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About – Lamna

At Lamna, we offer our clients an opportunity to invest through asset-backed transactions in order to get the vehicle finance you need to purchase the vehicle you’ve chosen.

National Credit Act of South Africa

Lamna works in line with the standards set by the National Credit Act of South Africa. We are compliant with the regulations set by NCA. For many years we have been assisting clients with vehicle finance allowing our customers the freedom of buying a vehicle as well as the security when it comes to registered lenders.

We are highly trained and skilled

Our firm takes pride in the fact that our staff has years of experience and they are qualified to help you obtain vehicle finance. We understand your needs and we strive to help you reach your goals by offering varying degrees of financial advice. We have made our mark in the industry and have received top ratings and reviews from our customers.

We guarantee secured loans

By using your assets as security, we are able to offer secured personal loans. We are flexible and are able to assist you with any asset that carries the worth of collateral for the amount of cash needed.

At Lamna, we will offer you great rates and financial help when you are in the market to purchase a vehicle.

Services – Lamna

We provide our clients with an alternative to loans when you need to purchase a vehicle.

No credit check required

When you borrow against your asset on a short-term basis, you will be able to afford the vehicle you desire. Our online loan application is simple and we can assist you without a credit check, documents or paperwork.

Convenient service

Standing in queue’s can be tedious and time-consuming, therefore we have made it much quicker for you to apply for our online applications. The application has been designed to be quick and easy and we can help you today in saving you time and money.

Secure lending solutions

Your car loan application will be treated confidentially and we will keep your information secure at all times. We can offer you secured vehicle finance against your current car, as long as it comes with the documents to work with. Once we provide you with an appraisal you accept, we can transfer the cash to your account.

Interest Rate

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Summary of Services

  • SHORT-TERM Loans
  • CAR Loans
  • PERSONAL Loans

Lamna – Helping you get the car you need

We can assist you with a short-term advance on your current vehicle that you can use towards your next vehicle. To apply, you simply submit your application using our easy steps accessible on our website.

We also have the option for you to contact us telephonically and this puts you in direct contact with one of our qualified appraisers.  They will give you advice and they will find the best possible solution for you.

Application process

Your application is paperless and done online on our web page and you can apply for a loan at your convenience. Once you have made your quick loan application online, you can visit us at any of our branches, and in order for us to give you an accurate appraisal, we will have to see your vehicle. Thereafter, we will give you an offer on your collateral and you can decide, obligation free, whether you would like to accept our offer. If you would like to accept our offer, we will draw up an agreement for you to sign and accept.

You will need to provide us with your proof of address and ID document, at which point we will immediately transfer the funds to your account.


During the term of the personal loan, your assets used as collateral will be stored safely during the loan term. We can use any item of value and these include jewelry, artworks, watches, gold and vehicles.

Low interest rates

We charge low interest rates on a monthly basis, which will be included in your vehicle loan agreement. Our terms are transparent and our rates are affordable. Repayment terms will be stipulated in your contract and our highly qualified staff will be available to you if you have any queries regarding your loan.

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