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About Study Loans SA

Taking up a student loan could end up being the best decision for your future.

If you’re thinking of upskilling yourself, so you can pursue the career you’ve always dreamed of, Study Loan SA can help you make this dream a reality. Many people are worried about tuition costs and don’t even bother applying to college because of how expensive it has become.

Exceptional service and benefits

Study Loan SA has teamed up with several distance learning colleges to provide you with student loans that you can pay in affordable monthly payments. Are you ready to take your education further?

With the help of Study Loan SA partner colleges, you can get exceptional service and benefits that will make studying a breeze.

Self-paced learning and budget-friendly education

Study Loan SA’s partner colleges offer courses through distance learning, meaning that you can study from home, making use of any spare timeline. Distance learning has many advantages, including saving on travelling costs, self-paced learning, reduced social anxiety, budget-friendly education and much more.

Affordable monthly payments

You can apply for a student loan at any of Study Loan SA’s partner colleges, and you’ll be contacted by a representative about further steps.

Once your study loan is approved, you’ll receive a monthly payment schedule. The ‘pay as you study’ option means you can study while repaying affordable monthly payments.

Achieve your educational goals

If you’re still uncertain about the type of career you want to follow, you can browse through Study Loan SA’s partners' career test.

These provide career and personality tests that can assist you to select the ideal career. A study loan from Study Loan SA can help you achieve your educational goals and improve your life.

Have you gone on a study journey and excelled in your studies at Study Loan SA? You’re probably wondering what’s the right step to take next. Now it’ll be your responsibility to find yourself a job, so you can pay back the study loan. Don’t worry as Study Loan SA will be with you at every stage of the journey you’re embarking on.

Study Loans SA Services

Skills Academy allows you to focus on developing skills that you can use and greatly contribute to the workplace.

They assist you to achieve skills which improve the likelihood of you finding employment. Skills Academy has many different courses available in a variety of fields. They’ve made it possible for you to get a qualification at a reasonable fee.

Courses that suit a broader market

The Learning Group is mainly focused on creative studies. They offer a number of courses that can suit a broader market. Additionally, they also provide qualifications that are FASSET accredited in the Finance sector. They’re also looking to introduce an additional set of courses that focus on business and entrepreneurship.

The Learning Group is committed to making learning dynamic and practical. They provide you with constant support and will assign you a student tutor, so you can have the best distance learning experience.

FAQ student loans:

Is it possible to apply for another loan while you’re still paying your student loan?

The answer is yes, as long as you haven't missed a payment, you’re likely to be approved elsewhere for another loan. You would also need to prove affordability.

What consequences do you face when you suddenly can’t pay your agreed instalment?

Study Loan SA are loan experts and thus have many ways in which they can help you if you’re struggling to pay your instalment. The first option they have is for you to halt your studies for three months. During this period, you won’t be required to pay.

Another option is for them to lower your monthly fee. They can also try to lower your monthly instalment, and then you pay for those extra months your instalment was reduced. If you’re laid off from work, then you’ll be required to provide proof, so you can continue with your studies at no fee.

What are some things you can expect when your study loan is approved?

Your approval and acceptance to study are only valid at the college you’ve chosen during your application process. When your study loan is approved, a representative from Study Loan SA informs the college and a consultant from the college will reach out to you to finalise the registration process. However, if there’s an available consultant at the study loans office, you’ll be contacted by them to complete your registration.

What happens if the person responsible for paying your loan dies or loses their job?

You’ll need to provide Study Loan SA proof that your guardian has been retrenched or has passed on. Once the Study Loan SA team has received the necessary documents, and they’ve been acknowledged and approved, then you’ll continue with your studies at no cost.

Study Loans SA – Student loan

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Benefits of Study Loans SA

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Student loan calculator

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Fill in important details on Study Loan SA’s short form

Study Loan SA’s website will ask you for the following details, which will be used to process your request and get an understanding of what course you wish to study.

  • Name and Surname
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  • What course you’re interested in

Press the submit button, and you’ll be contacted within 48 hours.

Simple solution available for you

Are you seriously thinking of furthering your studies? Is a lack of finance the reason why you can’t study? Has your employer told you that you should study, so you can get a better position or get a salary increase?

There’s a simple solution available. Choose the best college that aligns with your future career plans, and a friendly representative from one of Study Loan SA’s partner colleges will contact you about a student loan.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

February 2021

I knew that Study Loans would give me a credit plan that I can afford to pay on a monthly basis.

Nicole R
— Cape Town —

April 2021

I am so grateful that Study Loans gave me the opportunity to be learned too by approving my loan application.

Frederic M
— Potchefstroom —

May 2021

It was only through the financial assistance of Study Loans that I too was able to become a graduate. Thank you so much for always assisting your customers.

Melanie V
— Carletonville —

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