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Find-a-Loan-SA will help you manage your money better

We are a unique broker service based throughout South Africa and specialise in personal loans.

What’s even better is that we will provide you with a loan no matter what your credit history.

Quick and efficient loans

Find-A-Loan-SA functions to assist individuals quickly and efficiently with personal loans regardless of their purpose or financial situations.

No matter what the purpose of the loan or whether you have defaults or judgments against your name.

Convenient loan applications

We will aim to go out of our way to assist you. We also go beyond the ordinary loan provider by allowing clients to apply for online loans in the comfort of the home. This may sound too good to be true, but our trustworthy service does all the work for you without any hidden costs.

In fact, the quick and easy application takes only a few minutes and we will contact you within an hour to confirm your short-term loan application.

Get a loan up to R150 000

To date, Find-A-Loan-SA has helped 1000s of South Africans out of financial difficulties.

Our loan options range from personal loans from R500.00 to R150 000.00 to payday loans in order to bridge unforeseen cash-flow problems or combat bad debt and also include debt consolidation loans to consolidate various debts into one payment.

Personal loans

These are the simplest of loans that allow you easy access to money for purchases such as appliances, furniture, school fees, etc. You can easily apply for a personal loan on our website and we will advise you on the payment options over an extended period

Payday loans

We all know that life can sometimes cast us unexpected expenses and without credit or over-drafts were sometimes completely at a loss. Payday loans can solve these problems by providing instant cash to cover emergencies.

These are particularly useful during times of cash-flow problems and can be granted regardless of your credit history or financial situation. Simply apply online and within an hour a loan of up to R2500.00 will be paid directly into your bank account.

Find a Loan – Personal loan

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Benefits of Find a Loan

  • DEBT Consolidation Loans
  • PERSONAL Loans
  • BAD CREDIT Loans

Personal loan calculator

The interest rate of a loan will vary based on your credit score and risk profile.
This loan calculator is for illustration purposes only.
The use of this quick loans calculator is subject to our terms of use.

Find-a-Loan-SA - You can become debt free

For a once-off fee of R350.00, you can register on our site and receive insurance claims assistance, legal advice, tax returns, and free loan-finding services.

This involves a monthly payment of R99.00 and the benefits are active immediately. This service is independent of the loan-finding services which are free regardless of whether you are a member or not.

Bad credit loans

A credit rating is often a difficult and daunting experience. Minor mishaps can cause serious impacts on your credit rating, making it extremely difficult to obtain personal cash loans from most financial institutions. At Find-A-Loan-SA, we go out of our way to accommodate bad credit by providing loans regardless of your credit status.

Consolidation loans

Do you have a number of small loans and debts? A consolidation loan may just be your answer. A consolidation loan allows you to consolidate the value of your small loans or debt into one premium to one loan installment.

This ensures that you do not pay more than necessary in interest rates and prevents you from obtaining bad credit records or going under debt review. By granting you this loan, we will also reduce the overall fees payable and assist you to make all necessary payments. All admin fees and expenses are consolidated into one, saving you money and hassle.

Applying for a consolidation loan takes 60 seconds with our online loan application and involves 3 easy steps.

Online applications

So what is the advantage of an online application? Well, firstly it’s much faster and more efficient. The usual process for applying for a loan at a financial institution involves verifying various forms of documentation and can take up to a week.

This can be a serious problem when you need a quick loan and that's where Find-A-Loan-SA’s online process becomes a lifesaver. The advantages of our online applications are numerous and allow you to apply at any time of day without having to leave your home or stand in queues. Furthermore, we provide a live chat popup function enabling you to speak directly to a consultant.

Now is the time to become debt-free

Research has shown that 11% of the population has begun making use of these services, enabling them to emerge from a blanket of debt without the usual constraints of financial institutions. The simplicity and efficiency of our services have broken all boundaries of lending processes and a debt-free life is just one click away.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

November 2018

Applying for a loan with Find a Loan was easy, convenient and straight forward.

David H
— Soweto —

April 2019

There was no need for me to take time off work, I applied for a loan right on the Find a Loan website and was approved.

Vanessa P
— Polokwane —

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