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Debt Busters - Let our experience help you become debt free

Debt Busters is currently and hopes to remain, South Africa’s largest and most trusted multi award-winning debt management company.

In South Africa, there are about 10 million people who have debt problems and we have already helped over 60 000 of them manage their debt through debt consolidation, debt review and debt counselling.

Experienced team

With our experience, we are able to offer you tailor-made solutions. Make the choice to change your financial situation and let us be the ones to help you. Our team has years of experience and we aim to give every client a superior service delivery.

We offer debt counselling

We have an outstanding reputation as a result of our customer ratings. Not only will we secure the best outcome for our clients undergoing debt counselling, but our clients have been benefiting from our value-added services for years now.

When it comes to saving money, we have saved our clients over 450 million in interest and fees on everything from short-term loans to credit card debt and vehicle loans. Furthermore, we reduced interest rates from 21% to 7% on customers’ accounts. In the last 18 months alone, we have saved 524 homes and vehicles from being repossessed.

Tailor-made debt solutions

Our debt solutions will recover your debt problems

We understand that our customers have different financial needs, which is why we design your debt solution around how much debt you have and whether a consolidation loan or debt management plan will suit you better.

Tailor-made services

With our service, we will decrease your total debt and increase your cash flow at the end of the month. We aim to help our clients become debt free in under a 5-year time frame. 90% of our clients have been financially independent in under 5 years.

We find this to be quite a remarkable statistic in today’s ever-increasing debt reality that we live in. We offer debt counselling where we help our clients overcome debt by assisting them with an improved budget to follow. We will negotiate with your creditors on your behalf and with our debt consolidation plan, we will calculate your debt and tailor a more affordable monthly payment.

We offer debt remedy

We will structure a tailor-made budget plan for you to help you improve your credit record. This will also help relieve you from any judgements. We aim to help you settle your debts quicker so that you would not have to declare insolvency. If you are a business, we will assist and educate your employees on the importance of money management.

Debt Busters – Debt counsellor

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Benefits of Debt Busters

  • Expert debt counsellors
  • Become debt-free in 60 months

Debt Buster – we’ll help you become financially independent

Over the years we have helped many clients get their finances back on track. We are here to remove the stress that your financial burden brings, by offering you a long-term solution for your debt.

A company you can trust

We pride ourselves on our transparency and reliability. We are a company that you can trust. We act with discretion because we believe in offering our clients a service that they can trust in. When you’re faced with financial difficulties, the first step is to acknowledge the amount of debt you have accrued and that you need external assistance.

It is vital that you are completely honest with us and yourself as to how much debt you are in and confide in someone who you can trust. Remember not take out any further credit including small payday loans which may seem harmless as this will be detrimental to your financial health.

Debt Busters has expert financial consultants that will conduct an assessment based on your situation, draw up an affordable monthly budget and provide you with expert advice, adequate for sorting out your debt.

We guarantee that our staff is available for assistance in an expert way, and they can answer any questions you might have regarding our debt solutions.

Application process

You can call us, contact us via email or you can visit our website. Fill in the simple online loan application form or contact form and send us your personal documents. When you apply with us you need to give us access to the list of creditors and the amounts that you owe, as well as your credit card information. We will be the go-between for you and your creditors, and we will negotiate better payment terms with them.

Sigh up with Debt Busters if you need a solution to your debt problems and expect a professional team that will give you a value-added service from start to end. We will negotiate the best repayment terms for you and walk with you step by step throught the debt counselling process until you reach financial stability.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

February 2019

At Debt Busters, I was treated with such humility and professionalism. My loan application was attended to on the very same day.

Rebecca X
— Vereeniging —

February 2019

After applying for a loan at Debt Busters, I only had to wait for a few hours to have my loan approved and the money deposited on my bank account.

François V
— Sasolburg —

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