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Debt Rescue - Let them help you become debt free

Debt Rescue is one of the most reputable debt review specialists when it comes to providing debt counselling services in South Africa.

Clients are always the top priority at Debt Rescue, which prides itself on always delivering the goods for its customers. Debt Rescue is special because it has all the resources at its disposal to help clients who are in need of debt counselling.

Debt Rescue’s team of attorneys has established networks throughout the country and provides only the best debt counselling services to clients.

They have solid relationships with creditors

Debt Rescue has cemented secure working relationships with creditors in the industry, including large banking institutions. This means debt review disputes can be settled quicker. The organisation because of its reputation and organised network, has a success rate that is second to none with debt counselling.

Many South Africans are battling to stay afloat in tough economic circumstances. They need not despair, however, because Debt Rescue is there to assist.

Clients can rest assured when they sign up with Debt Rescue, their consultants will go above and beyond to assist them with turning around their financial situation. They are experts at consolidating debt into one amount, which makes it easier for debt review clients to focus on each month.

Effective debt solutions

Debt Rescue speaks the language of Debt counselling to all its clients.

Debt Rescue offers affordable payment plans when it comes to clients having to pay off their consolidated debt. The company is committed to providing the best customer service and debt management help to its client base.

The company is acutely aware that clients should be fully conversant with the debt counselling process. Therefore they have available trained debt counsellors who can assist clients in any of the nine official languages. So customers can rest assured they will receive debt management services in their mother tongue.

Committed to keeping clients' information confidential

In these turbulent economic times, anyone can fall into a debt spiral. The professional financial consultants at the company know that most clients who are undergoing debt counselling prefer to keep their financial status confidential.

Their staff take great care in not putting out the information of clients who are under debt review into the public domain. Debt Rescue treats all debt review applications with the utmost confidentiality.

So professional are they that the client’s employer, colleagues and friends will not know that customers are using a debt counselling service.

Debt Rescue – Debt counsellor

  • Loan Type Debt review

Benefits of Debt Rescue

  • Maximum Loan, 85% of the value of your property
  • Bond repayment, may not exceed 30% of your gross monthly income

Debt Rescue wants to see your debt free

Through the click of a mouse clients who need debt counselling can complete an online loan application form and furnish Debt Rescue with the account details of all creditors.

The advantage of using Debt Rescue is that clients can phone in with queries or contact them by e-mail. However, if they are unable to do the above, customers can walk into one of their many centres and fill in an application form.

How it works:

  • Qualified consultants will check the creditors’ accounts submitted to check to what extent the client is in debt.
  • They will inform creditors and the credit bureau at this point that the client is under debt review.
  • The client’s credit providers will provide Debt Rescue with all the necessary information on all the accounts where payments are outstanding.
  • A Debt Rescue consultant contacts the client to explain the process.

Debt counselling puts clients on the road to recovery

The client will immediately start paying one reduced amount for all their outstanding accounts.

Once Debt Rescue consultants have analysed all the accounts they will put together a payment plan that the client can approve. Debt Rescue will also negotiate with credit providers where possible to reduce payments on personal loans and credit card debt.

The customer is now under debt review following negotiations with creditors and starts to pay only one monthly instalment on his or her total debt. During the first 60 working days of debt review, legal action may not be taken against the client.

Reducing the debt burden and encouraging savings for clients

The client’s monthly debt is now reduced to one affordable amount. This means more money in their wallets or purses for day-to-day living expenses. Debt Rescue will also inform their attorneys to enforce the restructured payment plan as a court order.  The debt counsellor will make court appearances on the client’s behalf if it comes to that.

Benefits of Debt Rescue

  • Free debt assessment online so clients can be rated.
  • Clients can be encouraged to save the extra money which would have gone into debt.
  • Indemnity against legal action from credit providers and credit bureaus.
  • Clients get the best advice from a team of attorneys.
  • Debt review fees are all market-related.

Don’t wait for your debt to get out of hand – apply now to save your financial situation.  

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

November 2018

The interests that I received from Debt Rescue on my loan are affordable and reasonable.

Janice C
— Cape Town —

October 2018

I am so happy I chose Debt Rescue; I would have never been able to come out of my financial difficulties.

Rebecca M
— Nelspruit —

January 2022

I am glad to convey our most sincere thanks and appreciation to everybody who has helped me at Debt Rescue. You are the best, you have taken us from near bankruptcy and losing everything, to beco...

Moroka K
— Johannesburg —

February 2022

I am so relieved about the help I received from Debt Rescue and their team. I am surprised at the amount of money I now save every month while under Debt Review. It is so good to not be worried a...

Bengu Z
— Bloemfontein —

February 2022

I would like to thank Debt Rescue for the most outstanding customer service I have ever received from a company. I do value Debt Rescue for the fact that the staff know their work and they know w...

Khumalo L
— Kempton Park —

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