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Castle Bridge Capital

  • Pension bridging loans up to R50,000
  • Quick approval
  • Low-interest up to 27%

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About Castle Bridge Capital

Castle Bridge Capital is a bridging finance company that has more than 40 years of history in the finance industry.

The experience and skills they’ve gathered over the years allow them to offer a unique approach that’s client-focused and creates a customised solution tailored to your exact needs.

Reasons to choose Castle Bridge Capital

They’re one of the few companies that offer unique services. At Castle Bridge Capital, they can help you receive upfront access to funds while awaiting the payout of your policy. Some of the reasons you should choose them:

  • At Castle Bridge Capital they’ve helped numerous people who came to them to seek advance funds while awaiting their pension or provident fund payout.
  • They only approve bridging finance based on the payout due to you, and not on your credit rating. They don’t operate like lenders and the process they use allows them to process your pension bridging loan quickly.
  • While you’re still waiting for a provident fund, visiting Castle Bridge Capital isn’t a bad idea. They can get you affordable bridging finance while waiting for your provident fund if one of these has happened:
    1. You’ve resigned
    2. You’ve been retrenched or dismissed
    3. You’ve retired
    4. You’re getting divorced

Apply today at Castle Bridge Capital

There’s no reason to stay broke while waiting for a provident or pension fund. They’ve got your back. You can either visit their offices or call them. You can even send a WhatsApp to Castle Bridge and they’ll quickly respond.

Castle Bridge Capital Services

They can assist you with cash in hand while you’re still waiting for a lump sum payout from pensions and provident funds.

Castle Bridge Capital staff is trained to assist you in creating a solution that fits your needs and gets cash in your hands as quickly as possible. There’s no need to wait to receive money. They have an easy and simple system that will have you on your way to financial freedom within days.

Qualifying to apply for bridging gap finance

Castle Bridge Capital only deals with people who are waiting for a pension or provident fund regardless of the reason they need money.

You can only apply for bridging finance if you have:

  • Resigned - when you decide to move on to the next chapter of your life it could be both exciting and stressful. At Castle Bridging Capital, they try to put a smile on your face by giving you access to a portion of the funds due to you. They’re fully aware that your provident or pension fund is the only thing that might support your plans.
  • Divorced - divorce is not a walk in the park and adding a financial strain to the equation can make it unbearable. Castle Bridging Capital helps the financial strain by giving you bridging finance based on your divorce settlement. You’ll be holding cash in your hands within a few days!
  • Retrenchment - The economy is fluctuating daily. There’re retrenchments everywhere and no one is safe. They can help you with a quick loan while waiting for your pension or provident fund to start a new career or simply make ends meet.
  • Retirement - everyone will reach a point where their careers will end. And when that point comes, cash flow is very important. Castle Bridging Capital can help you realise your dreams through a cost-effective way to access your hard-earned cash. All their bridging finance services are tailored to suit your situation.

Castle Bridge Capital – Pension bridging loan

  • Loan Type Pension bridging loans
  • Interest Rate 27%
  • Loan Amount up to R50,000

Benefits of Castle Bridge Capital

  • Speedy loan payout
  • Offers lower charges
  • Excellent customer service

Pension bridging loan calculator

The interest rate of a loan will vary based on your credit score and risk profile.
This pension bridging loan calculator is for illustration purposes only.
The use of this loan calculator is subject to our terms of use.

Get financial freedom in the form of cash flow

Experience how it feels to be treated like royalty while your financial stresses are being taken care of.

Having access to your provident or pension fund is always a hard process, but Castle Bridge will give you an amount that will let you live your desired lifestyle while waiting for your money.

They put your specific needs first

At Castle Bridge Capital, they’ve worked with people enough to know that everyone has specific needs that require attention. The term ‘one size fits all’ does not apply in real life. Clients are important to them and it shows. They ensure that each of their client’s needs and requirements is analysed by their highly trained staff and a unique solution is presented.

Transparent bridging finance services

They’re very transparent with all their services. They ensure that when you ask for our help, you don’t get any surprises in the long run. They make everything clear from the beginning. They’re efficient and trustworthy. They offer pension bridging finance services that have no upfront fees, no hidden costs, and a quick and easy application.

Fast approval rate

With them, there are no long waiting periods. Once everything is in order and they’ve received all the required documents, your payout will be processed within 24 hours.

They’re a registered credit provider

At Castle Bridge Capital, they don’t provide financial assistance to people so they can take a huge portion of their money. They’re fully accredited and comply with the NCR.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

May 2020

Castle bridge capital was there for us at the time we desperately needed funds to keep our business running, We are very grateful.

Themba N
— Cape Town —

July 2019

The rates are really affordable and the cash payout is fast.

Mike M
— Johannesburg —

June 2020

Really needed cash for day-to-day expenses since l left my job and castle bridge capital was the right move to make.

Jane C
— KZN —

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