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Debt Relief Today - We are the debt counseling industry leaders

Debt Relief Today is an industry leader in debt counselling of South Africa.

With our esteemed record, we have managed to build relationships with most credit providers throughout the country, and are able to settle disputes in the shortest time possible! We offer quick settlements, boast an impeccable reputation and come with a high success rate across all our offerings.

With our service, you will receive amazing benefits!

One of the biggest benefits is our professional and expert service from industry leaders who know the ins and outs of debt counselling and debt review. Another outstanding benefit is that out of South Africa’s 11 official languages, we are able to help you in 9 different languages! We will get you an efficient settlement of your outstanding debt and customise your payments to be affordable for you.

We guarantee that your online loan application will be processed with the highest confidentiality due to our secure systems in place. We maintain that we will offer you the best and most professional assistance whenever you need it.

Between you and your creditors, we will work in the middle as a mediator to negotiate on your behalf. One of the most convenient benefits is that we have a simple online loan application process to go hand in hand with all the other great stuff we just mentioned!

Let us help you with your financial strain

We have a dedicated team of professionals who strive to remove your financial strain through the debt counselling process.

We offer guaranteed outcomes with debt counselling in accordance with the regulations of the National Credit Act. When you sign up with us, we will do everything in our power to relieve you from overwhelming debt. If you’re still not convinced, just ask our clients. We have testimonies online that speak of success stories from bad debt to debt free living!

Join our team

When you join us at Debt Relief Today, you won’t have to borrow more money to pay off your debts. We will mediate with your creditors and keep you safe from harassment. You won’t miss another payment on your account or receive any judgements or summons. We ensure sure that you can afford your monthly instalment by assessing your needs and your affordability.

Consolidate your debt

We will consolidate your debt, credit cards and accounts into one lump sum amount. We will negotiate a reduced instalment with your creditors and customise an affordable monthly payment. You will be able to sleep at night, knowing you can afford to repay your debt and become debt free again.

Debt Relief Today – Debt counsellor

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Benefits of Debt Relief Today

  • DEBT Review
  • DEBT Consolidation

Debt Relief Today – helping you to become debt free

Let us bring relief back into your budget!

Become financially independent

We will take care of all the negotiations on your behalf and supply you with a payment schedule and newly proposed budget. You can expect to pay a smaller amount every month over a pre-agreed term, and we will help you get out of debt and become financially independent as you perhaps once were. We are a reliable, experienced and professional partner in debt consolidation and have helped countless South Africans successfully crawl out of the debt trap. You could be next!

We work online with the National Credit Act and strictly adhere to all the regulations that they have stipulated.

Efficient and reliable staff

Due to many legal constraints, there are still many debt counsellors who cannot assist certain clients. That is why our staff consists of those who previously served and specialised in debt counselling. You will find, former senior bank employees, accountants and attorneys on our payroll. We have the knowledge and resources to set up a network of consultants around the country who are able to provide you with the most professional assistance available in South Africa today.

We are here to change your life if you’ll let us, as we understand that taking this step towards becoming debt free is daunting.

Let’s settle your debt

We will help you settle your debt quickly. We have a high customer satisfaction rate and are proud of our transparency in the industry. We can assure you that there are no hidden or extra fees for Debt Relief Today, so your trust in us is secure. Your profile will be handled with confidentiality and a professional debt counsellor will customise a payment solution that fits your budget.

Apply for debt relief

With us it is easy to apply for debt relief – the qualifying criteria include being permanently employed, and you must be a South African citizen. Fill in our simple application form and allow us to access a list of all your creditors and credit cards. We will assess your financial situation and structure a plan for you to move forward. Once your term has been completed and you have no more debt, you will be reinstated with the credit bureau, and you will receive a certificate of clearance from your creditors.

Join Debt Relief Today, if you feel hopeless with regards to your finances and with the amount of debt you have accumulated. We can offer you exactly what you need financially, by negotiating with your creditors to tailor an option that matches your budget. Ultimately, we will help you become financially independent.


Customer Reviews & Testimonials

October 2018

I am so happy I decided to join Debt Relief, my finances have changed for the better ever since that day

Ruth F
— Cape Town —

March 2019

Thanks to Debt Relief, I got a loan that will minimize all my expenses.

Caroline R
— Mpumalanga —

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