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Marlin Credit

  • Pension bridging loans starting from R2,000
  • Settle debts
  • Low-interest starting from 27.5%

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About Marlin Credit

Are you waiting for a lump sum to pay out? Well, what if I told you that you don’t have to.

You can avoid frustration and financial difficulty by applying for a bridging loan. If you have resigned, been retrenched, disabled, divorced, in the process of buying or selling a property, switching bonds, awaiting a death claim to payout, etc.

Finding the best Pension Bridge Loan

Marlin Credit provides quick and easy pension bridging loans just for you and each client matters to them on both a personal and professional level. They have been priding themselves in their work for more than 60 years now, so if you are looking for safe and trustworthy loan solutions, you’ve come to the right place.

Get the support you deserve with Marlin Credit

They value their client relationships by treating all their clients like priority clients and you can expect nothing less from them. Marlin Credit is a national bridging finance company that specializes in providing bridging loans for people awaiting their lump sum pay-outs. They have an expert support team that will help you to get back on your feet in just a few easy steps. They will also reward you with extra cash if you refer a friend to them.

Marlin Credit Services

Life can be unpredictable and Marlin Credit has a variety of bridging loans that can help you with the following problems

Divorced, Death Claims, Disability, Retirement Annuities, Investments, Policy Pay-outs, assistance to help you out with multiple costs when buying or selling a property, switching bonds, or purchasing a second property, agent commission, etc. Bridging finance is a personal loan you get while you’re waiting for a lump sum payout from another source

Same-day application process

  •  Fill in a quick application form online
  •  They will call you back in no time 
  •  Submit the required documents and all relevant information
  •  A quick credit check and verification process will then take place
  •  Once they approved and provided you with the outcome you can then sign if you are happy to proceed
  •  You will then receive the money in your account directly after that.

TIP: Getting a pension bridge loan will help you go about your daily life without the financial complications of waiting for a pension pay-out. The best part is that you only have to pay it back when your lump sum is due to you.

Marlin Credit – Pension bridging loan

  • Loan Type Pension bridging loans
  • Interest Rate from 27.5%
  • Loan Amount from R2,000

Benefits of Marlin Credit

  • Settle outstanding debts
  • Improve cash flow
  • Cash to use while waiting for your lump-sum payout

Pension bridging loan calculator

The interest rate of a loan will vary based on your credit score and risk profile.
This pension bridging loan calculator is for illustration purposes only.
The use of this loan calculator is subject to our terms of use.

Get affordable loans with Marlin Credit

Did you just get fired, retrenched or did you resign?

Well, you don’t have to stressfully wait for your pension fund to payout! This can sometimes take longer and can cause severe financial difficulty in a time of no income. Marlin Credit can help you to get money in your hands sooner.

They charge interest and fees as prescribed by the National Credit Act and regulated by the National Credit Regulator.

They offer a variety of bridging loans to applicants awaiting a minimum benefit of R20 000, depending on affordability. The loan amount is based on 10% of the lump sum and they offer bridging loans from R2 000, depending on affordability.

Benefits of taking a pension bridge loan 

  • Peace of mind by allowing you to maintain your standard of living (maybe you lost your job due to a disability)
  • Improve your cash flow to take care of your needs while you await your lump sum pay-out after resigning.                                                             
  • You can prevent repossession of your assets with this loan.                                                                   
  • They can advance up to 85% of the net proceeds                                                                                                        
  • A simple, online loan application process                                                                                                                  
  • Efficient and speedy same-day processing and approval                                                                                                                                    
  • Assessment done and outcome given within 1 hour of receipt of the supporting documents and information.                                                           
  • Their packages are tailor-made to your needs                                                                                          
  • You can also get paid for referring your friends 

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

June 2020

Getting retrenched unsuspectedly and then having to wait for your pension to payout, having to get another job and feed three hungry children can be terrifying. Marlin came to my rescue and I can...

Christelle S
— Sandton —

August 2020

Earlier this year I lost both my arms in a freak accident and this eventually cost me my job. It has been a huge adjustment in and around the house and I was still awaiting my payout leaving me w...

John M
— Grahamstown —

November 2019

The plan was to resign and then immediately start my own business with my pension money and this wouldn’t have been a reality without Marlin credit providing me with a Pension Bridge loan so I co...

Sophie J
— Mitchells Plain —

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