from Just Money.

Thabang C
— Carletonville —

May 2021

I was at a point where I was struggling to keep up with my current financial obligations. I decided to apply for a debt consolidation loan from JustMoney. They have helped me to become debt-free.

Lesufi A
— Nelspruit —

September 2021

Getting a debt consolidation loan from JustMoney has been the best thing I could do. I had more room to breathe financially and with all their tips and tools, I am learning to manage my money bet...

Ngwenya L
— Aberdeen —

November 2021

I was finding it difficult to get out of my debt and a friend suggested that I apply for a debt consolidation loan from JustMoney. I am glad that I took her advice as I am now almost free from al...

Muller S
— Calvinia —

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