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Just Money - We compare home loans

Justmoney.co.za is your ultimate guide to help you understand your money better.

Our service is independent and unbiased. We aim to help South African citizens through the money maze.

We want to help you in the following ways:

  • We aim to save you money
  • Help you compare and find the best deal available
  • We aim to inform you about all the latest product developments
  • We aim to help you find the correct financial services to suit your individual needs
  • We aim to help you compare and save

Comparison tools

Our amazing comparison tools found on our website help you compare charges between different bank accounts, credit cards and savings accounts. With this information at your fingertips, you will be able to determine which accounts will save you money and which option would suit you best.

Shop-around and compare

Justmoney.co.za lets you “shop-around” and compare. We bring you all the best deals on products such as home loans and insurance products. Our partners are carefully selected and we work hand in hand with them to bring you the best deals that are available.

You get to view all the deals and choose the product that is most suitable to your individual needs. Our easy to use guides make it easy for you to get a better understanding of each product so that you can make an informed decision.

Save money

Financial service providers in South Africa are generally quite expensive and often complicated and difficult to understand. That is why justmoney.co.za wants to make it easier for you not only to save money but to understand the industry and help your money work for you. We believe that you need to know your rights as a consumer and not be tricked into signing up for something that you don’t fully understand.

We will compare home loans for you

Our service is 100% free of charge. You will not be forced into registering to use any of our comparison tools on the website.

All the guides and calculators are there for you to use and are 100% free. If you do register, we will send you updates and the latest product information as well as monthly newsletters.

How does www.justmoney.co.za make money?

If the service is free to clients, then how do we make our money you ask? Simple; we get our money by charging providers to partner with us. When you click the apply button they pay us a small fee for having helped secure a client.

The other way that we make money is from the commission if you decided to use one of our partners that we have suggested for you. We, however, do not give any provider special advantages and pride ourselves on our independent and unbiased approach. We are here to help you our clients.

Home loans

If you are looking for a property loan, we encourage you to apply through Justmoney. We have made it very easy for you to apply. To apply simply visit our website and fill in the online loan application form with the following details:

  • Your first name
  • Surname
  • Contact number
  • E-mail address
  • Are you applying as an individual or is your partner also applying as a dual application
  • The details of the property
  • Current property value
  • New mortgage required
  • Combined monthly income
  • Insurance information

If you need any assistance filling out the online loan application form or if you have any questions, please contact our partner Bond Busters on 0861 287 837.

Justmoney – Home loan

  • Loan Type Home loans

Benefits of Justmoney

  • Get a free credit report
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Trusted home loan products

Just Money - We will guide you through the process of purchasing a home

Our helpful guides that are on our website are available for free and are there in an easy to download format.

If you have difficulty understanding any of the guides or you have any questions then you can ask our experts or post a question and we will get you an answer.

Our your guide to home loans download

If you are planning on applying for a home loan we strongly suggest that you download this document. We cover the following topics that will be helpful in determining exactly what you need.

Topics include:

  • What is a mortgage?
  • How long do I have to pay the mortgage off?
  • What happens if I skip a payment?
  • How does lenders structure mortgage?
  • How much can I borrow?
  • How does the way that I get paid affect my loan application?
  • How easy is it to get a mortgage?
  • Do I need a deposit to buy a house?
  • Can I qualify for a no deposit home loan?
  • Can I get help paying the deposit?
  • Does the size of the deposit matter?

In addition to home loans, we also have other loan products available. Justmoney.co.za has partnered with Direct Axis, and we offer personal loans and student loans. Our personal loans will be able to help you when you need a bit of extra cash for those unbudgeted expenses that might creep up or just if you are looking for some quick cash.

Loans guide

To help you take the guesswork out of loans, we have developed an easy to understand and download loans guide. These guides will help explain the different loan option available to you as well as answer other questions that you might need to clarify.

Our guide to personal loans

Our personal loan guide covers the following topics, and is a must-read for anyone wanting to apply for a personal loan.

Topics covered include:

  • What is a personal loan?
  • Can you afford a personal loan?
  • What do you need to apply for a personal loan?
  • What documents you would need to apply

Our just money guide also covers:

  • The loan process
  • Loan rates and fees
  • Forms and borrowing
  • Long-term borrowing
  • Short term loans
  • Secured loans
  • Examples of secured loans
  • Examples of unsecured loans

We partner with all the leading home loan service providers to bring you the best deal that is available to you.

  • SA Home loans
  • Absa
  • Nedbank
  • FNB
  • Standard Bank
  • Ooba

Contact us

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at justmoney.co.za by filling our online contact form, remember to include your e-mail address so that we can get back to you as soon as possible.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

April 2019

At Just Money finance is about you and helping you get the best out of your money. Whether they are helping you save money or find the best mortgage deal I guarantee that you will be satisfied wi...

Jack M
— Uitenhage —

October 2018

With their wide range of comparison tools, Just Money makes the borrowing process simpler and more convenient. I enjoy knowing what the in’s and out’s of my finance are which is why their loan ca...

Chantelle V
— Port Elizabeth —

December 2018

Just Money and their online applications are the salvation to my problems! I find it very difficult to find the time to step out of the office. For this reason their online applications save me a...

Pieter V
— Stellenbosch —

May 2019

With a budget of up to five million, you can definitely find the perfect home to suit your preferences and style. Or you can even get your perfect home built just the way you like it. That’s exac...

Arnold K
— Ladysmith —

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