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About – Study Loans SA

If you have a dream of taking your studies further and building that ultimate career you’ve always imagined, we can provide you with a financial solution!

We have partnered up with a group of Distance Learning Colleges that can offer study loans with affordable monthly payment schedules for our clients.

These colleges that we have partnered with will offer you excellent services and benefits, and if you are serious about studying, we recommend that you go and apply for a student loan at one of our partner colleges today.

How does this loan option work?

Applying for one of the Distance Learning Courses means that you will be studying from home in your leisure time, and won’t have to attend any classes during the day. What this essentially means is that you can still have a full-time job whilst you are studying.

Get a career and personality test done

If you are like many students out there who are unsure of what career they want to pursue, you are free to visit our partners at Career Test for a wide variety of career and personality tests that can help you to make the best choices for your future.

Services – Study Loans SA

You can apply for a student loan at one of our partner colleges and one of their expert consultants will contact you directly in order to make all the necessary arrangements.

As soon as you have been approved for a student loan, you will receive a monthly payment schedule which means you can begin with your studies immediately.

This means our clients can pay as they are studying, and the student loan can be repaid in affordable monthly payments.

What is the process once approved for a study loan?

Though we have partnered up with a list of distance learning colleges, the students are only allowed to use the student loan with the college that they have selected in the online loan application process.

As soon as your onliine loan has been approved, the college will be informed and a registrar of the college will be contacting you to complete your registration. If there is a registrar available in the student loan office, they will contact you directly from there to complete your registration

Summary of Services

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Study Loans SA - We will make getting a education easier

We know that if you are taking your studies further in life, you will have better opportunities, that is why we at Study Loan SA has one wish and that is that all our clients have the best opportunity in reaching their educational goals.

Past payment records of the student will be used to determine if we will approve a personal loan to the student. All students who have current student loans will need to sign a fixed term contract with us. This basically means that the students will be obligated to make all the payments until the completed course’s fees are paid.

What if I fail to repay my monthly instalment?

If you fail to repay your monthly instalment, you don’t have to worry too much, as we have a number of ways in which we can assist those who are struggling to repay their monthly payments.

One of our first solutions is that you should take a break from studying, which we usually advise as a three-month break. In these three months, you won’t be obligated to pay any fees, thus giving you enough time to save up to continue with your studies.

We also try and reduce the monthly cost to the minimum, which means extending the term to compensate for the monthly reduction. Should you lose your job, you’ll be required to provide us with proof of your retrenchment, and only then can you continue studying for free.

What will happens if the payer of my student loan passes away or loses their job?

If the one who is paying your student loan happens to unfortunately die or get retrenched, leaving you with no one to pay for your student loans, you will need to provide us with a proof of retrenchment, or death certificate of that the person that was paying your study loan has passed away.

As soon as you have submitted the proof of retrenchment or death, and it has been approved and accepted by us, then you are free to continue studying for free at your college.

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