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FNB Home Loan

  • Fixed interest rates
  • Low-interest starting from 9.75%
  • Repayment up to 240 months

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FNB - Reliable and affordable home loans

FNB is one of the oldest banking institutions in South Africa and was formed in 1838. They are a division of the First Rank bank limited and have helped countless South Africans towards financial freedom.

Our symbol in our brand logo is the Acacia tree this represents our strong history and deep roots in South Africa as we grow, we will continue our commitment to serving the needs of our unique community and the needs of our diverse clients. We offer everything from everyday bank accounts to personal loans and credit cards

Our environmental policies

Our environmental policies impact daily operations and are governed by our Environmental Health and Safety policy.

Our environmental Risk policy refers to the bank’s indirect impact that we have on the environment and encourages responsible lending based on your level of affordability.

How do we adhere to these policies?

To ensure that we are compliant with these policies our Environmental, Health and Safety representatives are put through a strict training process that includes a course on environmental management. They are then asked to write a test, the pass mark is 90%, ensuring that they have all the knowledge they need to equip them to uphold the relevant policies.

Compliance officers  

Our compliance officers are tasked to report any non-compliance issues and any other problems that do arise. The officer will ensure that we are compliant when it comes to environmental legislation requirements, sustainability reporting and reporting on internal audits.

Who is the First Rand group?

The FirstRand group is listed on the JSE and the Namibian Stock Exchange and is one of the largest financial institutions in South Africa and they offer investment products and banking services. These include retail and commercial banking. We offer property finance as well as a range of business banking solutions. 

Home loans with lower monthly instalments

As a flexible South African Bank we have made sure that there are different options available for you to choose between.

You will need to decide between one of the following options:

  • I want to purchase a new home
  • I want to build my own home
  • I would like a home loan combined with my cheque account
  • I would like Shari’ah property finance
  • I would like a foreign choice home loan
  • I would like to convert to one account
  • I want to switch my home loan
  • I would like to move homes not home loans

Can I apply for a home loan as an individual?

To apply as an individual for a home loan you will need to earn a monthly income of between R 35 000 to R125 000 before deductions. You will then be given the option to combine your home loan and your cheque account.

Combine your home loan to your cheque account

By using this option we will combine your home loan to your cheque account. Instead of having a cheque account and a home loan we will combine both into one easy to manage the account. This will be the account that your salary is paid into monthly. By having one account, you will save on the interest by having a monthly reduced rate. You will also save on fees as you will not have multiple accounts.

You as an FNB customer can also earn ebucks from the very first transaction. The more money that is kept in your one account, the lower your interest rate will be. We give you 20 years to pay back the loan this will mean lower monthly instalments.

FNB – Home loan

  • Loan Type Home loans
  • Interest Rate from 9.75%
  • Repayment 240 months

Benefits of FNB

  • Fixed interest rate
  • Repayment up to 240 months

FNB - We have the home loan options to suit your needs

If you have decided to build your dream home instead of purchasing it, we can help you with a building loan.

How does a building loan work?

Once you have contacted us, we will tell give you a list of all the documentation that we will need from you. Your online loan application will be assessed and your level of affordability determined. Once we have decided to assist you, we will need you to finance 10% of the total package price.

This is the land plus the contract amount. The 10% is based on the bank's assessment of the value of the property once it has been completed. If there is a shortfall in the home loan amount (or the loan amount is less than the contract price) the client will be held responsible to complete the building to the value of the shortfall. Additionally, the bank will then require the builder to build a further 10% of the contract price from his/her own pocket.

How long do I have to build my home?

You will have 12 months to complete the building of your dream home. Construction must start within the first 3 months following the registration.

How long do I have to pay back the loan?

You will be given 240 months to pay back the loan.  You will need to make repayments to the capital amount as well as the interest during the time when you are building your home.

What criteria is there for a building loan?

  • You must be 18 years old or older
  • Your individual income must be at least R25 000 per month or a joint application where at least one applicant must earn at least R25 000 per month.
  • You must have a clear credit record and not be under debt review
  • The loan can only be used to build and not for any other purpose

Certain exclusions include: building loans will not be granted on

  • Real right portions in any development
  • Share blocks properties
  • Non- residential buildings
  • Fractional ownership
  • FNB home loans will NOT finance owner-builders
  • Future use building loans on vacant land

Contact us

Contact us by using our easy to use contact me form online, visit your nearest branch, send us an e-mail or give us a call. If you have questions, complaints or compliments we would love to hear from you.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

January 2019

If you are looking for variety in home loans then FNB is definitely the stop that you need to make. They offer loans for purchases, construction and even foreign home loans. Whatever your home lo...

Dave K
— Butterworth —

April 2019

By being able to combine my home loan with my cheque account I am able to save a lot of money on interest and charges. Thank you so much for opening me up to this fantastic savings option FNB!

Thabo M
— Port Elizabeth —

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